Tyson Stevens’ Cause of Death Reportedly Revealed


Scary Kids Scaring Kids fans were hit with horrible news early this week when it was confirmed that former frontman Tyson Stevens had passed away.

What began as a rumor on Twitter with people sharing their condolences on social media was quickly confirmed by Stevens’ new band, Coma Prevails.

Coma Prevail posted on Facebook that they would reveal what led to Stevens’ death, but out of respect for the family, they would do so at a later time.

Unlike the band and several media outlets, TMZ have already gotten the cause of death or at least what is believed to be the cause of death.

According to the gossip site, Stevens’ mother and girlfriend, who found him on Monday in his Tuscan home, told cops that his death was caused by a drug overdose, possible heroin though he had recently been clean.

Read the full statement from TMZ below:

Scary Kids Scaring Kids singer Tyson Stevens¬†died from a drug overdose, possibly heroin … that’s what his mom and girlfriend told cops.¬†

Stevens died Monday and the official cause of death is unknown. But law enforcement sources tell TMZ … there’s smoke. The girlfriend and mom say Stevens had struggled with heroin addiction for a long time, although he was recently clean.

Our sources say Stevens’ body had “old track marks” that had scabbed on his inner right ankle. We’re told there was no heroin in the house where he died, but cops did find weed and pipes.

The toxicology report should reveal precise cause of death. It’s due in a few weeks.”

Even though TMZ is usually right on when it comes to these kinds of things, all we could truly do, is wait for the toxicology report to be released which like the report says, can take up to a few weeks.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ Tyson Stevens Passes Away


Last night, sad news was reported that Scary Kids Scaring Kids frontman Tyson Stevens had passed away.

Up until this morning, there was no confirmation about the singer’s passing, but Coma Prevail, Steven’s new band, confirmed the sad news in a post on Facebook.

On the social media account, Coma Prevail wrote: “Unfortunately the rumors are true. Out of respect for the family we will post details soon. Thank you.”

While the confirmation had not been made until hours after the headline hit the web, many tweets had begun to populate online from friends of the band and individuals showing their respect for Stevens. According to a source who spoke with Alternative Press, Stevens was found dead in his home in Tucson, but like Coma Prevail wrote, out of respect, we will wait for a confirmation from them and the family.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids called it a day back in 2009 when all members decided, mutually, that the band has run its course.

In honor of Stevens and this sad turn of events, here’s one of our favorite songs from Scary Kids Scaring Kids that would have been on several of our high school mixtapes (mixed CDs?).