Driver Involved in 2014 SXSW Crash Sentenced

More than a year-and-a-half after what happened on the morning of March  13, 2014 at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival, the driver who caused so much pain and hurt has been sentenced. On Friday (Nov. 6), the man on trial, Rashad Owens, learned his fate after a Travis County jury deliberate for three hours. Not surprising, the jury found him guilty of capital murder that resulted in four people losing their lives and 25 others suffering from injuries.

Since the state decided to forgo the death penalty, according to KXAN, Owens was sentenced to automatic life in prison with no chance of parole. The conviction means that Owens can spend anywhere from five to 99 years in prison.

For those not familiar with what happened that fateful morning during the annual festival in downtown Austin, police reportedly noticed a man had pulled into a near-by gas station in a silver Honda in an effort to evade an officer that was working a D.U.I. checkpoint. As it turned out, during the trial, Owens was not only under the influence (.114, over the .08 legal limit), but the silver 2012 Honda Civic that was involved was stolen.

Owens then proceeded to drive the vehicle in the wrong direction on a one-way street, resulting in him going through a previously set up barricade and into a crowd of people. At the time, there was a large gathering of people outside The Mohawk where rapper Tyler, the Creator was slated to perform.

Since the crash, several lawsuits have been filed both in federal and Texas state court. As of last December, a total of seven lawsuits were filed against the festival’s private companies (SXSW Holdings INC. and SXSW LLC), the traffic consulting firm (Traffic Design Consultants, LLC), and the person who headed the project, Patrick Lowe.

Unlocking the Truth Confirm Wanting Out of Record Contract


It’s been over a year since pre-teen rockers, Unlocking the Truth signed a million dollar contract with Sony, and the now-teens have revealed that they are trying to get out of their contract with the media giant.

Over the weekend, the trio were at South By Southwest for the premiere of their documentary Breaking a Monster which told the story of how the band rose from playing the sidewalks of Time Square to performing at Coachella and Vans Warped Tour.

According to Billboard, when they were questioned about the record deal, singer Malcolm Brickhouse had revealed they were currently in the process of having their attorney get them out of said contract.

“Our attorneys are working on our exit from Sony now,” said Brickhouse.

Unlocking the Truth’s attorney, Alan Sacks, then confirmed the news of their desire to get out of the contract, but that they had no other details to give, at least at present time.

Since the group’s initial discovery by Eric Clapton’s drummer, Steve Jordan and contract deal, the teenage boys have yet to release any new music.

Last month, they got a once in a lifetime opportunity when Marilyn Manson invited them on stage to jam out with him during “The Beautiful People” at his Philadelphia “Hell Not Hallelujah” stop.

They will also be playing at Columbus’ annual Rock on the Range music festival during the weekend of May 15-17.

2015 MTVU Woodie Awards Announce a “fun.” Host


It looks like fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff can added another job to his long list of gigs; award show host.

Yesterday afternoon, MTV announced that the Bleachers frontman would be hosting this year’s mtvU Woodie Awards set to take place later this month.

The awards show, which primarily focuses on artists making an impact on college radio, is set to take place during this year’s South By Southwest (like every other year).

“It means a great deal to be hosting the Woodies because fun. played the Woodies before we had any success and the same for Bleachers last year,” Antonoff responded after the gig was announced.

“It’s been a platform for the two bands I’ve most recently been a part of to really go somewhere. I couldn’t be more excited to come back and host the show.”

Unlike the past years, the awards show will not only air live during a prime time spot on the network’s main channel, but will also be one hour-long, as opposed to the past when it not only pre-recorded,but also half an hour-long.

Nominees this year include Drake, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith , Childish Gambino and many more. For those wanting to vote on their favorite artists, the voting polls will close on Tuesday, March 10. The full list of nominees this year can be seen here.

The mtvU Woodie Awards will air live from SXSW on MTV on Friday, March 20 at 9 p.m. EST.

Multiple Lawsuits Filed Against SXSW

South By Southwest is supposed to be a time to let loose and enjoy music, films, and the interactive conferences that are held, but this year’s festivities took a turn for the worse when a drunk idiot tried to evade police at a D.U.I. checkpoint which resulted in him killing several people and injuring dozens more.

Now, almost a year after the horrific incident took place, seven lawsuit have been filed again SXSW by the families of those killed in the fatal crash that took place in the early hours of March 13, 2014 on Red River, according to the Associated Press.

The wrongful death lawsuit have been filed in both federal and Texas state court.

But, the festival and their private companies, SXSW Holdings INC. and SXSW LLC aren’t the only ones being named in the suits, the traffic consulting firm, Traffic Design Consultants, LLC and the person who headed the project, Patrick Lowe, have also been named.

One of the suits claims that the tragedy was “foreseeable and predictable” and that all those involved, especially the festival, ignored safety regulations and industry standards by not using “rigid barriers.”

“A festival organizer or traffic design consultant of ordinary intelligence would have anticipated danger” cites one of the lawsuits.

They also claim that the festival and everyone involved should have anticipated that something would happen due to all the excessive alcohol consumption that was going on. The suit even cited that Austin is the “number one for alcohol consumption in Texas.”

But, it sill does not end there. The lawsuit also says that the festival’s Right-Of-Way permit puts them in “legal possession of the street where the crash occurred.”

“The only way to force a private company like South by Southwest to take action in the future is to hold them accountable for their failures in the past,” states Scott Hendler, the attorney for one of the families.

“Otherwise, there’s no incentive for them to do anything different.”

Lizzy Plug, the wife of one of the first victim’s identified as Steven Craenmehr mirrored her attorney’s sentiment.

“South by Southwest is accountable for this tragedy, in my thoughts.”

In the response to the lawsuit SXSW have released the following statement:

“What happened on Red River was a terrible tragedy, caused by Rashad Owen’s utter disregard of human life. Our hearts continue to ache for those injured and the families of those who lost their lives. We look forward to his prosecution for his awful crimes.”

