Lady Gaga welcomes us to ‘Chromatica’ with new studio album

Lady Gaga will like to welcome you all to the world of Chromatica!

Well, at least we think that’s what she’s doing.

On Monday (March 2), the singer officially confirmed the much-theorized title and release date of her highly anticipated sixth studio album. Titled Chromatica (as many of us guessed), the record is due out April 10.

Yes, guys. In about five weeks we will have new Lady Gaga songs blasting through our headphones.

Pre-orders for Chromatica are available here. There is currently a slew of pre-order options to satisfy every Little Monster budget, with most of them including a digital version of the forthcoming studio effort. Now, keep in mind, many of the bundles are limited edition, so act fast because we all know Gaga’s Little Monsters are going to sink their claws into them ASAP.

Lady Gaga has also revealed that the current album cover attached to the new record is not the official cover.

Oh no, why would Gaga give that up so soon? Instead, the songstress has revealed that the album cover will be unveiled at a later date.

Last week, Lady Gaga made her official return to her pop music roots by unleashing Chromatica’s lead single, “Stupid Love.”

Throughout the weeklong publicity stunt, fans began to speculate whether the singer’s new album would be titled Chromatica. The word appeared on a Hollywood billboard announcing the release date for “Stupid Love.”

Then, it appeared throughout the “Stupid Love” music video in the lower right corner of the screen and on the final shot of the clip.

Lady Gaga’s last studio album was 2016’s Joanne.

If we’re taking the “A Star is Born” soundtrack into consideration, then the 2018 release was Gaga’s last set of new tunes.

Watch: Lady Gaga becomes a dystopia mediator in ‘Stupid Love’

Is Lady Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album going to be a return to its dance-tinged pop music? If her latest single is any indication, then the answer is a resounding “hell yeah!”

On Friday (Feb. 28), the pop star released her much-anticipated new solo single “Stupid Love.” Like tracks from her debut and sophomore record, “Stupid Love” finds Gaga returning to what made her a top 20 and nightclub staple with dancey beats and catchy lyrics (we heard it once and have “I want your stupid love, love” stuck in our heads).

To coincide with the song’s release, the songstress also unveiled its music video, which was shot entirely using an iPhone 11 Pro (if that isn’t an endorsement in disguise, then we don’t know what is).

The Daniel Askill-directed clip begins with a graphic describing how the “world rots in conflict” and how it has led to many tribes battling for dominance of their domain. We’re also given a short introduction to the Spiritual one “who pray and sleep for peace” and the Kindness punks who “fight for chromatica” (What is chromatica? Is it the album’s title? Is it a place?).

The rest of the clip primarily features the tribes battling it out in the middle of a desert while Gaga and her bright pink-dressed squad show up to diffuse the hairy situations since we should all be working together, not fighting each other. And also, doesn’t music and dancing bring people together?

Watch the music video for “Stupid Love” above.

“Stupid Love” is the first single off Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated new studio effort. Though the record has yet to be given a formal title or release date, Little Monsters have been speculating that it will be titled Chromatica.

Would you blame them? The word was featured on the “Stupid Love” billboard earlier this week and appears throughout the music video in the lower right corner and on the final screen before the video ends.

Lady Gaga’s last studio album was 2016’s Joanne. If we’re taking the “A Star is Born” soundtrack into consideration, then the 2018 release was Gaga’s last set of new tunes.

Lady Gaga to release ‘Stupid Love’ this Friday

Stop what you’re doing because Lady Gaga just announced some major news!

On Tuesday (Feb. 25), the pop star revealed that she will be releasing a new song at the end of the week.

Titled “Stupid Love,” the track is her first solo song in years (we’re not counting “A Star is Born” because that was Allie, not Gaga). Taking to social media, the songstress wrote, “‘Stupid Love.’ The new single by Lady Gaga. Out Friday at midnight ET. #LG6.”

Taking a cue from the 90s, the billboard snapshot featured in her post includes bright pink lips (pretty sure it’s the same shade as HAUS Laboratories’ REBEL lipstick), the word “STUPID” printed in white and pink bubble letters while “LOVE” is printed in black over a water-looking background. Next to it is a montage of Gaga, looking like she could be a character in Aqua’s music video for “Barbie Girl.” (Don’t believe us? Here’s a refresher course.)

If the name of the track sounds familiar, that’s because the title has been floating around for some time. Things took a turn for the juicy last month when the song reportedly leaked. Little Monsters were quick to praise the new song saying it was a callback to The Fame and Born this Way.

Gaga tried to quell the pandemonium by tweeting, “Can ya’ll stop.”

Information about this album has been scarce at best. From its projected release time frame and collaborators list to its title, which is now believed to be Chromatica, Gaga has been keeping mum about everything.

For all we know, the full album can drop on Friday, and none of us would have been the wiser. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t that be a Gaga thing to do?

Lady Gaga’s last studio album was 2016’s Joanne. If we’re taking the “A Star is Born” soundtrack into consideration, then the 2018 release was Gaga’s last set of new tunes.

“Stupid Love” is the first single off the singer’s long-awaited sixth studio album.