New All-American Rejects on the Horizon?

Could a new All-American Rejects album be coming our way really soon? If we’re going by what frontman Tyson Ritter has been hinting at online, then the answer is most definitely a “yes.” Over the past couple of months, Ritter has taken to Twitter to tease new music from the band, but it seemed like trolling than anything else.

But things took a turn for the “maybe this is really happening” when Ritter tweeted that he had gotten the chance to watch a brand new all-American Rejects music video last Friday (Sept. 25).

Then, in a massive update on Tuesday (Sept. 29), Ritter all but confirmed the news. He started things out by saying that something big will be coming our way towards the end of October and to expect more news during this week. Then, he wrote that a new song titled “Into My Heart” had been completed and that the song would have a “reggaeton beat” and “groove-move.” But that’s not even the end of it; he also teased that the album might be titled Calypso.

Check out the massive updates from Tuesday, below.

While we wait for confirmation on everything Ritter has teased, one thing is for sure, there is a new All-American Rejects song out there. The band recorded a new song titled “There’s a Place” which is featured in the trailer for the Drew Barrymore/Toni Collette-starring film, Miss You Already. The film is set to hit theaters on Nov. 6 and Ritter is also set to appear in it.

As for the All-American Rejects, the band have been really quiet, only performing at Universal Studios Orlando’ Mardi Gras earlier this year and at Wabash College and Manhattan College this past spring. The band’s last studio album was 2012’s Kids in the Street. In November of 2012, they released a EP titled Flatline EP which feature three remixed versions of their songs.