Hayley Williams announces the release of her solo debut, unleashes its first single

Sorry Paramore fans, but it looks like frontwoman Hayley Williams will be taking a step back from the band for a bit. But there’s some good news; Williams will be releasing her debut solo album later this year!

On Wednesday (Jan. 22), the musician finally confirmed what all the teasers on social media have been about. Taking to the same platform, the songstress revealed plans to unleash her debut studio album in May. Titled Petals for Armor (like all her teasers had stated), the album is due out May 8 through Atlantic Records.

“I’m so ready and so incredibly humbled to get to share this project,” the musician writes in a press statement.

“Making it was a scary, empowering experience. Some of my proudest moments as a lyricist happened while writing PETALS FOR ARMOR. And I was able to get my hands a little dirtier than usual when it came to instrumentation.

She continues: “I’m in a band with my favorite musicians, so I never really feel the need to step into a role as a player when it comes to Paramore records. This project, however, benefited from a little bit of musical naïveté and rawness and so I experimented quite a bit more. I made this with some of the closest people to me. Their respective talents really shine bright throughout the record. I like to think we all make each other better, and the result is something that sounds and FEELS exactly as I’d hoped it would.

Now that it’s time to put it all out there, I can finally exhale. I’m excited to let people in to experience a different side of myself that I’ve only very recently become familiar with.”

To coincide with the new album announcement, Williams released the first single from the album, a track titled “Simmer.” Instead of collaborating with new partners on the original tune, Williams kept things in the “family” by enlisting Paramore bandmate Taylor York to produce “Simmer.”

Because both the new song and studio effort weren’t enough, Williams has also unveiled the music video for “Simmer.”

Watch the Warren Fu-directed clip above.

“Simmer” is Williams’ first new track since the release of Paramore’s last studio album, 2017’s After Laughter.

This isn’t Williams’ first time releasing solo music.  She contributed a song titled “Teenagers” to the “Jennifer’s Body” soundtrack and covered Tegan and Sara’s “Nineteen” for the sisters’ Tegan and Sara present The Con X: Covers album.

Underoath drummer to release new solo album

Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie seems to always be a busy man. If he’s not behind the drum kit for the Florida-based band, then he’s fronting The Almost, or on tour with Paramore as their current drummer. On Wednesday (June 22), the musician announced plans to release a new solo album. The solo record will be titled Out of the Badlands and will feature originals tracks as well as new versions of songs by Underoath and The Almost. Out of the Badlands is set to be released on Aug. 19 and will be the somewhat follow-up to Gillespie’s 2015 solo release, Grace Through the Wandering.

Recently, Gillespie went through a divorce and said that creating this album helped him through the tough time. “This is the healing process, this record, and the making of it pulled me through.” Pre-orders for Out of the Badlands are currently available on Gillespie’s website here. In addition to the pre-orders, you can subscribe to the email list and gain access to a new song titled “Raspberry Layer Cake.” The complete track list and cover art for the record can be seen below.



1. “A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White” (Underoath)
2. “Can’t Make You Love Me”
3. “No I Don’t” (The Almost)
4. “Raspberry Layer Cake”
5. “Reinventing Your Exit” (Underoath)
6. “Say This Sooner” (The Almost)
7. “Southern Weather” (The Almost)
8. “Where the Streets Have No Name”
9. “The Fox”
10. “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”

Stream Josh Farro’s Solo Debut Record


Last year, former Paramore founder, Josh Farro had revealed that he would be releasing his first solo album under the moniker, Farro. At the time, he released the lead single off the impending record, “Cliffs.” A month after that, he released the second single off of Walkways, “On a Wire.” With a little under a day left until the official release of the new album, he’s letting his followers listen to the complete debut early.

Premiering exclusively on Billboard, the musician spoke to the music publication about the record and how it has been a longtime coming. “It’s been a long time coming, but the day is finally here,” Farro said. “Walkways is a great representation of the musical journey I’ve been on over the last year.”

Listen to the new album below.

Since the Farro brothers left Paramore in 2010, the two have worked on several projects, but sadly, nothing seemed to stick. But now, six years later, it looks like Farro is here to stay. During the sit down, he also revealed just how this idea came t be.

“I started to do the album with an engineer friend of mine, but I really wanted to do it with a producer. I was randomly introduced to Jacquire King. He was on board, and next thing you know, we’re doing pre-production [in 2014]… I signed on with new management and once I had the album done with Jacquire, we started strategizing. We decided it was missing a few strong — I guess you could call them singles. I started writing again and I was really pleased with what I came up with.”

Walkways is set to be released on Friday, Feb. 5. Even though there has been no confirmation of a tour, it sounds like one might be on the horizon.

Chris Walla (ex-Death Cab for Cutie) to Release Solo Album

Former Death Cab for Cutie multi-instrumentalist/producer, Chris Walla announced his departure from the indie band last August. Now, a year after officially leaving the group following a final show at Rifflandia, Walla has returned to the music world. Today, the musician unveiled that he will be releasing his own solo album next month.