In September, a report sanctioned by SXSW done by the city of Austin revealed that crowd management issues including traffic congestion attributed to the crash.

The report also revealed that the city might also have some blame because of the overcrowding of venues and the high consumption of alcohol compromised the

Due to the report, the festival has already planned to minimize the amount of unofficial event surrounding them including the FADER Fort and the Hype Hotel. As of now, SXSW is asking for the city to limit the amount of permits distributed for events that require temporary permits.

As for the man behind all of this tragedy, Rashad Owens, he is currently in jail on capital murder charges. He is also being sued by the families.

Lady Gaga Puts on ‘Artful’ Show at SXSW


We all know Lady Gaga has a few screws loose in her head and for the most part, listeners and Little Monsters love her for her unorthodox take on pop stardom, but during her show last night at South By Southwest, things went beyond that.

The pop star was slated to take the stage to perform as one of the shows of the evening at the Doritos #BoldStage and air exclusively on Fuse.

She began the night by coming on stage strapped to a spit over an active grill. The entire time, she performed her opening song while her leather-clad men spun her on the spit. There was also the matter of her long, blonde dreads continuously dancing on the flames below her.

But that wasn’t the most shocking display of the evening; no that came during her song “Swine.” Gaga brought a woman up to the stag who had been drinking an odd colored beverage from a large bottle. As the song began, the lady got closer to the pop star and eventually began to vomit on her, repeatedly. The woman reportedly did it ten times throughout the song.

Yep. Fame is definitely a monster. A really weird, disgusting, puke-y monster. The NSFW video can be seen below so if can’t stomach it, then please don’t watch it, but we’ll leave it here.

Two Dead, 23 Injured in Crash at SXSW



The identity of the two victims as well as the driver of the vehicle have been revealed.

The first victim of the crash this morning was 35-year-old Steven Craenmehr. Craenmehr’s identity had been confirmed by his employer, Massive Music where he worked as a creative director at their Amsterdam office.

The Travis County Medical Examiner identified the other person who died as 27-year-old Jamie Ranae West of Austin. West and her husband, Evan West, were both riding the moped that was struck by the vehicle; he was one of the many that were hospitalized.

As for the driver who caused this complete fiasco, he has been identified as Rashad Charjuan Owens, a 21-year-old from Killeen, Texas. The San Antonio Express-News revealed that he has a hefty criminal record.

In 2010, he was convicted of criminal trespassing in Killeen and then the following year was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana in Fairbanks, Alaska. e was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident which was then dropped. He claimed that he lost control of the SUV he was driving and “drove off because he didn’t know he had to call police.”

More information has also been revealed, including that Owens was set to perform at one of the events scheduled to take place at Club 1808 near Chicon Street and 12th; the crash occurred near East 11th.

Lamar Wilson, a man claiming to be the suspect’s brother, said that Owens was a musician who rapped and produced under the names, KillingAllBeatz or K.A.B254.

As of now, Owens is going to be charged with two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.


South By Southwest is supposed to be a week full of films, music, interactive conferences and fun, but early this morning the situation went turned from enjoyable to deadly.

According to police reports, at around 12:30 a.m., a driver crashed into a group of people who were standing outside the Mohawk at 9th and Red River, killing two and injuring another 23. Of those 23, five of them are reportedly in critical condition.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said in a press conference that two people who were pronounced dead on the scene; one was a male on a bicycle from the Netherlands and the other was a female riding a moped.

Police reported that the man had pulled into a near-by gas station in his silver Toyota in an effort to evade an officer that was working a D.U.I. checkpoint. He move his vehicle through several parked car and then took off at a high speed in the wrong direction of a one-way street. He then proceeded to turn right on Red River Street, crashing though a previously set up barricade, narrowly missing a police office standing post.

He then went on to hit the moped, a taxi, a van, and other vehicles, as well as pedestrians waiting in front of The Mohawk where Tyler, the Creator was slated to perform, before jumping out of his car and running away. The driver was chased by police and eventually tasered then taken into custody.

The driver is facing two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

SXSW Release Statement About Early Morning Crash


By now, many media outlets have already reported about the tragedy that took place early this morning at Austin’s South By Southwest Festival. The police department and many artists have taken to the internet to speak out about the tragedy that occurred.

Just a short while ago, organizers behind the annual event released their own statement on behalf of themselves and all the staff about what happened. The statement, though short also revealed that one of the victims was identified as Steven Craenmehr, MassiveMusic’s Amsterdam-based creative director and that all events will still be going as scheduled unless they are told otherwise.

“The SXSW staff is stunned and deeply moved by the events of last night.

Dozens of us were on the scene when the incident occurred and we worked closely with APD to create a perimeter around the area, turning back all the visitors spilling out of the clubs who headed north on Red River Street.

To avoid confusion we plan to carry on with our scheduled daytime events at the Austin Convention Center in order to serve our tens of thousands of participants during this tragic time.

All of the SXSW staff and volunteers reported for their regular duties this morning and will continue working today on the event.

We are contacting all of the venues to find out if they have made any decisions about their operations that might impact our visitors.

Despite all of our preparations for dealing with a major incident during SXSW, nothing could really prepare us for how this feels. As much as we would like to just go home and spend time absorbing the shock of this horrific event, we feel our best use is to continue to operate today.

One of the fatalities was a SXSW registrant, a gentleman from the Netherlands.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and with the families of the fatalities.”

The Mohawk, the venue where the crash occurred in front of, has revealed they will be cancelling all afternoon events while events for this evening are still pending.

Watch Andre 3000 Get in Touch with His Jimi Hendrix


When Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin) had been chosen to play Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming bio-pics, some were wondering if the OutKast member would be able to take on the role of the iconic musician even though he has had several film credits to his name.

