Ice Nine Kills go back to Craven Lane on ‘Your Number’s Up’

“Do you like scary movies?”

If your answer is no, then are you even a real Ice Nine Kills fan?

We’re sorry, but we digress.

On Friday (Oct. 18), the Massachusetts-founded band unleashed their brand new track “Your Number’s Up.” The song is the long-awaited “Scream”-inspired tune the group has been teasing for some time.

The lyric video begins with a news broadcast with the anchor recounting the story of a cold case that was heated up after a recording was found. The clip goes on to feature a recorder playing the audio (aka the song) as the transcript (aka the lyrics) of the conversation displays on the screen.

Now for all of you keeping score on how all the Silver Scream videos are connected, we’ve got you covered.

On the lower-left corner of the screen, a breaking news graphic shows a bulletin about seven campers found at a Texas Campground. If that rings a bell, it’s because it’s the premise of the “Thank God It’s Friday” music video; the same video that was teased at the end of acoustic “Stabbing in the Dark” clip earlier this month.

You see. It’s all connected and not just by Spencer being the killer.

In true Ice Nine Kills fashion, it’s quite a theatrical track with orchestration by Francesco Ferrin and guest vocals by Sarah J. Bartholomew.

Watch the lyric video for “Your Number’s Up” above.

“Your Number’s Up” will be featured on Ice Nine Kills’ The Silver Scream re-issue. The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT) is due out next Friday, Oct. 25, just in time for all your Halloween get-togethers.

In addition to this new “Scream”-inspired track, Final Cut will include all 13 previously released tracks as well as a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Pre-orders are still available for purchase.

In support of the re-released work, Ice Nine Kills previously announced a set of fall tour dates. The “Octane Accelerator” tour begins on Oct. 29 at the House of Blues in Cleveland and concludes a little over a month later on Dec. 1 at Webster Hall in New York.

The full list of dates can be found here.