The record is titled Tape Loops and slated to be released on Oct. 16 through his own record label, Trans Records. But, if you aren’t a fan of instrumental music, then you might not dig his album since it’s reportedly all instrumental; no vocals. Listen to the first “single” off of the upcoming coming record, a track titled “Kantas Theme,” below.

Back when Walla announced he would be leaving the band he had been a part of for 17 years, the typical rumors of animosity among the members began to surface. Quickly, the rumors were squashed when he wrote a blog post where he admitted that leaving was one of the hardest decisions he ever had to make.

“Deciding to leave the band was not and is not, easy,” he wrote. “It’s really, really sad. I love my bandmates and I’m proud of what we’ve done and mercifully, those things don’t change with my departure. Moving forward, my plans are simply to continue making music, producing records, and erring on the side of benevolence and beauty whenever possible. Darkness may find me, but I shall never choose it.”

In a recent interview with Tegan and Sara’s Sara Quin, Walla’s sentiments for his bandmates are still the same as back in 2014.

“Those guys, they are my brothers. We haven’t spoken a lot, but it doesn’t change the fact that I love them dearly and I hope it all continues to go well. I hope that those relationships can be new again someday, and strong again, in a way that is probably very different from how they were, but not fraught.”

Bayside Frontman Releases Video for New Solo Single

Photo courtesy of Secret Service PR

Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri revealed last month he had officially signed to Hopeless Records and would be releasing a brand new solo album later this Summer.

The singer has now released the music video for the first single off the impending record which also happens to be the title track of the album, “Sorry State of Mind.”

The video is really adorable and unique, with the song showcasing a different side of Raneri’s music with the track having a tinge of country to it.

“I have always felt that a good song is a good song whether it’s dressed up like a country song, punk rock song or show tune,” says Raneri about his music.

“That’s what I’ve done with Bayside for years. Take different styles of music and dress them up as punk rock. A lot of Bayside songs started out sounding more like show tunes and folk songs and we put a different spin on them. With the solo music, I let the songs stay where they originate.”

Check out the music video for “Sorry State of Mind.”

Sorry State of Mind will be released on June 30. In support of the new album, Raneri will be hitting the road this Summer with New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert and his side project, What’s Eating Gilbert.

Full tour dates can be seen below.


July 9 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade – Purgatory
July 10 – Ybor City, FL @ Crowbar
July 11 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
July 12 – Jacksonville, FL @ 904 Music Hall
July 13 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle-Back Room
July 14 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle-Back Room
July 15 – Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java
July 16 – Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
July 17 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes
July 18 – New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
July 19 – Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair
July 21 – Cleveland Heights, OH @ Grog Shop
July 23 – Detroit, MI @ The Shelter
July 24 – Chicago, IL @ Double Door
July 25 – St. Louis, MO @ The Demo
July 26 – Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar

Listen to Nate Ruess Wonder “What This World is Coming To”


It feels like it’s been a while since Nate Ruess released a new song from his impending solo record.

The fun. frontman remedied that problem this weekend when he released a new song titled “What This World Is Coming To.”

The song which also features Beck (yes, that Beck) finds both men singing about the things that are happening in the world and just guessing that this is the outcome. Kind of sad, if you think about it.

Ruess opened up recently in an interview about what it was like to work with the Beck and how he felt like a “mere mortal.”

“Working with, and getting a chance to learn from Beck has been an incredible experience. Not only does he put more studio time in than anyone I know, his back catalog of musical references is unattainable to us mere mortals. I’d let it slide — but he also happens to be a wonderful person and family man to boot. Did I mention his guitar chops? Here’s hoping we get another chance to work together soon. I won’t act like I’m texting while I’m nervously filming him shred.”

Listen to the song below which joins previously released tracks, “Nothing Without Love,” “AhHa,” and “Great Big Storm” on Grand Romantics.

Pre-sales for Grand Romantic have officially hit both iTunes and Amazon. The record is due out on June 16 through Fueled by Ramen.

For now, check out the complete track list for the record.


1) Grand Romantic (Intro)
2) AhHa
3) Nothing Without Love
4) Take It Back
5) You Light My Fire
6) What This World Is Coming To (feat. Beck)
7) Great Big Storm
8) Moment
9) It Only Gets Much Worse
10) Grand Romantic
11) Harsh Light
12) Brightside

Watch Tom DeLonge Destroy Things in “New World” Video


A month after releasing the lead single from his upcoming solo album, Tom DeLonge has given fans the official music video for “New World.”

The video begins with DeLonge sitting in what appears to be a rehearsal space with a drum kit, a guitars, and a piano in the room. Soon after, we see him get up and start destroying the space with his guitar. Good-bye goes everything including the drums, the piano, the television, lamps; you name it, he destroys it. Soon, there’s nothing on the floor but rumble.

In between shots of him destroying the space, we see him walking down the street, and even into a grocery store, with the broken up guitar put back together with black electrical tape. Best part was seeing him pushing a grocery cart with the guitar just sitting there like a child.

