ONE OK ROCK joins Fueled by Ramen lineup

The guys from ONE OK ROCK have already made a name for themselves in their home country of Japan, so what is a band to do once they’ve conquered the music scene in their home country? Easy. sign with a record label in the United States and try to conquer that music scene too. On Monday (Sept. 12), it was announced that the Japanese band has officially signed with Fueled by Ramen.

In addition to signing with the Florida-founded record label, it was also confirmed that they will be releasing their first English-language album in early 2017. While the name of the record and the official release date have not been announced, FBR has confirmed that the lead single from the album will be titled “Taking Off” and is set to premiere on Friday, Sept. 16.

“I’m proud to welcome ONE OK ROCK to the Fueled By Ramen family,” Fueled By Ramen president, Mike Easterlin, said in a press release. “Their monumental rise in Japan has been thrilling to watch and we look forward to launching the next chapter of their career here in the US and around the globe.”

Prior to signing with Fueled by Ramen, ONE OK ROCK had toured with several bands including All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, and Issues. By joining the Fueled by Ramen family, the group will be in good company counting bands like Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, 3OH!3, The Front Bottoms, and Young the Giant as fellow label mates.

Heavy Metal Eighth Graders Sign to Sony


Remember in your middle school days when you and your friends formed a crappy garage band just for the fun and imagining getting signed to a record label?

Well, it looks like some middle school garage band is living the dream, Over the weekend, news broke about Sony Records signing a heavy metal band made of 8th graders. The best part? The fact that they will reportedly make $1.7 million off of this signing.

The group which is named Unlocking the Truth is made up of three Brooklyn kids, who haven’t even begun puberty yet. Bassist Alec Atkins and guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse are 13 years old while drummer Jarad Dawkins is 12 years old. When we were 12 years old, we were trying to stop sniffing glue.

The trio got their start performing around Time Square which led to their big break with Sony signing them for a guaranteed two albums with the option to go forward with four more. The deal secures $60,000 up-front for the hardcore teens/tween first LP with a possible $350,000 advance for their second record.

If they chose to go forward with the six albums, Sony is willing to shell out the reported $1.7 million. Since the boys are completely underaged, the Manhattan Supreme Court had to approve the deal, which they did (of course).

According to the NY Daily News, the group was discovered in 2012 by Steve Jordan, Eric Clapton’s drummer while they were performing in Washington Square Park. This, reportedly, led to them opening for Guns ‘N’ Roses, a gig with Queens of the Stone Age next weekend, an opening slot on Coachella’s main stage and even a spot on the Vans Warped Tour.

Dawkins’ mother revealed that the trio also have a book deal from Penguin and will be filming a documentary about their rise.