Former As I Lay Dying Frontman Sentence


After the circus that has become Tim Lambesis’ trial for hiring a hit man to kill his wife, the former frontman was finally sentenced. Lambesis has been sentence to six years in prison in a San Diego Superior Courtroom for attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife, Meggan, while he had custody of the couple’s three children. Reportedly, the verdict was handed down while Lambesis’ former bandmates, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert looked on as well as more than a dozen supporters on Meggan’s behalf who showed up with small yellow felt hearts pinned to their shirts.

Meggan, as well as her parents, spoke to the court. Her father Mike, spoke about what an inspiration his daughter is to people, but how at the same time, the family still fears that there could still be an assassination hit on them, “We know that prison is a great alibi for someone who wants to complete the deed.” Meggan’s mother called out her former son-in-law by saying that her daughter “was a mere inconvenience to this narcissistic child.”

Defense attorney Tom Warwick attempted to ask for leniency, but was quickly declined. When Warwick returned to the floor to speak, he attempted to place the blame on the person who supplied his client with steroids. The judge, once again shot down his claim by pointing out that other men who had used steroids did not end up plotting their wives’ murder and that it was a “flaw of character” and “something twisted inside a character” which would lead to these types of thoughts. 

The final sentence at the end of the day was six years in prison with 48 days credit for custody already served. The judge also confirmed Meggan and the children would receive 10 years’ protection. Meanwhile, Lambesis is due back in court for a civil suit that was filed by Meggan; she is suing the singer for $2 million.

Following the sentencing announcement, Alternative Press released an in-depth interview with Lambesis which is worth a read in our opinion.

Former As I Lay Dying Guitarist Releases Statement About Frontman’s Sentencing


Ever since former As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrest last year for the attempted murder of his wife Meggan, we have been informing you on what has been happening. From his initial arrest and first court hearing, to his sentencing last Friday and his one-on-one interview with Alternative Press’ Ryan J. Downey , which should be read, Lambesis’ trial has been one that the music world has been watching unfold.

But for anyone who felt a sliver of sympathy for the vocalist after reading the in-depth interview he gave before his sentencing, there is one person who does not feel anything for Lambesis and that person used to be one of his bandmates.

Former As I Lay Dying guitarist and current Wovenwar guitarist Nick Hipa has finally spoken out against his bandmate and he’s not at all sympathetic for him saying in his statement that he told Lambesis himself that his support would be with the victim, not the criminal.

Hipa, along with fellow bandmates Jordon Mancino and Phil Sgrosso sat in last Friday at the trial to watch as the verdict was read. The former bandmates sat along Meggan’s family and supporters as Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison.

Read the full statement below.

“Last Friday I sat in a courtroom to support a friend. For the better part of a decade our professional and personal lives were woven in a relationship akin to family. As if family, the intention of my attendance was to publicly acknowledge the deep care and compassion I hold for this individual.

I watched as she searched for the strength to behold her transgressor for the first time in over a year since learning of his plot to have her murdered. I listened to her describe the love she once possessed for this man whom she adored, trusted, and depended on as her husband. I followed along as she detailed his abandonment of her and her children; a betrayal he failed to own but opted to blame on a lost sense of morality. This excuse became further excused by a defense that drug abuse had clouded his judgement. 

She attempted to rebuild a life with three young children apart from a man who viewed them as disposable. The strength and resilience of these children—whom she saved from abandonment, poverty, and certain early death—were being further challenged by this domestic unravelling. Her desire was to give them love and stability, his response was to have her executed.

I observed his defense acknowledge the crime but defend it once again with the argument that steroids created mental instability. I followed as the prosecution reminded the court of an intricately calculated series of actions occurring over the course of many weeks. A scheme which involved using her children to secure gate codes for a would be assassin, and his plans for their further exploitation as an alibi; a plot indicative of careful premeditation over momentary mindlessness. 

I watched as a Judge highlighted how many men use steroids but do not plot to murder innocent women, and for someone to move towards such action reveals something twisted within their character. He continued to point out that a willingness to involve children in such matters is deeply disturbing and reprehensible as well.

