Armor For Sleep Continue Their Cryptic Teasing

The Armor for Sleep guessing game has now gone into day two.

Being as cryptic as they were yesterday, and maybe a little more, an image was uploaded onto Armor for Sleep’s Facebook page with a simple caption reading, “More info soon.”

The image, which can be seen below, features the same exact figure from the cover of What to Do When You Are Dead, but with a twist. 

Unlike the image that graces the cover of the band’s 2005 release, this image solely features the body of the figure floating in pure darkness. The body, on the other hand, counters the black background with a galactic pattern within the outline of the body.

What has jump started the hearts of many AFS fans is probably the writing on the image. Above the figure, we see the band’s name in white, but below it, in green, we see “2015.”

Now, 2015 is more than halfway over, so we’re going to hope that the band will in fact have more information for those of us waiting, patiently, really soon.


Anybody want to take a guess as to what all this means? We’d put our money on a What to Do When You Are Dead tenth anniversary tour, but most of the times, we’re wrong.

Passion Pit Tease Fans with Another Short, Cryptic Video

Passion Pit are at it again, dropping hints about their upcoming new album in the most minimalist way possible.

Last week, the band had their fans decode some Morse code which ended up being some lyrics to a new song. After that, they unveiled a short video, giving those excited fans a tiny taste of a new song. Now, they’re at it once again.

Today, the synthy-band decided to keep up with their cryptic clues by posting a link to a website on Twitter. The website led fans to that appears to be their new band site for all things Kindred, their upcoming new album, hence the actual link,

As soon as you’re taken to the website, a brand new, never before seen video is on your screen. But don’t get too excited, the video is only eight seconds long, but it does feature what is probably some music from one of the tracks on Kindred. Plus, it appears that the title of the song might be some lyrics from said song; “the piece of it all that I could only hold in.”

Check out the video below.

At least we know a couple of things about the new album; its name and the projected release date which is sometime in April through Columbia Records.