Today, the first official trailer for All is By My Side was released ahead of its South by Southwest premiere. The clip features Benjamin’s Hendrix flirting with Imogen Potts’ Linda Keith who was Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ longtime girlfriend. Keith would go on to influence many songs for both Hendrix and Richards.

All is By My Side was written and directed by now Academy Award winner John Ridley and already premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film has already been released in the United Kingdom, but as of now, there is no word on when it will be released in the United States.

iTunes Festival to Hit South By Southwest


The iTunes Festival will finally be making its way to the United States this year as part of South By Southwest. The iTunes Festival, which usually takes place in England, gives fans the opportunity to see some of the biggest artists in music at no cost; the only catch is that it becomes a raffle of who can get tickets to attend.

According to press release from Apple, the festival will take place from March 11-15 and will feature performances from Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Pitbull, Keith Urban, ZEDD, and may more that are still to be announced.

“The iTunes Festival in London has become an incredible way for Apple to share its love of music with our customers,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “We’re excited about the incredible lineup of artists performing and SXSW is the perfect place to debut the first iTunes Festival in the US.”

The shows will take place at ACL Live at the Moody Theater, home of Austin City Limits. “All five nights of the iTunes Festival will be available to enjoy for free as a live and on-demand stream via the iTunes Store® on your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Mac® or PC. Performances can also be seen in the iTunes Festival app on your iOS device or with Apple TV® in stunning HD,” the official press release for the festival says about where you can watch the performances.

No word yet on how tickets will be distributed for this event.

SXSW Release Third Line-Up Installment


The third installment of south by Southwest’s artist reveal has finally been uncovered. The annual festival reveal their majorly long list yesterday afternoon, and today we have the full list of artist. As a warning and disclaimer, the list is extremely long, but in alphabetical order, so put on those glasses and get a glass of tea and start hunting for your favorite artists.