Watch the video below.

“New World” will be featured on DeLonge’s To the Stars: Demos, Odds, and Ends record due out later this month alongside previously released track, “The Invisible Parade.” With a few weeks left until its official released date (April 20), DeLonge still has one more song pending release, as he promise back at the beginning of March.

Gerard Way Reveals More Info About ‘Hesitant Alien’


At this point, most fans of My Chemical Romance have come to grips with the fact that any hopes of reunions or one-offs are finished.

With all members going their separate ways, musically, these hopes are ling gone.

Over the last couple of months, former MCR frontman, Gerard Way had revealed that not only would he be releasing a solo album, but that he had been signed to his former band’s label, Warner Bros. Records. But, the news of the new music did not stop there.

Taking to social media, the singer released the first single from the record, “Action Cat,” as well as the name of the upcoming release which was titled, Hesitant Alien.

“I wanted to make the small things sound big,” Way said in a press release. “My intention was to make 100 percent uncompromised art, using the currently least radio-friendly instrument: the guitar. I knew there would be lots of fuzz pedals. I knew I would play Fender instruments. I knew I would look at who my guitar heroes were in art school, Mary Timony and Carrie Brownstein, and I drew a lot of influence from shoegaze and Brit-pop. I want the record to sonically galvanize people.”

Earlier this month, Way spoke with NME about the album before it was given its title, Hesitant Alien. In the interview he revealed that he was inspired by “struggle, beginnings, finding a newness in the mundane and the abstract.”

“I looked to the Britpop poets like Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn, drawing upon everyday life,” explained Way. “I also experimented with the abstract, and looked at Frank Black’s work both with the Pixies, and as a solo artist. There was no concept and no call-to-arms.”

Hesitant Alien will officially be released on September 30.

The album will be available for pre-order at retailers beginning Tuesday, August 19th while exclusive bundles can be purchased over at Way’s website.

For those opting for the pre-order, and instant download of new track, “No Shows” will come with that.

But when you already made a name for yourself as the lead singer of one of the biggest bands of the 2000’s how exactly do you make your debut?

At Reading and Leeds, of course.

Way will be debuting his new material during his first solo shows at Reading on August 22 and Leeds on August 23.


1. “Bureau”
2. “Action Cat”
3. “No Shows”
4. “Casting Shows”
5. “Millionaire”
6. “Zero Zero”
7. “Juarez”
8. “Drugstore Perfume”
9. “Get the Gang Together’
10. “How It’s Going to Be”
11. “Maya the Psychic”

Karen O. to Release Solo Album


Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman, Karen O has revealed that she will be releasing her first solo album later this year through The Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas’ record label, Cult Records.

The album, which has been titled Crush Songs shows the songstress getting away from her band, though this would not be the first time that the show had been solely about her.

In the past, O. had contributed to several film soundtracks including Where the Wild Things Are and “The Moon Song” which was featured in the Scarlett Johansson/Joaquin Phoenix film Her; both films were directed by her former flame, Spike Jonze.

There was also that cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigration Song” which she sang with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack and her contribution to Tim Burton’s Frankenstein-inspired film, Frankenweenie (a song titled “Strange Love”).

In a handwritten letter addressed to her fans and potential listeners on her website, O. reveals that the songs had been written when she was 27 years old, a time where she didn’t know if she would ever fall in love, again.


Fast-forward eight years later, she’s now 35 years old and, in fact, did fall in love again, marrying director Barnaby Clay.

Crush Songs will reportedly be released on September 9. We can only hope that a tour might be in the near future. Maybe she’ll be able to get Casablancas to leave his stomping grounds of New York and California.

Gerard Way Signs to Warner Bros. As Solo Artist


Considering the fact that My Chemical Romance called it a day over a year ago and just recently released their greatest hits album, we’ve been hearing a lot about them. Bassist Mikey Way went to front electro-pop-band Electric Century, guitarist Frank Iero has his own projects, recently released an EP titled For Jamia…for Record Store Day while other guitarist, Ray Toro had posted pictures from inside a studio, leading us all to believe that he has his own project up his sleeve.

The only one that had a been a little hushed has been frontman Gerard Way, who last we checked was working on his comics and went back to his first love, art. Today, it was revealed not only did Way work on a new song with Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine which coincidentally was released this morning, but he will also be releasing a solo album through the band’s former record label, Warner Bros.

In a blog post, he revealed the news as well as some snippets of tracks that he had been working on during his down time.

“I am pleased to let you know I am now signed as a solo artist Warner Bros Records. My album is near completion, and you should expect to hear things in the near future, even today actually- with a brief snippet of what is to come. I am excited. It’s starting again-”

You can check out the full blog post here while the newly released song with Devine can be heard here.

This isn’t the first time that Way had worked with someone outside of the genre that helped make his band a household name. A few years back, he collaborate with DJ Deadmau5 for a track titled, “Professional Griefers.”

So what do we think about Way doing his own solo thing, even though all the other My Chemical Romance members have been doing their own thing for a while longer?