‘Interview’ Scalper Gets Hit By Karma

Dear Scalpers, not all of you get off Scot-free and that’s what one scalper is learning; the hard way.

A man in Ohio tried to cash in on the craziness surrounding The Interview, the James Franco-Seth Rogen starring film which went from a “probably won’t even break even” film to one of the most talked about films of 2014 all thanks to the assassination of Kim Jong-un plot.

A man named Jason Best learned that a local movie theater in Clifton, OH would be one of the 300 places screening the controversial flick around the time when Sony was still trying to figure out how to release the film, and decided to purchase 50 passes (at $13 each) to the showing.

Sensing that this would be a way to make a little extra cash, Best decided that he would turn around and sell them online at a higher price; you know, what scalpers do.

“I saw all the hype about ‘The Interview’ on the 23rd and thought, ‘hey, folks are selling these tickets in other cities and it seems like that’s the thing to do right now so why not give it a shot so see how it goes,”’ he said.

And how it went was not what he imagined. His plan backfired.

Soon after the tickets had been purchased, Sony announced they would be streaming the film on sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix for half the price of a movie theater ticket. No need to actually go to a theater.

Now, Best is demanding a refund for the tickets he purchased at the Esquire Theater.

“I thought I’d get my money back because the theater’s website *very clearly* said the tickets were refundable,” he said.

Again, things did not turn out in Best’s favor. He tried to get in touch with the theater and was told they did not have a website and that The Interview was considered a special event.

Turns out, Best had bought the tickets from MovieTickets.com which informs customers that “theater owners reserve the right to withhold refunds for special events.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the manager of the theater called Best out by telling him that trying to re-sell those tickets, scalping, was illegal.


Weezer Scalper Gets Put in Their Place by Venue


We all know that scalpers are the scum of the universe, just look at all the times we’ve written about scalpers especially when it has to do with bands that never tour like Brand New.

Unlike Brand New who haven’t released a new album in year, Weezer and their fans have become one of the newest victims of scalpers trying to shakedown their wallets.

In conjunction with the release of Everything Will Be Alright in the End, which was finally released today (Oct. 7), the band decided to go on a few intimate shows around the country where they would perform the new album in full.

Considering how rare it is for a band as big as Weezer to be performing in tiny venues, tickets for those shows sold out in under an hour. Understandable.

Insert one of the candidates for the “terrible person of the day” award.

This one person saw the chance to up the price of their previously purchased tickets to four times the face price and then sell it to unsuspecting Weezer fans. According to the Craigslist ad which can be seen below, he would be selling one ticket to the sold out show at The Sinclair in Harvard Square in Massachusetts for $250. If anyone wanted the pair, it would cost a steep $500.

Not understandable.


Of course, fans of Weezer saw this ad and took to social media to express their disgust that someone would actually decided to do that.


Then, came the bast part of it all. Real justice.

The venue caught wind of the story and went on to investigate this Craigslist ad and found out what shady business deal was going on

Instead of explaining what the venue did to this person and their attempt to make money, read the tweets below and watch as justice is served.



Burn. I hope that guy can afford some ice for that burn.

When asked about the venues decision to do this, Josh Bhatti, who runs The Sinclair, said the following, “This person was gratuitously trying to scalp and we viewed it as a violation. Tickets are essentially a revocable license and this person was clearly violating the terms set forth in that agreement.

Brand New Scalpers Are at It Again


When Brand New announced that they would be holding a short tour in the United States this Summer, fans should have expected that purchasing tickets for the shows was not going to be as easy as going onto the internet and getting them.

Oh no, things were going to be as big as a catastrophe or worse than what it was last year when they did a few stops.

Turns out, the predictions were accurate because now over 1000 tickets have been uploaded to StubHub for those unfortunate fans who did not get the chance to get tickets before the scalpers invaded.

Tickets for the general public went on sale at noon and within a couple of minutes of being put up, several of the markets had been declared sold out. Due to the injustice, fans, of course took to several social media platforms to cry foul play over it especially when you take a look at the prices that the scalpers are charging.

There was even a retweet by a fan run Brand New Twitter which shows a scalper who bought four tickets to one of the shows and admits that he plans on charging five times the original price.



As for Brand New, the band have yet to comment on the issue, but honestly folks, from someone who has only seen Brand New once, it might not be worth shelling out “five times” the price to see them. This injustice might be enough for the band to go out on an actual tour and satisfy everyone so like that scalpers can’t prey on their fans, again.