  • 3LAU (Las Vegas NV)
  • Ariel Abshire (Austin TX)
  • Action Bronson (Queens NY)
  • A.Dd+ (Dallas TX)
  • Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin TX)
  • Adelaida (Valparaiso CHILE)
  • Priscilla Ahn (Los Angeles CA)
  • Air Review (Dallas TX)
  • Akka (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Alaclair Ensemble (Quebec CANADA)
  • Alligator Indian (Asheville NC)
  • Lisa Alma (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • Alpha Consumer (Chicago IL)
  • Alpha Rev (Austin TX)
  • Dave Alvin (Los Angeles CA)
  • American Aquarium (Raleigh NC)
  • American Authors (Brooklyn NY)
  • Animic (Barcelona SPAIN)
  • Keren Ann (Caesarea ISRAEL)
  • A-N-T (Houston TX)
  • Antal (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Anthm (New York NY)
  • Archie Pelago (Brooklyn NY)
  • Adam Arcuragi (Los Angeles CA)
  • Juliette Ashby (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Andrew Ashong (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • The Atlas Moth (Chicago IL)
  • Atropolis (Astoria NY)
  • Federico Aubele (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
  • awaken! (Venice CA)
  • Awill (Oslo NORWAY)
  • Baby Bee (Houma LA)
  • Badbadnotgood (Toronto CANADA)
  • Liam Bailey (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • The Ball & Chain (Vilnius LITHUANIA)
  • Band of Skulls (Southampton UK-ENGLAND)
  • Lee Bannon (New York NY)
  • Jef Barbara (Montreal CANADA)
  • Barcelona (Seattle WA)
  • Bobby Bare, Jr. (Nashville TN)
  • Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders (Nashville TN)
  • Basecamp (Nashville TN)
  • Battle Lines (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
  • B. Dolan (Providence RI)
  • The Bear (Muscle Shoals AL)
  • Bearcubbin’! (Portland OR)
  • Bear Hands (Brooklyn NY)
  • Beat Culture (New York NY)
  • Beautiful Bodies (Kansas City MO)
  • Cory Becker (Los Angeles CA)
  • Bent Denim (New Orleans LA)
  • Bent Shapes (Boston MA)
  • Cindy Lee Berryhill (San Diego CA)
  • Josh Berwanger Band (Lawrence KS)
  • Betty Who (New York NY)
  • Beware Of Darkness (Los Angeles CA)
  • Big Dirty (Austin TX)
  • Big Freedia (New Orleans LA)
  • BioShaft (Caracas VENEZUELA)
  • Bipolaroid (New Orleans LA)
  • Diane Birch (Portland OR)
  • Birth of Joy (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Bishop Nehru (Rockland NY)
  • Bituaya (Caracas VENEZUELA)
  • Black Atlass (Montreal CANADA)
  • Black Books (Austin TX)
  • Black Cobain (Alexandria VA)
  • Black Drawing Chalks (Goiania BRAZIL)
  • B L A C K I E (Houston TX)
  • Blacklist Royals (Nashville TN)
  • Black Milk (Detroit MI)
  • Black Tusk (Savannah GA)
  • Black Violin (Miami FL)
  • Bloodgroup (Reykjavik ICELAND)
  • Blue Eyed Blacks (Nashville TN)
  • Hugh Bob and The Hustle (Milwaukee WI)
  • Body Parts (Los Angeles CA)
  • Haley Bonar (St Paul MN)
  • Boogarins (Goiânia BRAZIL)
  • The Bots (Glendale CA)
  • Brazos (Brooklyn NY)
  • The Bright Light Social Hour (Austin TX)
  • Bronze Radio Return (Hartford CT)
  • Bronze Whale (Austin TX)
  • Brothertiger (Brooklyn NY)
  • Hollis Brown (Queens NY)
  • Marcus Brown (Austin TX)
  • Tyler Bryant and the Shake Down (Honey Grove AR)
  • Buffalo Daughter (Tokyo JAPAN)
  • Basia Bulat (Toronto CANADA)
  • Christian Burghardt (Portland OR)
  • Bett Butler & Joël Dilley (San Antonio TX)
  • The Cactus Blossoms (Minneapolis MN)
  • Cage The Gods (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
  • Calculon (San Diego CA)
  • California Wives (Chicago IL)
  • Kirin J Callinan (Blue Mountains / Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • CALLmeKAT (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • Fabrizio Cammarata (Palermo ITALY)
  • The Casket Girls (Savannah GA)
  • Jackie Chain (Huntsville AL)
  • Chalk And Numbers (Brooklyn NY)
  • Vaadat Charigim (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
  • Charli XCX (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Charlotte OC (Blackburn UK-ENGLAND)
  • Chatham Rise (Minneapolis MN)
  • Cheerleader (Philadelphia MN)
  • Cheetah Chrome (Cleveland OH)
  • Cherry Glazerr (Los Angeles CA)
  • Cody ChesnuTT (Atlanta GA)
  • Chlöe Howl (Maidenhead UK-ENGLAND)
  • Chocolate Tiger (TAIWAN)
  • Chrissy Murderbot (Chicago IL)
  • Circa Zero (Los Angeles CA)
  • Clear Plastic Masks (Brooklyn NY)
  • Cocktails (San Francisco CA)
  • Coin (Nashville TN)
  • The Cold and Lovely (Los Angeles CA)
  • Collie Buddz (Bermuda BERMUDA)
  • Wendy Colonna (Austin TX)
  • Andrew Combs (Nashville TN)
  • Como Asesinar a Felipes (Santiago CHILE)
  • Congorock (Los Angeles CA)
  • Cosmonauts (Fullerton CA)
  • Cough (Richmond VA)
  • The Creases (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
  • Creepoid (Philadelphia PA)
  • Crew54 (Central Texas TX)
  • Crooks (Austin TX)
  • Denzel Curry (Miami FL)
  • The Cush (Fort Worth TX)
  • Cut Snake (San Diego CA)
  • Cymbals (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • The Damn Quails (Norman OK)
  • Douglas Dare (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Bart Davenport (Los Angeles CA)
  • Nicholas David (Minneapolis MN)
  • Marie Davidson (Montreal CANADA)
  • Mikaela Davis (Rochester NY)
  • Dead Earth Politics (Austin TX)
  • Dead Ghosts (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Dead Leaf Echo (New York NY)
  • Dear Boy (Los Angeles CA)
  • Death By Unga Bunga (Oslo NORWAY)
  • Jerry David DeCicca (of The Black Swans) (New Braunfels TX)
  • Deep Cotton (Atlanta GA)
