Seattle Radio Station Gets World Exclusive of ‘Gale Song’


Yesterday, we were all given the new of all the artists that would be featured on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. Musicians from different areas of the music world had been confirmed from big, arena selling acts such as Coldplay and Christian Aguilera on one side whole others are up-and-comers such a Lorde and Imagine Dragons.

Today, a Seattle radio station gave listeners a little treat when they posted an excerpt of The Lumineers’ contribution, “Gale Song.” The band, who had let the station do live broadcast of their set at Marymoor Park last Saturday, played the song during an encore during the show and at the time it had been unknown what it was.

The stations at first thought that it would be featured on their new album, but then it was revealed that the song was the one that would make its way on the Catching Fire soundtrack.

The song sticks to their folksy, slow feel which then leads to an emotional peak and then back to where it all began. While the song at the stations website is a live version of it, the official studio version will be released on November 19, when the soundtrack drops.

For now, head on over to 107.7 The End’s website and listen to the song or watch the video here: