Elton John Reveals New Album Information

Sir Elton John

Don’t call it a comeback, or do if you want, but the truth is Elton John is coming back and that is all.

The singer recently revealed that he would be putting out a new album sometime this year, but until yesterday, the official release date was unknown. The Diving Board, John’s first album in seven years will be released in September. Instead of just releasing the date over the internet in writing, like most musicians would do, the singer decided to go the extra by releasing a trailer for the album.

The clip with its moody vibe shows John singing at the piano, but also speaking about the project. The lead single for the album, “Home Again” can be heard playing in the background of the trailer.  “What kind of music do I really want to make?” John questions, before answering his own question, “I am on the diving board.”

The Diving Board is John’s first new album since 2006’s The Captain & the Kid which coincidental was released September 18. Four years after that, John released a collaboration album with Leon Russell called The Union. This album will mark 45 years that John has been in the music industry as well as his 30th studio album.

The album will be produced by T Bone Burnett and will feature 12 new songs. “I realized that I had to go back to go forward again,” he said in a newly released press release. “I needed to strip away the excesses and get back to the core of what I do as an artist. That’s what ‘The Diving Board’ represents. I’m incredibly excited about every aspect of this album.”

John was most recently featured on Fall Out Boy’s new album, Save Rock and Roll on the titled track.