  • The Deep Dark Woods (Saskatoon CANADA)
  • The Defibulators (New York NY)
  • Delhi 2 Dublin (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Della Mae (Boston MA)
  • Dënver (San Felipe CHILE)
  • Desert Noises (Provo UT)
  • The Deslondes (New Orleans LA)
  • Madi Diaz (Los Angeles CA)
  • Dinner And A Suit (Nashville TN)
  • Dinosaur Bones (Toronto CANADA)
  • Marianne Dissard (Paris FRANCE)
  • The Districts (Philadelphia PA)
  • Divers (Portland OR)
  • DJ Amen (San Francisco CA)
  • DJ Babychino (Austin TX)
  • DJ Buddha Stickygreen (Missouri City TX)
  • DJ Dimepiece (Chicago IL)
  • DJ Halo (Oakland CA)
  • DJ Hella Yella (Austin TX)
  • DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia (Memphis TN)
  • DJ Richard (New York NY)
  • Doctor Explosion (Oviedo SPAIN)
  • Dorrough Music (Dallas TX)
  • Dots Will Echo (Ridgewood DE)
  • Dott (Galway IRELAND)
  • Dr. Awkward (San Diego CA)
  • Dreamend (Savannah GA)
  • Daniel Drexler (Montevideo URUGUAY)
  • Driver Friendly (Austin TX)
  • Dr. Rackle And The Sound Griots (New Orleans LA)
  • DTCV (Los Angeles CA)
  • Dubb Sicks (Austin TX)
  • Dugas (Winnipeg CANADA)
  • Andrew Duhon (New Orleans LA)
  • Ben Dukes (North Hollywood CA)
  • Dum Dum Girls (New York NY)
  • Dyse (Berlin/Dresden GERMANY)
  • Mia Dyson (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • DZ Deathrays (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
  • East India Youth (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • East Of The Wall (Asbury Park NJ)
  • Eaux (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Echosmith (Los Angeles CA)
  • Ana Egge (Brooklyn NY)
  • Electric Eye (Oslo NORWAY)
  • Eliza and the Bear (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Carrie Elkin (Austin TX)
  • Eminence (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL)
  • Equals (Austin TX)
  • Eros and the Eschaton (Greensboro NC)
  • Escondido (Nashville TN)
  • Escort (Brooklyn NY)
  • Melissa Etheridge (Leavenworth KS)
  • Et Tu Brucé (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Evans the Death (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Ex Hex (Washington DC)
  • Factor & The Chandeliers (Saskatoon CANADA)
  • Falcons (Los Angeles CA)
  • The Family Crest (San Francisco CA)
  • The Family Rain (Bath UK-ENGLAND)
  • Farewell Fighter (Nashville TN)
  • Deniro Farrar (Charlotte NC)
  • Fat White Family (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Favored Nations (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)
  • Fé (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Fences (Seattle WA)
  • J Fernandez (Chicago IL)
  • Fictionist (Provo UT)
  • Fires Were Shot (Austin TX)
  • Harvey Sid Fisher (Hollywood CA)
  • Fismoll (Poznan POLAND)
  • FKi (Atlanta GA)
  • Flagship (Charlotte NC)
  • Float Fall (Leuven BELGIUM)
  • Fly Golden Eagle (Nashville TN)
  • Fofe y Los Fetiches (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
  • Folk Family Revival (Magnolia TX)
  • Foot Patrol (Austin TX)
  • Elijah Ford & The Bloom (Austin TX)
  • Forests (Taipei TAIWAN)
  • Foxtails Brigade (Oakland CA)
  • FOXTROTT (Montreal CANADA)
  • Lyla Foy (formerly WALL) (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • F.R.E.E. – Forever Radical Edifying & Exalting (San Antonio TX)
  • French Horn Rebellion (New York NY)
  • Friendly Savages (Austin TX)
  • The Front Bottoms (Bergen County NJ)
  • Fuel (Harrisburg PA)
  • The Futures League (Los Angeles CA)
  • Galcher Lustwerk (New York NY)
  • Gambles (New York NY)
  • Gang Of Youths (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Gap Dream (Akron OH)
  • The Garden (Orange CA)
  • Gardens & Villa (Santa Barbara CA)
  • Gareth Emery (Los Angeles CA)
  • Martin Garrix (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Howe Gelb (Pennsylvania PA)
  • Gentlemen Hall (Boston MA)
  • Gerald G (Austin TX)
  • Gezan (Tokyo JAPAN)
  • GF Soldier (New Orleans LA)
  • Ghost Beach (New York NY)
  • Ghxst (Brooklyn NY)
  • Glitches (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Gloryhound (Halifax CANADA)
  • Glossary (Murfreesboro TN)
  • Gnaw (New York NY)
  • Gochag Askarov Ensemble (Baku AZERBAIJAN)
  • Louise Goffin (Los Angeles CA)
  • Gold Beach (Austin TX)
  • Lynval Golding and Contra Coup (Madison WI)
  • Louise Gold & the Quarz Orchestra (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Goldroom (Los Angeles CA)
  • Good For Grapes (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Gorgon City (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Gramma’s Boyfriend (Minneapolis MN)
  • Grand Analog (Toronto CANADA)
  • Grayskul (Seattle WA)
  • A Great Big World (New York NY)
  • Grieves (Seattle WA)
  • Gringo Star (Atlanta GA)
  • The Griswolds (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Grizfolk (Venice Beach CA)
  • Grmln (Santa Cruz CA)
  • Growl (Austin TX)
  • GT Garza (Houston TX)
  • Guantamano Baywatch (Portland OR)
  • Gulp (Cardiff UK-WALES)
  • Noah Gundersen (Seattle WA)
  • Habibi (New York NY)
  • Hablan Por La Espalda (Montevideo URUGUAY)
  • Haerts (New York NY)
  • Happy (Kyoto JAPAN)
  • The Harlequins (Cincinnati OH)
  • The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Heidi Harris (Astoria NY)
  • Hauschka (Dusseldorf GERMANY)
  • Dave Hause (Philadelphia PA)
  • Hawk & Dove (Brooklyn NY)
  • Heathers (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Ryan Hemsworth (Toronto CANADA)
  • Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas (Detroit MI)