The accounts I interpreted within this courtroom were details of people and a past that I had known and observed first hand. All and everything was as I knew it to be.

I share this in response to an interview between Tim Lambesis and Ryan J. Downey that was released on moments after this women and her family were given their closure. Behind the facade of a penitent man with renewed outlook, restored faith, and apparent remorse is a fairly appalling agenda to further damage the lives and reputations of his non-supporters. It is the continued defense of behavior that leveled every facet of an innocent woman’s being and traumatized children who have already persevered through the actual pain of an orphan’s life. 

There is no contrition in his pseudo-philosophical jargon, and the verbalized assessment of his relationship with myself and former bandmates is absolute slander. I had spoken with him directly and in length of how 100% of my heart, love, and loyalty was being directed in support towards his victims. These victims being people I had opened my heart to as family for many years and whom I pray will find healing from his deep abuse. In complete disregard for the truth as I’m certain he understands it, he opted to fabricate motives that describe us abandoning him as a callous business decision. 
The intent of his defamation is to create an air of sympathy and support under the false pretense of a forthcoming tell-all. Unfortunately this has worked to a degree, as many strangers have put effort into projecting hatred towards those of us who chose to defend the guiltless subjects of his crimes. 

It is regrettable that he utilized this platform as a means to justify his conduct. The prosecution of this case profiled him as a sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation. For those of us who truly know the man for who he is, it’s shameful that in spite of all he is still as he ever was and just as they say. 

For Jordan, Phil, Josh, and myself, we’ll continue to carry on knowing we behaved honorably, lovingly, and loyally to the individuals who truly needed it.”

Former Lostprophets Frontman Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison


UPDATE: Watkins is now being investigated by other police forces in the US and in Germany.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle, the Senior Investigation Officer on the case revealed this piece of information.

“In the last few weeks we have received further information that will now be looked at by the investigation team,” he said. “There are also investigations being conducted by other police forces around the world including Germany and the United States.

“We would encourage anyone who has been affected by this case or other cases of child abuse to contact South Wales Police on 029 20634184 or the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000.”

Former Lostprophets frontman, Ian Watkins has officially been sentenced.

In case you haven’t been informed about what is going on with the singer, he plead guilty a couple of weeks ago to attempting to rape a one-year-old girl, and several other sex offenses that shocked his fanbase.

Watkins has been sentenced to 29 years in prison for crimes of child abuse as well as “an extended license of six years” making his grand total of time to serve, 35 years in jail.

While in court on November 26, he plead guilty to all counts against him, but during a conversation with a friend from prison, he revealed that he had no remorse for what he had done.

During one call, he claimed he wanted to release a statement after he was sentenced saying, “It was megalolz, I don’t know what everyone is getting so freaked out about.”

In another phone call, he said “there was no medical evidence” and “nobody was harmed”, adding: “I’m not a pedophile, I’m not. You know I pleaded guilty just to avoid a trial, not realizing ‘Hang on, that makes me look a bit guilty’ but I would never harm anybody.” Asked whether he still thought the case was “megalolz,” he replied, “No, it’s just lols now.”

After the phone calls were brought to light, his defense attorney, QC Sally O’Neill said that the singer wanted to apologies for his behavior. “He does wish, for what it’s worth, to say he is very, very sorry for what’s happened and still finds it hard to accept but realizes the reality of what has happened.”

His defense team argued that his sentence should be mitigated by the fact that he had pleaded guilty and thus avoided a trial. They also said that his use of alcohol and drugs meant he was not able to remember all of his actions, and that he had “no recollections” of the allegations of child abuse in the case.

Speaking in court, the judge on the case told Watkins, “You are a sexual predator. You are dangerous. The public, and in particular young females and children, need protection from you.” He added, “I am satisfied that you are a deeply corrupting influence. You are highly manipulative.”

Watkins’ sentencing was a long time coming. Originally, the former frontman had pleaded not guilty to all counts against him. Then last month, he entered a guilty plea on three counts of sexual assault involving children, six counts relating to child pornography, and one count of possessing “extreme” animal pornography, but pleaded not guilty to rape.