Watch Muse journey to the last movie rental store in ‘Something Human’

It’s been six months since Muse last released a new song, but when you’ve on the road touring nonstop for most of the year, it’s bound to happen. On Thursday (July 19), the United Kingdom-founded band fixed that by unleashed another 80s-tastic music video for their latest single “Something Human.” Described as “one man’s journey to return a VHS before he becomes a werewolf,” the music video pretty much lives up to that description.

The four-and-a-half-minute clip begins with a shot of a city limits sign with the word “infected” scrawled across it in bright red ink while a brightly lit skull sits at the base of the sign. The camera zooms passed the sign to a sports car and frontman Matt Bellamy. The viewer watches as Bellamy stands in the middle of a deserted road wearing what looks to be virtual reality headset as the sun rises in front of him.

The camera shifts to an item on the hood of the car which looks like a cross between a cassette player and VCR. Bellamy removes a VHS from the player (it’s titled “Simulation Theory”) and places it in its case and begins his journey to return the video. Along the way, he encounters some cops  (played by his band mates Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard) who are relentless as they try to catch him.

While he manages to evade them by going into a wormhole, things do not look promising for the singer when the full moon appears and he turns into a werewolf just as he’s about to enter the video store.

“Something Human” was directed by Lance Drake who also directed the videos for both “Dig Down” and “Thought Contagion.” Watch the music video above.

In addition to the new song and its accompanying clip, Muse also announced that their eighth studio album will finally see a release time frame of November of 2018. “Something Human,” “Thought Contagion” and “Dig Down” are expected to appear on the upcoming album. The still-untitled record will be the follow-up to Muse’s 2016 release, Drones.