  • Katie Herzig (Nashville TN)
  • Heymoonshaker (Paris FRANCE)
  • Lilly Hiatt (Nashville TN)
  • High Tension (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • Judith Hill (Los Angeles CA)
  • His Electro Blue Voice (Como ITALY)
  • JP Hoe (Winnipeg CANADA)
  • Holiday Mountain (Austin TX)
  • Holychild (Los Angeles CA)
  • Holy Esque (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
  • HolySexyBastards (Valencia VENEZUELA)
  • Honeyblood (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
  • The Hood Internet (Chicago IL)
  • Hospitality (Brooklyn NY)
  • Hospital Ships (Austin TX)
  • Hozier (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Cymien Hughes and The God Phaktorr (Dallas TX)
  • Humboldt (Valparaíso CHILE)
  • Humming House (Nashville TN)
  • Hundred Visions (Austin TX)
  • Hunee (Los Angeles CA)
  • Hunter Hunted (Los Angeles CA)
  • Eric Hutchinson (New York NY)
  • HyunA (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
  • Ice Eater (Fort Worth TX)
  • Imarhan (Timbuktu MALI)
  • Indian Summer (Cheltenham AUSTRALIA)
  • In-Flight Safety (Halifax CANADA)
  • Inner Oceans (Denver CO)
  • Jacuzzi Boys (Miami FL)
  • Jameszoo (’S-Hertogenbosch THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Ruby Jane (Austin TX)
  • Jetta (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Jitterbug Vipers (Austin TX)
  • Fletcher C Johnson (Brooklyn NY)
  • KatieGotBandz (Chicago IL)
  • Sean C. Johnson (Del City OK)
  • The Jones Family Singers (Bay City TX)
  • Stanley Jordan (Sedona AZ)
  • July Talk (Toronto CANADA)
  • The Jungle Giants (New Farm AUSTRALIA)
  • Kashmere Stage Band’s Thunder Soul Orchestra (Houston TX)
  • Ethan Kent (Dallas TX)
  • Mikal kHill (Charlotte NC)
  • Kid Astray (Oslo NORWAY)
  • Kill It Kid (Bath UK-ENGLAND)
  • Emily King (New York NY)
  • Emily Kinney (Santa Monica CA)
  • Kishi Bashi (Athens GA)
  • The Kite String Tangle (Strathpine AUSTRALIA)
  • Kiven (Los Angeles CA)
  • Jordan Klassen (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Sonny Knight And The Lakers (Minneapolis MN)
  • Oumar Konate (Bamako MALI)
  • Krampfhaft (Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS)
  • The Krayolas (San Antonio TX)
  • Kristy Kruger (Denton TX)
  • La Canalla (Sevilla SPAIN)
  • Dawn Landes (Brooklyn NY)
  • Jon Langford & Skull Orchard (Chicago IL)
  • Language Room (Austin TX)
  • Larry g(EE) (Dallas TX)
  • La Triple Nelson (Montevideo URUGUAY)
  • Le Chat Lunatique (Albuquerque NM)
  • Leftover Cuties (Venice CA)
  • Lemaitre (Oslo NORWAY)
  • Julian Lennon (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
  • Leopold and His Fiction (Austin TX)
  • Les Claypool (Sebastopol CA)
  • Let’s Buy Happiness (Newcastle UK-ENGLAND)
  • Li’l Cap’n Travis (Austin TX)
  • Lily & The Parlour Tricks (New York NY)
  • Little Fyodor (Denver CO)
  • The Littlest Viking (Whittier CA)
  • Little Wesley (Austin TX)
  • The Living Room Project (Austin TX)
  • Lo’Jo (Angers FRANCE)
  • The Lonely Biscuits (Nashville TN) The Lonely Wild (Los Angeles CA)
  • The Lonesome Heroes (Austin TX)
  • Liz Longley (Nashville TN)
  • Lost Bayou Ramblers (Lafayette LA)
  • King Louie (Chicago IL)
  • Lydia Loveless (Coshocton OH)
  • Lovelife (Los Angeles CA)
  • Lovely Quinces (Split CROATIA)
  • Mike Love (Oahu HI)
  • Lovers (Portland OR)
  • Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia PA)
  • Lowell (Toronto CANADA)
  • Lucky Loc (Hillsboro TX)
  • The Lumiphonic Creature Choir (Brooklyn NY)
  • Rosu Lup (Oaklyn NJ)
  • Lyenn (Brussels BELGIUM)
  • Annie Mac (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Machinedrum (New York NY)
  • Magic Mouth (Portland OR)
  • The Magic Numbers (London UK-ENGLAND) Mahogany (Brooklyn NY)
  • Mallory Knox (Cambridge UK-ENGLAND)
  • Mandolin Orange (Carrboro NC)
  • maNga (Istanbul TURKEY)
  • Manic Sheep (Taipei TAIWAN)
  • Man Or Astro-Man? (Atlanta GA)
  • Marianne’s Wish (Nicosia CYPRUS)
  • Maribou State (Berkhamstead UK-ENGLAND)
  • Marmozets (Yorkshire UK-ENGLAND)
  • Felix Martin (Caracas VENEZUELA)
  • The Mary Onettes (Jönköping SWEDEN)
  • Matrimony (Charlotte NC)
  • Matt the Electrician (Austin TX)
  • Tom Maxwell and The Minor Drag (Carrboro NC)
  • The David Mayfield Parade (Nashville TN)
  • Ian McLagan (Austin TX)
  • MC Lars (Oakland CA)
  • Mean Creek (Boston MA)
  • Meat Market (Oakland CA)
  • Me and the Bees (Barcelona SPAIN)
  • Rod Melancon (Los Angeles CA)
  • Lubomyr Melnyk (Winnipeg CANADA)
  • The Melodic (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Vic Mensa (Chicago IL)
  • Meta and The Cornerstones (New York NY)
  • Lori Meyers (Madrid SPAIN)
  • Miami Horror (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • Mideau (Salt Lake City UT)
  • The Migrant (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • Tor Miller (New York NY)
  • Chris Mills (Brooklyn NY)
  • Mimicking Birds (Portland OR)
  • Mingo Fishtrap (Austin TX)
  • Mire Kay (Malmö/Stockholm SWEDEN)
  • Misun (Washington DC)
  • Chris Mitchell (Houston TX)
  • Mobb Deep (New York NY)
  • Mood Rings (Atlanta GA)
  • Ian Moore (Seattle WA)
  • More Or Les (Toronto CANADA)
  • Moving Units (Los Angeles CA)
  • The Mowglis (Los Angeles CA)
  • Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 (Austin TX)
  • Mr. MFN eXquire (Brooklyn NY)
  • Mt Warning (Strawberry Hills AUSTRALIA)
  • The Mud Howlers (Mexico City MEXICO)
  • Mujeres (Barcelona SPAIN)
  • Nick Mulvey (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • My Education (Austin TX)
