Man Stabs Other Man at Show in California


We all know that things tend to get a little rowdy when we go to concert, especially in the mosh pit, but some guy at a Cattle Decapitation show last night in California, took things a little too far.

According to local news station, NBC Los Angeles, a man in the crowd “got upset” after being pushed around in the mosh pit, so he took out a knife and cut another man on the side of the neck.

NBCLA also reported that the victim was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. As for the attacker, other attendees managed to disarm him by attacking and knocking the knife out of his hand. The guy was also knocked unconscious. Police say that he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

An attendee at the show, who according to his statement was the one responsible for getting the weapon out of the attackers hand spoke to Lambgoat about what happened.

“Ok so for those of you that don’t know Yes some one got sliced not stabbed at the Cattle D show. The guy that got sliced apparently hit a female who tried to hit him (or did hit him).

Females boyfriend sliced the dude that hit her everyone jumped on the guy with the knife and I may have broke the dudes finger taking the knife from him.

I was called a hero (I think jokingly) but the cops didn’t see it that way. For those of you that didn’t realize that was me in cuffs leaned up against Cattle Decapitation trailer.

In my opinion both guys are idiots Cattles set got cut by 5 songs and that spot might lose their live entertainment permit.


Eminem NOT Stabbed in New York


Have you heard the one where Eminem gets stabbed in New York? Well, we’re sorry to tell you that this was all hear-say at its worse because the supposed ‘news’ is not true.

Earlier today, a bogus Facebook post was making the rounds with a picture of a man with a knife in his back and a caption that read, “Rapper Eminem left nearly DEAD after being stabbed 4 times in NYC!”

To the surprise of no one, the picture was not of Slim Shady and once you clicked it, you were in for a world of spam. The post also claims that there was surveillance footage of the stabbing which once it was clicked on, survey scams, info phishing and pleas for resharing would grace your screen.

A publicist for Interscope sent out a message via email saying the following, “These happen all the time. He’s fine.” But the sad part is that it isn’t the first time Eminem’s name has been used in these types of social media scams; it has happened at least two times before.

Eminem is currently working on a new album which was rumored to be coming out sometime this year after his merchandise website let the cat out of the bag when they included 2013 as one of the years of the rappers “landmark albums.”