A Day to Remember Set Release Date for New Album


Even though A Day to Remember are still knee-deep in the never-ending legal battle with their record label, Victory Records, it looks like the legal dispute will no longer be getting in the way of their new album.

The band announced earlier today, the official release date for their new, self-released album, Common Courtesy. Due to the legal issues between them and Victory, the band have had to keep pushing back the released date, but it looks like that would no longer be playing a factor.

On October 4, the band came out on top, when the judge preceding over the case ruled in the band’s favor.

As for the legal battle between the two entities, it doesn’t look like things are getting better. When Alternative Press released their newest edition of the music magazine, there was a Q&A with Victory Records about the who fiasco. Originally, A Day to Remember were contractually obligated to give the record label a total of five albums, but when they claimed that they had already done so, ┬áthe record label decided to go after them for breach of contract. Ever since then, the future of music for them had been shaky.

Instead of taking a full law course in what is currently going on between both sides, fans could just rest assure that their beloved, new album will be coming out on October 8 with no Victory Record strings attached.

Watch below the statement straight from the band on the matter.

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