Atreyu Release Suspicious Teaser


Atreyu are up to something, but what exactly, we don’t know. It looks like the band have opted to leave their fans in the dark about that until an official announcement is made.

Suspiciously, a video was uploaded to the band’s official YouTube page the other day with nothing more than #atreyu as the title. What makes this even more of a suspicious teaser is the fact that like many of our favorite records, their album The Curse turns ten this year.

Though nothing has been said about the teaser or anything else for that matter, it might have something to do with that (we assume) because the band have been on hiatus since 2011 while their last album was 2009’s Congregation of the Damned.

Watch the teaser.

Atreyu to Reunited for ‘The Curse’ Ten Year Anniversary?


Could an Atreyu reunion be on the horizon?

Things are beginning to look that way after a picture featuring the members of the band was uploaded to their Facebook page, yesterday. There was no caption for the picture, just the image of the line-up at what looks like a restaurant, hanging out.

Coincidentally, this year will mark the tenth anniversary of Atreyu’s hit album, 2004’s The Curse which is probably a staple for anyone who was a teenager in that time frame (we were).

This year will also mark almost three years since they decided to go on a hiatus, so of course fans of the hard rock band would be starting to look for connections between the picture post and the anniversary of the album.

The new post also comes as further evidence that the band had been working on something because their previous post was dated May 11, 2013 in which they asked fans to repost a message “if you want Atreyu to write a new song for your ears to bleed to.”

But sadly, at the current moment there has been no confirmation or denial on whether a ten-year anniversary tour will be in the works or if they had taken to the studio during the last three years to put out a surprise album sometime this year. Time will only tell and we are hoping that we will be able to see them perform “Right Side of the Bed” or “Ex’s and Oh’s,” soon.