  • Mystery Skulls (Los Angeles CA)
  • Nabiha (København N DENMARK)
  • Natig Rhythm Group (Baku AZERBAIJAN)
  • Natives (Southampton UK-ENGLAND)
  • Natural Child (Nashville TN)
  • Neighbours (Pittsburgh PA)
  • John Mark Nelson (Minneapolis MN)
  • Neon Hitch (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • New Bums (San Francisco CA)
  • New Desert Blues (Whiteley UK-ENGLAND)
  • The Niceguys (Houston TX)
  • Night Riots (San Luis Obispo CA)
  • Night Terrors of 1927 (Los Angeles CA)
  • Niño Cohete (Concepción CHILE)
  • No Coast (Kokomo IN)
  • Norris J (Dallas TX)
  • Northcote (Victoria CANADA)
  • Nothing (Philadelphia PA)
  • Nothing More (San Antonio TX)
  • Oberhofer (Tacoma WA)
  • Obliteration (Kolbotn NORWAY)
  • The Ocean (Berlin GERMANY)
  • O Conqueror (Austin TX)
  • O Emperor (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Ofei (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Off! (Los Angeles CA)
  • Oil Boom (Dallas TX)
  • Morgan O’Kane (Brooklyn NY)
  • OK Sweetheart (Seattle WA)
  • Okta Logue (Frankfurt Am Main GERMANY)
  • Angel Olsen (Chicago IL)
  • Onehunnidt (Houston TX)
  • Opus Orange (Santa Monica CA)
  • Bernie Worrell Orchestra (Hampton NJ)
  • Orchid (San Francisco CA)
  • Orthy (Austin TX)
  • The Orwells (Elmhurst IL)
  • Outernational (New York NY)
  • The Outfit, TX (Dallas TX)
  • Owl Eyes (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • Paddy And The Rats (Budakeszi HUNGARY)
  • Painted Palms (San Francisco CA)
  • The Painted Redstarts (Austin TX)
  • Panama (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Mangham Parker (Austin TX)
  • Jay Park (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
  • Bobby Patterson (Austin TX)
  • Pawn (Los Angeles CA)
  • Perfect Pussy (Syracuse NY)
  • Jarell Perry (Los Angeles CA)
  • Mike Peters And The Alarm (Rhyl WALES)
  • Bird Peterson (Austin TX)
  • Petite Noir (Kinshasa DR CONGO)
  • Petunia & The Vipers (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Phil Beaudreau w/Dawaun Parker (Los Angeles CA)
  • Phox (Madison WI)
  • Pigeon John (Los Angeles CA)
  • PigPen Theatre Co. (Pittsburgh PA)
  • Pink Nasty (Wichita KS)
  • Plastic Visions (Nashville TN)
  • Polytype (Provo UT)
  • Pompeii (Austin TX)
  • Pony Boy (Nashville TN)
  • A Pony Named Olga (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Popstrangers (Hamilton NEW ZEALAND)
  • The Preatures (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Primitive Man (Denver CO)
  • Printz Board (Los Angeles CA)
  • Problem (Compton CA)
  • Protomartyr (Detroit MI)
  • Matt Pryor (Lawrence KS)
  • Psalm Zero (New York NY)
  • Psychic Teens (Philadelphia PA)
  • Pujol (Nashville TN)
  • PUP (Toronto CANADA)
  • Pure Bathing Culture (Portland OR)
  • Purple (Beaumont TX)
  • Pyrrhon (Brookyln NY)
  • Quaker City Night Hawks (Fort Worth TX)
  • Quiet Kids (Mcallen TX)
  • Radkey (Saint Joseph MO)
  • Raffertie (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • RAMS’ Pocket Radio (Belfast NORTHERN IRELAND)
  • Rare Monk (Portland OR)
  • Rathborne (New York NY)
  • Ratking (New York NY)
  • Raw Geronimo (Los Angeles CA)
  • Real Magic (Oakland CA)
  • Katey red (New Orleans LA)
  • Regra 4 (Curitiba BRAZIL)
  • Salaam Remi (Miami FL)
  • Reptiles (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • Reuben and The Dark (Calgary CANADA)
  • Graham Reynolds / Golden Arm Trio (Austin TX)
  • The Rich Hands (San Antonio TX)
  • Ri¢hie (Nashville TN)
  • The Ridges (Athens OH)
  • Ringworm (Cleveland OH)
  • Rittz (Atlanta GA)
  • Rival Consoles (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Rivers of Nihil (Reading PA)
  • Robbie Fulks (Chicago IL)
  • Emilio Rojas (Rochester NY)
  • RonKat Spearman (San Francisco CA)
  • Roo & The Howl (Denver CO)
  • Roosevelt (Cologne GERMANY)
  • Ruido Rosa (Mexico City MEXICO)
  • Caroline Rose (Burlington VT)
  • Peter Rosenberg (New York NY)
  • The Royal Concept (Stockholm SWEDEN)
  • Royal Teeth (New Orleans LA)
  • R. Ring (Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery) (Dayton OH)
  • Rubblebucket (Brooklyn NY)
  • Ruby The Rabbitfoot (Athens GA)
  • Ruen Brothers (Scunthorpe UK-ENGLAND)
  • Running in the Fog (San Francisco CA)
  • Russian Red (Madrid SPAIN)
  • Rustie (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
  • Dan Ryan (Los Angeles CA)
  • Sadistik (Seattle WA)
  • Said The Whale (Vancouver CANADA)
  • San Fermin (Brooklyn NY)
  • Sango (Grand Rapids DE)
  • Sandhya Sanjana Band ( THE NETHERLANDS)
  • San Saba County (Austin TX)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage (Montreal CANADA)
  • Save Your Breath (Newport UK-WALES)
  • S. Carey (Eau Claire WI)
  • Schaffer the Darklord (New York NY)
  • Schwarz Dont Crack (Berlin GERMANY)
  • Scorpion Child (Austin TX)
  • Jackson Scott (Asheville NC)
  • Scotty ATL (Atlanta GA)
  • Secret Colours (Chicago IL)
  • Seekae (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Seoul (Montréal CANADA)
  • Sertified (Austin TX)
  • Shad (Woodbridge CANADA)
  • Elaine Shepherd (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Sheppard (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
  • She Sir (Austin TX)
  • Shimmering Stars (Vancouver CANADA)
  • Shoulders (Austin TX)
  • Shurman (Austin TX)
  • Shy Girls (Portland OR)
  • Sick/Sea (Mcallen TX)
  • Sihasin (Navajo Nation AZ)
  • The Silent Comedy (San Diego CA)
  • Silent Diane (Austin TX)
  • Silk Rodeo (Austin TX)
  • Silver Snakes (Los Angeles CA)
