Urban Outfitters: Ruler of the Vinyl Sales


We know that the rise in vinyl popularity has slowly been gaining steam, but would you ever imagine that a hipster paradise clothing chain would lead the pack?

Last night, Urban Outfitter’s chief administrative officer, Calvin Hollinger announced that Urban Outfitters is leading the pack in selling the most vinyls in the last year.

Most would assume that the resurgence in vinyl sales could be attributed to things like Record Store Day or bands rediscovering this form of music release, but no. The store that has recently made headlines for releasing that offending Kent sweater with “not” blood splatter on it and stupid knick-knacks made for frat boys, has managed to outsell Amazon, Insound, or any record store for that matter in the vinyl department.

“Music is very, very important to the Urban customer. In fact, we are the world’s number one vinyl seller,” Hollinger said.

The CAO explains that the key to their “success” is simple. Instead of having thousands of vinyls available online, the company has a system that allows them to offer inventory from around 100 vendor without actually owning any of the merchandise.

In other words, they act like your local consignment store, but instead of having funking clothes, they have an online store full of a slew of vinyls. Kind of ingenious.

Last years, vinyl sales reportedly hit 6.1 million while 2014 is on its way to smash those numbers.

Store in the UK Makes Applicants Dance During Interview


Did you ever think you’d see the day when a grown man is asked to dance around to an electronic song during a job interview?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to a University of South Wales graduate who was applying for a job at Currys, a U.K. retailer. Alan Bacon, the 21-year-old interviewee was ready for an interview at the Cardiff branch of the retailer when he was asked to dance to Daft Punk’s 1997 hit song, “Around the World.” Bacon said that it was a dance-off the interviewers had set up against the eight applicants to see who would come out on top with the position at the store.

“I think everyone initially thought it was a joke,” Bacon told British paper, The Mirror. “But they were serious. All professionalism went out of the window. I’d spent the past week researching the company and looking forward to being able to express myself and talk about what I love doing. But I just felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I ended up dancing to ‘Around the World’ by Daft Punk, doing rubbish robotics in my suit in front of a group of strangers.”

The potential employee continued b saying, “”It was so degrading, but I am desperate for work, so I just smiled and got on with it. I told my dad it was like a scene out of The Office. I’ve been to quite a few job interviews and have never had to do anything like it before. Another middle-aged guy looked really upset as he danced to a rap song.”

No matter how hard he tried to impress those that we’re interviewing him, Bacon received a phone call revealing that he in fact did not get the position he “danced” for. A spokesperson for the retailer did come out and confirm that the store had in fact made the applicants dance as part of their interview and that “the store in question did not follow our official recruitment processes on this specific occasion.”

They continued the statement with, “We are very sorry to those interviewees impacted on this occasion and would like to invite them back to attend an official interview where they will be given a proper opportunity to demonstrate how they can contribute to our business.”