Black Key’s Frontman and the Bob Dylan Hair


Just when you thought that divorces couldn’t get any messier or crazier for that matter, we find out that Bob Dylan’s hair is some how involved in one of the most recent crazy divorces to hit the music world.

Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach and his ex-wife have been in the middle of an extremely bitter divorce and today the settlements have been reached.  In  the settlement documents that TMZ managed to obtain, like they always do, there was something intriguing in the list of things that Auerbach’a ex-wife, Stephanie Gonis would get.

“Bob Dylan’s Hair”

According to the settlement, the couple owned an asset that was simply label that. How the couple managed to obtain a lock of Dylan’s hair, even if it’s real or not, we are not sure and might not really want to know. Aside from the hair, Gonis managed to also get a couple of boring things like a 2012 Toyota Highlander, one of the family homes and about $5 million.

One thing that Gonis did not get though, was custody of the couple’s daughter. Earlier this month, Auerbach revealed that his ex-wife had tried to commit suicide twice in one day; first by gashing open her leg and ankles in front of their daughter and then by trying to burn down their house.

Gonis did go on the defense after the accusations saying that the “gash incident” was due to year of abuse during their marriage and that the burning down the house incident was nothing more than an accident.

Let’s just hope that Gonis and her newly acquired creepy memorabilia are a lot happier together than she and the frontman were int heir marriage.

obtained documents where Auerbach claimed that Gonis had attempted to commit suicide twice in one day which led to the Auerbach gaining full custody of the couple’s daughter.