Former Lostprophets Members Speak About Tarnished Band Name


Last week, we uncovered that the remaining members of Lostprophets had joined Thursday’s Geoff Rickly to create a new band named No Devotion.

In the wake of the Ian Watkins chronicles where he plead guilty to 13 charges including attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under the age of 13, the four remaining members of the Welsh band were left with a tarnished band name.

In turn, they announced back in October that the band were splitting up in the midst of Watkins’ trial.

In an interview with The Guardian, it was revealed how much Watkins’ 29 year sentencing affected the band. It was so bad that guitarist Lee Gaze revealed he can’t listen to anything the band had put out.

“I can’t [listen]. It’s tainted, because he was the voice of the band, and it was his lyrics.”

The band’s former bassist, Stuart Richardson was so affected by the turn of events that he smashed a platinum disc that was given to each member in celebration of 2006’s Liberation Transmission platinum status.

“I don’t know how his badness can’t cancel out our music,” Richardson began. “We had platinum records in our houses, awards…I smashed Liberation Transmission the other day. The rest are in the garage and they’ll probably never come out again.”

But not all things are bad. In order to distance themselves from the damaged Lostprophets name, No Devotion which not only features Gaze and Richardson, but also Jamie Oliver, Luke Johnson and Mike Lewis, is set to release their debut album, Stay later this month. The newly formed band had released their first single last week, the same day they revealed the creation of the group.

Thirty Seconds to Mars Cover Rihanna


While visiting the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge the other day, Thirty Seconds to Mars gave fans a little surprise when they performed Rihanna’s hit song, “Stay.” To say that fans were intrigued by the cover by the band would be an understatement since almost everyone has had the same reaction to the song; it was freaking amazing.

While you think that the original version by Ri-Ri pulled at your heart-strings, the version featuring frontman Jared Leto taking on Rihanna’s role on vocals while Leto’s brother, Shannon took to the drums and Tomo Miličević took on the keys to round out the beautifully sad song.

The video from the performance can be seen below.

Thirty Seconds to Mars recently released their new album, Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams, back in May. And for those of you wondering, the band did perform another song (their current single, “Do or Die” to be exact), but it doesn’t really look like anyone cared about that one.


Vin Diesel Sings Rihanna’s “Stay”

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is known to fans as playing these rough around the edge, badass characters such as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Now, the actor is getting in touch with a side of himself that fans aren’t quite used to, a softer side. On Valentine’s Day, the actor posted on his Facebook page a video of him covering Rihanna’s new single, Stay, as a Valentine’s Day gift to all his fans.

Check out the action star show a new side right here: