Simple Plan are Done with the “Opinion Overload”

With all the mixed reactions Simple Plan’s new songs have garnered over the past couple of months, it’s good to finally have a track that is very reminiscent of their early work. On Friday (Feb. 5), the Canadian band dropped another new song from their upcoming new album, Taking One for the Team. The new song is titled “Opinion Overload,” the same song the group has been teasing on social media for the past week.

Then, at midnight, they released the official music video for the track. The new music video shows the band performing in front of an audience in a packed night club. For those who have been keeping an eye on the band’s recently released music videos, it kind of looks like it could be a continuation “BOOM!” Check out the music video for “Opinion Overload” below and try not to feel like you’re at a Simple Plan show.

“Opinion Overload” is the latest single off of Taking One for the Team. The new track will join “BOOM!,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad,” and “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” on the band’s upcoming, fifth studio album.

Taking One for the Team is set to be released on Feb. 19 through Atlantic Records. For those who pre-order the album now, they will receive instant downloads of all the singles, including “Opinion Overload.” In support of the new record, the five-piece will be hitting the road this spring for the “Taking One for the Team World Tour.” The current list of stops can be seen here.

Former Flyleaf Vocalist Debuts First Solo Single


It’s been nearly three years since Lacey Strum left Flyleaf; the group she helped launch with her vocals on tracks such as “So Sick” and “Fully Alive.” After teasing earlier this year that she would be returning to music after a slight break, the singer is back with her new single. Heading over to SiriusXM, Strum debuted the song which is titled “Impossible.”

While speaking with Sirius about the new song, she revealed just how the track was chosen as the lead single. “We chose it [as the first single] because we just really felt like it embodied where we’re at right now and all of the excitement and urgency that we feel for what we are about to enter into. It’s heavy, it’s genuine, it’s full of hope, and it’s just who we are. I love it.”

“Impossible” can be heard over at SiriusXM’s website here or on Sirius’ Octane channel (channel 37  for those who are subscribe to the satellite radio service) which will be playing the song every three hours throughout the week.

“Impossible” will be available for purchase beginning next Monday, Nov. 9 on all digital media platforms. As for Strum’s upcoming album Life Screams, the record is set to be released in early 2016.

Simple Plan Release “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” Video

A few months back, the guys from Simple Plan had posted pictures on social media from what appeared to be a beach. At the time, they had simply informed fans that it was their office for the time being. Fast forward a few months and as it turns out, the beach was in fact their office. On Friday morning, the Canadian band dropped the music video for their latest single, “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” which features said “office” from a few months back.

The video finds the five-piece getting in touch with their inner Baywatch characters as they slip on the iconic reddish/orange bathing suits. Throughout the video, we see the guys running up and down the beach (guitarist Sébastien Lefebvre destroys a little kid’s sandcastle in the process), flirting with the bikini-clad girls, and even trying to save a beach-goer from drowning by giving them some CPR.

Check out the music video for “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” below which also features Nelly (yes, Nelly of “Hot in Herre” fame). Also, keep an eye out at the end of the music video because there’s a “special guest” that makes an appearance.

“I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed” is the latest single off of Simple Plans impending new record. As of now, there still isn’t any word on what the album’s official title is going to be, but at this rate we feel like they’re going to name it #SPAlbum5 and call it a day. “I Don’t Wanna Go to Be” will join previously released tracks “Saturday,” “BOOM,” and “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” on the upcoming album.

Simple Plan “Don’t Wanna Be Sad” on New Track

A little under a month after they released their musician friends-filled music video for “Boom,” Simple Plan has now released another new song from their upcoming, yet-to-be-titled new record. Over the weekend, the Canadian band dropped the third song from the impending release; a track titled “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad.” Very much like their recent releases, the song leans a lot on the poppier side of the pop-punk spectrum though it seems to take some cues from pop songs from the ’50s and ’60s and jazz.

Listen to “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad Anymore” below.

“I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” will join “Boom” and their lukewarm lead single, “Saturday.” At the current time, Simple Plan has not confirmed anything about the new record, with the exception of the three songs being featured on it. Like all their previous emails to fans, they do encourage them to follow the band, and their members, on social media to keep up to date with information about the new record.

For anyone liking the new song,”I Don’t Wanna Be Sad” is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

All Time Low are “Kids in the Dark” on New Song

After teasing a new song over the weekend on Twitter, All Time Low have dropped a second new song from their upcoming new album, Future Hearts.

The new song, which was revealed during the teasers online is titled “Kids in the Dark.”

Check out the song on iTunes or here while the band participate in a “Twitter Listening Party” with their followers.

