Bayside Guitarist Undergoes Spinal Surgery

Bayside are slated to head out on tour in celebration of their 15th anniversary as a band in March of 2015, but before the band can celebrate the momentous occasion, guitarist Jack O’Shea needs to undergo a serious procedure; spinal surgery.

O’Shea has posted pictures of himself from the hospital and a message (and pictures) to fans informing them of what led to him being forced to undergo surgery. O’Shea writes that during the band’s European tour, which recently wrapped up, he lost most of the use in his right arm. After returning home, he decided to go to a specialist which told him he needed to undergo surgery due to a level three fusion in his cervical spine.

“So 11 years of headbanging and playing 11lbs plus Les Paul’s had led me to spine surgery. A month ago I lost most of the use of my right arm and powered through a tour in Europe. I got home and decided to see a specialist to make sure my physical therapy was correct and was rushed into surgery. I had a 3 level fusion in my cervical spine and should hopefully get most if not all of my right arm back but it’s right into intense physical therapy starting next week. Also my nurse is terrible at installing IV’s.”

The band posted a little while ago on their official Twitter account that O’Shea is out of surgery and everything went as planned. Read their tweet below.