Faith No More to Stream Upcoming Concert

Faith No More Tickets

Faith No More have announced that they are teaming up with Yahoo! and Live Nation to broadcast one of their upcoming tour dates.

Tomorrow evening (May 8), Yahoo! will exclusively be streaming the band’s show at The Fillmore in Detroit beginning at 9:15 p.m. EDT.

This tour comes as a massive gift to fans in the United States who have been waiting years for this to happen. Since 2009 when the band reunited, they have not toured any U.S. cities. According to keyboardist Roddy Bottum, the U.S. was not exactly a high priority tour destination for them, so they toured elsewhere instead.

“We didn’t really care to do America, it wasn’t a big priority for us,” said Bottum.

“We wanted to do shows that made us happy and go to places that we wanted to go, and none of us had any desire to travel across America.”

While we feel like that’s kind of a burn, its nice to know that they changed their mind and have decided to tour the U.S. for some Spring stops with Le Butcherettes and then once again in late July with the newly reunited Refused.

Tour dates and tickets can be found here.

Faith No More also announced they would be releasing a brand new album, the first in over a decade on May 19. The album will be titled Sol Invictus and is set to be released through Ipecac Recordings.