“Kids in the Dark” joins previous single, “Something’s Gotta Give” on Future Hearts. The new album, the Baltimore based band’s sixth studio album, is due out on April 7 through Hopeless Records.

In support of the album, All Time Low will be heading out on their Future Hearts tour which is slated to begin on April 15 in Lowell, MA at The Tsongas Center. The tour will then wrap up in the boys’ hometown of Baltimore on May 24 at the Pier Six Pavilion. Tickets for that tour are currently available on the band’s website alongside the album pre-orders.

Modest Mouse Reschedule Album Release Date, Drop New Song


Modest Mouse fans, rejoice!

The band have released another new song from their highly anticipated new album, Strangers to Ourselves.

But with the good news, the band sadly had to reveal some bad news about the album. Instead of being released in early March, like they had previously announced, the new album’s released date has now been pushed back two weeks.

Instead of being released on March 3, Strangers to Ourselves will now be released on March 17 through epic records. Considering some fans have been waiting eight years for a new album, what’s another two weeks, right? Plus, that will also be the day they are scheduled to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

To soften the blow of the news, the indie band have released their third single from the upcoming new record, a song titled “The Best Song” which can be heard below. Previously, they debuted lead single “Lampshade on Fire” on the radio and released their second single, “Coyotes” with a cute video of a coyote riding a train.


1. “Strangers to Ourselves”
2. “Lampshades on Fire”
3. “Shit in Your Cut”
4. “Pistol (A. Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996)”
5. “Ansel”
6. “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”
7. “Coyotes”
8. “Pups to Dust”
9. “Sugar Boats”
10. “Wicked Campaign”
11. “Be Brave”
12. “God is an Indian and You’re an Asshole”
13. “The Tortoise and the Tourist”
14. “The Best Room”
15. “Of Course We Know”

Karen O. Makes You Miss the Summertime with “Day Go By” Video

It’s been a couple of months since Karen O. finally released her solo album, Crush Songs, and now we have the official first music video from the album.

The video which is a short film of young love in Summertime is for O.’s lead single “Day Go By.” With images of being at the pool, riding a motorcycle, climbing gates, and making out, it makes you yearn for those warm Summer days of your youth (if you aren’t one, of course).

Check out the music video below.

A few months ago, the songstress announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the band she has fronted for as long as we can remember, had decided to go on a bit of a hiatus.

But don’t think it’s the end of the band.

She reassured fans that it’s just a break and once they decided to reunite, it will be like nothing has changed.

Completely reassured.

Listen to All Time Low’s “Something’s Gotta Give”


Last night, a snippet of All Time Low’s newest single “Something’s Gotta Give” made its way onto the internet and now the official full track has debuted.

Listen to the full song, below.

“Something’s Gotta Give” is the lead single off of All Time Low’s upcoming new album, Future Hearts. As of now, we only have a projected release month of March.

In support of that, the guys recently confirmed in their Alternative Press cover story that they will be heading out on a major tour this Spring, even though the North American dates are currently being held under lock and key.

C’mon guys, something’s gotta give.

“Baby Don’t Lie,” Gwen Stefani Has a New Song Out


It feels like ages since Gwen Stefani has released any new music, but the No Doubt frontwoman has returned with a new track.

After months of hinting at new music and that mega-producer and fellow The Voice judge Pharrell Williams would be producing her new record, the first single has been unleashed.

The song, which is titled “Baby Don’t Lie” is catchy, much like her previous albums without being too “juvenile.”

Instead of being a full-blown, overproduced, dance floor tune, the track seems to take those elements mix it together with some maturity and there you have it. With that being said, it feels like the opposite of what “Hollaback Girl” was, but then again, that was eight long years ago.

Check out the catchy song below.

“Baby Don’t Lie” which was co-written by OneRepublic maverick Ryan Tedder, will of course appear on Stefani’s third solo album which is expect to be released before the end of 2014.

As of now, no official title has been given for the upcoming record, though we assume with a release time frame of 2014, we’ll be getting the album title any day now.

Fall Out Boy Unleash “Centuries”


It felt like history was repeating itself when Fall Out Boy announced plans to release a new song only to be outdone by their fans who spread the word faster than a fire on social media after a music video shoot.

But, it didn’t matter how clever the fans were, because the band managed to hold the song in secret until its scheduled debut today on DJ Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show.

“Centuries” is set to be the band’s lead single from that upcoming record which is currently in the works.

Listen to the song below.

“Centuries”  currently on sale for those in North America, while the track will be available worldwide beginning at midnight.

Though talk about a new album has been minimal, there was a recent interview with bassist Pete Wentz hinted that their sixth studio album is in the works. “We’re writing, finishing out the album cycle in South Africa in September.” When the record is finally released, it will be through Island/DCD2.