Watch Anberlin’s Frontman on ‘The Price is Right’


It was just two days ago when an Anberlin fan was at home watching CBS’ game show The Price is Right when they noticed a familiar person on the screen; frontman Stephen Christian (a songwriter from Tennessee, how original?)

Soon after a television snapshot of the singer was uploaded onto the internet, fans of the now defunct band went crazy messaging Christian on Twitter where he admitted to being super excited to be on the show, even if it was for only a minute.

While the complete episode was available on CBS’ website, we have now been given just the part which Christian appears and tries his hand at winning a new car.

Christian’s appearance on the show comes on the heels of Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz also appearing on the show. Unlike Christian, Dutkiewicz went home with everything.

Anberlin Asked About Cell Phones at Shows


We can all agree unanimously that cell phones have their place and time, but when you go to concert, doesn’t it get annoying, fast, when you have people (mostly “younger” audience members) watching the show completely through the screen on their telephones? Or worse, when they spend the vast majority of the time taking “selfies” with the stage and band in the background.

Now, we know some are saying “well then, don’t look!” but it’s kind of like going to watch a movie and seeing this bright light coming from someone around you in a dark theater who thinks they’re clever enough to put the display brightness down to zero.

As someone who is guilty of taking pictures at shows on their phone, we have to take some of the blame. Once upon a time, it was just cameras, but now things have gone beyond ridiculous with audience members bringing tablets and iPads to shows to film.

Considering that recently artists have been speaking out about this, just a few weeks ago at our stop on the Vans Warped Tour Yellowcard frontman, Ryan Key called out audience members who were in the pit with their cell phones out the entire time, unamused and yawning at the band’s fantastic performance. Key told them to either put the phones down and enjoy the show or to get out of the pit and let someone who wants to be there take their spot.

In a recent interview with Real Feels, fellow Warped Tour alum, Stephen Christian from Anberlin was asked about cell phones at shows and Christian made some valid points about his position on the matter.

Check out his interview below.

Anberlin Frontman Posts Blog About Song Meanings


Earlier this year, Anberlin announced that they would be breaking up, but not without releasing one final album as well as a tour to close up shop.

The band, who will be part of this year’s Vans Warped Tour, announced that their final album would be titled Lowborn and is set to be released this Summer; more specifically, July 22.

With a band that has been around since 2002 and has released a total of six albums to date, there are many songs that have come from them. In honor of the end of the group, frontman Stephen Christian, decided to post a bog in which he not only gives the correct lyrics for the band’s songs, but also the meaning behind them.

To view all of Christian’s musings and informative meanings behind some of your favorite Anberlin tracks like “Ready Fuels” or “Haight Street’ head on over to the blog and give it a read.

Also don’t forget to check out the Winter Haven-based band on Warped Tour this year as well as their final tour which will come sometime this Fall.