“Oliver Queen is Dead” in New ‘Arrow’ Trailer

Last time we saw Oliver Queen he was being stabbed in the heart by Ra’s au Ghul and pushed off of a snowy cliff in a battle to protect his sister, Thea (and get Malcolm Merlyn off of Ra’s hit list).

The first trailer for the new episode after the series’ Winter hiatus, sees Malcolm breaking into Team Arrow’s hiding place and placing Ra’s bloodied sword in front of them. He explains how Ra’s has a “custom” of leaving the weapon used to kill someone as a memorial to the dead.

So while our “fearless” leader is “dead,” it’s up to the rest of the team to take over the protection of Starling City including the dreaded Glades. Towards the end of the trailer, there’s someone running from an explosion, shooting arrows, but we can’t be quite sure if it’s Oliver, back from the dead, as the Arrow or sidekick Arsenal (aka Roy Harper) taking over the Arrow-ly duties.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your theories.

Arrow returns to the CW on Wednesday, Jan. 21.

Watch the Trailer for ‘Flash vs. Arrow’ Part Two

Last night we saw  the Arrow make his official debut in Central City as Oliver Queen and the rest of Team Arrow (Felicity and Diggle) ended up there while following the show’s new baddie, Captain Boomerang.

While there, Oliver joined forces with Barry Allen and his Flash Crew at S.T.A.R. Labs to take down their baddie of the week, Prism, who brought out the rage inside of Barry making him a self-centered, rude, and all around asshat.

Insert one of the coolest fight sequences we’ve seen or like someone on Twitter pointed out “that was the best action movie I have seen all year.”

Tonight, the Flash Crew will be heading over to Starling City to help Team Arrow take down Captain Boomerang because how else would you sign off for the mid-season than to have one major crossover?

Check out the trailer for tonight’s Arrow which finds Oliver telling Barry that they’re going to do things his way, unlike last night when Oliver lost all control of the situation as well as that question asked last night by Cisco (and every single fan of both series): Who will win in a battle between the two?

According to Barry, he will since when he fights with Oliver, it’s like the Arrow is standing still.