Underøath to Reunite at Self Help 2016

The Underøath hiatus is now off.

A couple of weeks after a mysterious and cryptic video was uploaded onto the band’s Facebook page, the once defunct group has now announced that the hiatus is over. Thanks to a poster for A Day to Remember’s Self Help Festival, the status of the band was pretty much confirmed to be “on.” Speaking exclusively with Alternative Press, vocalist Spencer Chamberlain and drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie revealed a lot of information about the reunion which fans can all agree was a longtime coming.

When asked about why they decided to reunited at Self Help, Gillespie told the publications that it was offered to them and decided to do the festival when they noticed that a lot of bands that were inspired by them were playing it. They also felt that playing the show was some form of comradery with A Day to Remember.

“A Day To Remember started in the same town that Underøath started in, so I think it’s going to be dope. I’m really excited,” said Gillespie.

When the subject about one of their albums being played in full was addressed, Chamberlain answered with what a lot of fans were hoping to hear.

“Yeah, it’ll probably be [Define The Great Line in full] and then, depending on how much time we have, some songs off of They’re Only Chasing Safety and some songs off Lost In The Sound [Of Separation],” explained Chamberlain.

He continued, “We haven’t worked on the set for it yet, but I’ve talked about doing it like that with Tim, because 2016 will be 10 years [since] Define The Great Line. That way we wouldn’t go too far over on time.”

But when the topic about this being a one-time gig or a full-blown tour, Chamberlain was a little more mum about the topic, but did give some kind of hope when he said that he would love to play shows for those fans who were not privy to see them during their farewell tour.

“I would absolutely love to celebrate that record with our fans across the world if I could. The opportunities we’ve had as Underoath came from those fans, so I would love to play for them and the ones that we missed [on the farewell tour].”

And while the tour talk was kind of cryptic, the response to getting back together and creating new music was even more broad. While they would not confirm or deny getting back together to write new music, Chamberlain and Gillespie did agree on one thing; there’s always that possibility.

“I want to leave things open-ended. I don’t think we’re ever going to be a full-time band again, but I don’t like the idea of being so closed off to things,” said Chamberlain.

“I would never rule that out,” said Gillespie.

Underøath ‘Define the Great Line’ Tenth Anniversary Won’t Happen

If you were hoping Underøath would reunite following their official disbandment in 2013 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their fifth studio album, Define the Great Line, then we’re sorry to announce that it’s not happening.

At least, not at the moment.

In a recent interview with MindEqualsBlown, former lead vocalist Spencer Chamberlain revealed the news, breaking the hearts of fans who grew up with the album which turns ten in 2016.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ve talked about it, We all talk about it. We talk all the time. But it’s not realistic, like Aaron plays drums in Paramore, I do Sleepwave, Tim owns a merch company, Chris has a full-time job,” said Chamberlain.

But maybe not all hope is lost.

“It’s really if the star aligned. No one is against doing it. I’m still out here doing this. I would take a break for a month to do a full U.S. tour. I think for me, it would have to be a full tour.”

See, hope.

On that “if the star align” note, it appears Chamberlain isn’t the only one with that mentality when it comes to the potential of a Define the Great Line tenth anniversary tour.

During an interview with Alternative Press about the band’s recently released DVD, Tired Violence, guitarist Tim McTague said something very similar about a reunion.

“I don’t think any of us are necessarily opposed, it’s always just [up to] our schedules. None of us left the band hating it; none of us don’t like each other. If anything, we talk about how we all miss it. I think something like that is 100 percent possible.”

And not to be left out, former drummer Aaron Gillespie also said that if there were to be a reunion that he would do it “100 percent. Easily.”

With that being said, it might be time to get all the Underøath fans together and see if they can change the band members’ minds. Or maybe the band is planning it in secret and want to surprise fans come 2016. Who knows.

Taking Back Sunday Frontman to Return


After having to leave the current tour right in the middle because of the abrupt birth of his second child, Taking Back Sunday frontman, Adam Lazzara has confirmed that he will in fact  be returning to the stage at tonight’s show. At the time, the band confirmed that Lazzara would be taking “as much necessary time” to be with his family, but that the band would move forward with the already planned and scheduled shows they had lined up.

While Lazzara was off with his wife and newborn baby, the band has gone ahead and asked former Underoath frontman, Spencer Chamberlain, a friend of the band, to fill in the meantime.

An official statement from Taking Back Sunday regarding Lazzara’s return can be read here:

“We are happy to announce that Adam will rejoin the Fall Tour tomorrow, November 3 at The Fillmore Charlotte. Everyone is in good health and we can’t begin to thank Spencer Chamberlain enough for helping us out. We also want to thank you for being so kind through all of this.

Don’t forget tomorrow’s show includes our friends Anberlin The Maine and Transit! You can get the info for the rest of the tour here: http://www.takingbacksunday.com/tour/

Videos of Chamberlain performing some of Taking Back Sunday’s shows have surfaced as well and can be seen below.

“Set Phasers to Stun”

“You Know How I Do”

“Existentialism on Prom Night” (not a Taking Back Sunday song, we know, but they did perform it with John Nolan taking the lead, of course)

Spencer Chamberlain (ex-Underoath) Filling In for Adam Lazzara


Last week, Taking Back Sunday had to cancel a couple of shows when frontman, Adam Lazzara’s wife went into labor earlier than expected. Due to his quick departure, the band decided just to cancel two of their upcoming shows including Tuesday’s show in Des Moines as well as yesterday’s tour stop in Omaha.

Today, the band announced that they had asked former Underoath frontman, Spencer Chamberlain, to fill in the void on he roster while Lazzara spends “as much necessary time” with his wife and newborn child.

The full statement about Chamberlain filling in can be read below.

“Taking Back Sunday announced today that they will resume their fall tour with the help of former Underoath frontman, Spencer Chamberlain. Spencer will fill in for lead singer Adam Lazzara on an indefinite amount of upcoming tour dates starting with the Melbourne, FL show this Friday, October 25th.

This comes after Adam Lazzara had to leave the tour on Sunday when his wife unexpectedly had an early delivery of their second son. After cancelling a few tour dates, the band has decided to continue the tour with Spencer Chamberlain until Adam can rejoin.

Spencer Chamberlain, a long-time friend of Adam, has willingly stepped up to fill in and give the new father more time to stay in the hospital with his family. Spencer was the frontman of Underoath for 10 years and is currently working on a new project called Sleepwave. The band is excited to have him and look forward to Spencer and John trading lead and backing vocals at the upcoming shows. First up will be the Free FIT Homecoming show this Friday in Spencer’s home state of Florida. You can find more information on Sleepwave at http://www.sleepwavemusic.com.

It is unknown when Adam will return to the tour, but he is so thankful to Spencer and whole-heartedly thanks everyone for all of the support and kind words the family has received.”

Taking Back Sunday are currently on tour and dates can be seen below.


10/25            Melbourne, FL             FIT Homecoming 2013 / Downtown  – Free Show (Support TBA)
10/26            Nashville, TN                Marathon Music Hall
10/27            Birmingham, AL          Iron City
10/29            San Antonio, TX          White Rabbit
10/30            Tulsa, OK                       Cain’s Ballroom
10/31            St. Louis, MO               The Pageant
11/1               Louisville, KY                Expo Five
11/2               Myrtle Beach, SC        HOB (with The Maine, Anberlin and Polar Bear Club)
11/3               Charlotte, NC               The Fillmore (with Anberlin, The Maine and Transit)
11/5               Norfolk, VA                   The Norva
11/6               Baltimore, MD              Rams Head Live
11/7               Long Island, NY            The Emporium