Paramore and former bassist in legal dispute


It looks like Jeremy Davis’ departure from Paramore wasn’t completely amicable after all. On Friday (March 4), an article published by the Tennessean reported that the former bassist is being sued by Varoom Whoa, the business entity that owns Paramore. The lawsuit filed by the company is on the premise of whether or not Davis was an employee or partner in the business aspects of the band. If he does end up being classified a partner in Varoom Whoa, then it means that he is entitled to a split of all revenues even though he is no longer in the band.

The company, which is full owned by Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams, filed the suit back in February. According to the band’s contract with Atlantic Records, Williams is the only one signed to the label meaning the band members are paid as employees, or as the online publication writes, “she pays her band members as employees.”

“Nevertheless, because she wanted to foster a feeling of camaraderie within the band, at her direction, the band members’ salaries included a portion of Williams’ earnings,” the initial lawsuit says, according to the Tennessean. On Friday, Davis filed a counterclaim on the basis that Paramore began as a partnership that he and Williams founded. Prior to officially joining the lineup, guitarist Taylor York was classified as an employee before becoming a partner when he became a permanent member of the band.

“Davis, Williams and York shared equally in all net profits generated by the partnership, from any and all sources, including but not limited to the Atlantic agreement,” claims Davis in the counterclaim. In addition to that, Davis claims that he was responsible for various duties in the band outside of performances such as hiring musicians and crew, making decisions for the band, and creating and managing staging and lighting. Davis officially left Paramore back in December of 2015, with the remaining members advising their fans about the departure. Davis’ 2015 departure was not the first time the bassist left the band. Back in 2004, around the time the band was first forming, he left the group for about six months for “personal reasons.” He was soon asked to return to the band, which he did, and stayed with them until the end of 2015.

The counterclaim from Davis came a day before Williams and York were scheduled to hit the high seas for the 2016 incarnation of their PARAHOY! cruise alongside New Found Glory, Lights, CHVRCHES, and more.