Smashing Pumpkins, Live Nation tease major news for Thursday

While there seems to be a lot of drama going on behind the scene at camp Smashing Pumpkins, there does seem to be some major good news for fans coming soon. On Wednesday (Feb. 14), Live Nation posted a short, 30-second clip on their social media accounts, igniting speculation that the iconic 90s band will be hitting the road soon.

The short clip follows an ice cream truck, very similar to the one from the “Today” music video, as it goes around town. In between shots of the ice cream truck and the ice cream man traveling around the city, there are shots of the outside truck where lyrics from some of the Smashing Pumpkins songs are displayed. Throughout the clip, the ice cream man is seen handing out envelopes instead of ice cream to those eager ice cream lovers. The video ends with the screen going black and the Smashing Pumpkins’ website link appearing on the screen.

Similarly, the band posted the same video on Monday. Then, on Tuesday, they posted an image with the lyrics “disarm you with a smile” from “Disarm.” On Wednesday, they followed suit by posting another image with the lyrics “today is the greatest day I’ve ever know” from “Today.” Accompanying the most recent post, the band’s Instagram caption read: “Back on the Road…NYC x CHI x LA.”

In a not-so-much-a-coincidence twist, the band’s album, Siamese Dream with contains  both “Disarm” and “Today,” will turn 25 in the summer.