  • Simian Ghost (Stockholm SWEDEN)
  • Jade Simmons (Humble TX)
  • Sinistarr (Detroit MI)
  • Sivu (Cambridge UK-ENGLAND)
  • Justine Skye (Brooklyn NY)
  • Slaves (Kent UK-ENGLAND)
  • Sleepy Man Banjo Boys (Port Murray NJ)
  • Small Black (Brooklyn NY)
  • Snowmine (Brooklyn NY)
  • Sober (Dallas TX)
  • The Soft White Sixties (San Francisco CA)
  • Solids (Montreal CANADA)
  • Something Went Awry (Phoenix AZ)
  • SoMo (Denison TX)
  • Songs of Water (Greensboro NC)
  • Son of Stan (Los Angeles CA)
  • Sons of Fathers (Austin TX)
  • Spain (Los Angeles CA)
  • Jeremy Spencer (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Splashh (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Split Single (Evanston IL)
  • SSLEEPERHOLD (Los Angeles CA)
  • Stabil Elite (Düsseldorf GERMANY)
  • StaG (Los Angeles CA)
  • Nico Stai (Los Angeles CA)
  • Star & Dagger (New Orleans LA)
  • The Stargazer Lilies (New York NY)
  • Starlings, TN (Austin TX)
  • The John Steel Singers (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
  • Step Rockets (Minneapolis MN)
  • Peggy Stern Trio (Austin TX)
  • Mike Stinson (Houston TX)
  • Allen Stone (Chewelah WA)
  • Angus and Julia Stone (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Stone Jack Jones (Nashville TN)
  • St. Paul and The Broken Bones (Birmingham AL)
  • Strange Talk (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
  • The Strypes (Cavan IRELAND)
  • ST 37 (Austin TX)
  • Suenalo (Miami FL)
  • The Summer Set (Scottsdale AZ)
  • Moses Sumney (Los Angeles CA)
  • Sundara Karma (Reading UK-ENGLAND)
  • Superfood (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
  • Surly Gates (Austin TX)
  • Swamp Cabbage (Jacksonville FL)
  • Sweater Beats (New York NY)
  • Sweet Da Kid (Los Angeles CA)
  • SW/MM/NG (Fayetteville AR)
  • Rossana Taddei (Montevideo URUGUAY)
  • Team Me (Elverum NORWAY)
  • Team Spirit (Brooklyn NY)
  • Teenburger (Halifax CANADA)
  • Teeth Of The Sea (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Tesoro (Tucson AZ)
  • Texas Never Whispers (Austin TX)
  • The Victor (Houston TX)
  • ThinkNoThink (Austin TX)
  • This Wild Life (Long Beach CA)
  • Thorcraft Cobra (Los Angeles CA)
  • Those Darlins (Nashville TN)
  • Thousand Foot Whale Claw (Austin TX)
  • Thumpers (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Toad the Wet Sprocket (Santa Barbara CA)
  • Jonah Tolchin (Princeton NJ)
  • Tom the Lion (London ENGLAND)
  • The Tontons (Houston TX)
  • Traams (Chichester UK-ENGLAND)
  • Trae Tha Truth (Houston TX)
  • Tom Trago (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Tribecastan (New York NY)
  • Troller (Austin TX)
  • Tronic (Santiago CHILE)
  • Troumaca (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND)
  • Trumpeter Swan (Brooklyn NY)
  • Turbo Goth (Manila PHILIPPINES)
  • Turboweekend (Copenhagen DENMARK)
  • Tus Amigos Nuevos (Santiago CHILE)
  • Twin Forks (Boca Raton FL)
  • Twin Peaks (Chicago IL)
  • Twin Shadow (New York NY)
  • Two Cow Garage (Columbus OH)
  • Twrk (New York NY)
  • Tying Tiffany (Bologna ITALY)
  • Tyvek (Detroit MI)
  • Umbertron (Chicago IL)
  • Underbaby (Beijing CHINA)
  • Vancouver Sleep Clinic (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
  • Sharon Van Etten (Brooklyn NY)
  • Alex Vargas (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Vattnet Viskar (Plaistow NH)
  • Vedazen (Los Angeles CA)
  • Verse Simmonds (Charlotte Amalie VIRGIN ISLANDS)
  • Vertical Scratchers (Los Angeles CA)
  • Victory (Los Angeles CA)
  • Vikesh Kapoor (Sunset Pines PA)
  • Leif Vollebekk (Ottawa CANADA)
  • von Grey (Atlanta GA)
  • Waco Brothers (Chicago IL)
  • Ryley Walker (Chicago IL)
  • Warm Soda (San Francisco CA)
  • Adam WarRock (Memphis TN)
  • WatchOut! (Santiago CHILE)
  • Waters (San Francisco CA)
  • Juan Wauters (Jackson Heights NY)
  • Wave Racer (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
  • Waylayers (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Grace Weber (New York NY)
  • The Weeks (Nashville TN)
  • We Have The Place Surrounded (Viña Del Mar CHILE)
  • Well Hung Heart (Orange CA)
  • We Met Tomorrow (Oskarshamn SWEDEN)
  • Wet (Brooklyn NY)
  • The Wet Secrets (Edmonton CANADA)
  • Wheelchair Sports Camp (Denver CO)
  • Wheeler Brothers (Austin TX)
  • Whiskey Folk Ramblers (Fort Worth TX)
  • White Arrows (Los Angeles CA)
  • White Mystery (Chicago IL)
  • Tony Joe White (Franklin TN)
  • Whores (Atlanta GA)
  • Why Not Satellite (Austin TX)
  • Wick-it the Instigator (Nashville TN)
  • The Wild Feathers (Nashville TN)
  • Wildflowers (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
  • Mack Wilds (Staten Island NY)
  • Jess Williamson (Austin TX)
  • Windhand (Richmond VA)
  • The Wind + The Wave (Austin TX)
  • Luke Winslow-King (New Orleans LA)
  • The Winter Brave (Pittsburgh PA)
  • Sofie Winterson (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Wiretree (Austin TX)
  • Withered Hand (Edinburgh SCOTLAND)
  • Woman’s Hour (London UK-ENGLAND)
  • Wonder Villains (Derry UK-N. IRELAND)
  • Worldwide (San Antonio TX)
  • Wounds (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Wrekmeister Harmonies (Chicago IL)
  • The Wytches (Peterborough ENGLAND)
  • Yoshiki (Chiba JAPAN)
  • You Me & Apollo (Fort Collins CO)
  • Young Fathers (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
  • The Young Folk (Dublin IRELAND)
  • Young Male (New York NY)
  • Young Summer (Washington DC)
  • Young Thug (Atlanta GA)
  • You Won’t