Fall Out Boy Announce ‘Save Rock and Roll’ Supporting Acts


Fall Out Boy are about to head out on their first tour since their hiatus, and now the comeback kids have announced the supporting acts that will be following them on that tour. NK (formerly North Korea), New Politics and Hollywood Holt will be opening on their spring Save Rock And Roll tour.

Each tour date will feature one of the bands opening up for FOB. The current list of dates each will become the supporting act can be seen below:


5/21 Pittsburgh, PA     The Stage AE
5/22 Detroit, MI          The Fillmore
5/24 Toronto, ON        Sound Academy
5/25 Montreal, OC     Metroplois
5/26  Boston, MA        House Of Blues

New Politics
5/28 – Niagara Falls, NY @ The Rapid Theater
5/29 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
5/30 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
5/31 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
6/1 – Charlotte, NC @ Fillmore
6/2 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
6/4 – Orlando, FL @ HOB
6/5 – Miami, FL @ Fillmore
6/8 – Dallas, TX @ Palladium
6/9 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s
6/11 – Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee
6/13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern
6/15 – Las Vegas, NV @ HOB
6/16 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fox Theater
6/18 – Portland, OR  @ Roseland
6/19 – Seattle, WA @ Sodo
6/22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
6/23 – Denver, CO @ Ogden
6/25 – Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theatre
6/26 – Minneapolis, MN @ Myth

Hollywood Holt:
6/26- St. Paul, MN, @ Myth
6/28- St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
6/29- Indianapolis, IN @ The Egyptian Room
6/30- Nashville, TN @Ryman Auditorium

After this tour ends, FOB will head out on their arena tour which they have confirmed will feature Panic! at the Disco as the supporting act.

Fall Out Boy’s Album Hits Number One


Showing that Fall Out Boy fans were definitely excited for the return of the band, and brand new album, was a complete understatement. Save Rock and Roll finished out the week at number one beating out Kid Cudi, Justin Timberlake and fellow band, Paramore for the spot. The total of albums sold concluded at 154,000, the highest sale for the band.

In honor of their defeat, the band posted the following message (and an old school picture of them) on their website to thank fans for their dedication:

“holy smokes. to quote patrick. who could’ve dreamed up this story? if you had told us the incantations that we sang would’ve summoned what we’ve become none of us would have ever believed it. art isn’t a competition- but this does feel like vindication- just because this is one that we made just for us- and now you have made it yours. so this one felt real good and hit us right in the gut when we saw the album was number one (with a bullet!). from a cruddy broken futon in chicago you dragged us here, or we dragged you. probably a bit of both. thank you. thanks to: crush management, our record label island defjam, and most importantly to our friends, family, and fans that made this possible.

this song was designed to celebrate moments like this. play it loud and surround yourself with friends, real or fictional:

Blood brothers in desperation
An oath of silence
For the voice of our generation
How’d it get to be only me?
Like I’m the last damn kid still kicking
That still believes
I will defend the faith
Going down swinging
I will save the songs
That we can’t stop singing”

Fall Out Boy Announce Supporting Act


Earlier today, Fall Out Boy released a statement hat they had big news coming for their fans. About an hour ago, the announcement became reality when they revealed that they will be taking Panic! at the Disco out on their arena tour.

The tour which begins immediately after their current US tour end, starts its run on September 5th at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville CT.

Tickets and other bits of information can be found on Fall Out boy’s website and the full arena tour schedule can be seen below.



9/5 – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun
9/6 – Lowell, MA @ Tsongas Arena
9/7 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center
9/8 – Philadelphia, PA @ Liacouras Center
9/10 – Fairfax, VA @ Patriot Center
9/11 – Cleveland, OH @ Wolstein Center
9/14 – Auburn Hills, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills
9/15 – Toronto, ON @ Echo Beach at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
9/18 – Broomfield, CO @ First Bank Center
9/20 – Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center
9/21 – San Francisco, CA @ America’s Cup Pavilion
9/22 – San Diego, CA @ Valley View Casino Center
9/25 – The Woodlands, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
9/26 – Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prarie
9/28 – Alpharetta, GA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore
9/29 – Tampa, FL @ USF Sun Dome

Fall Out Boy Release ‘Young Volcanoes’

Save Rock and Roll

If Fall Out Boy keep releasing music videos from Save Rock and Roll at the rate they’re going, then we’ll have a 11 music videos that could probably become one full-fledged movie.

Unless, that was the band’s intention.

Anyways, after releasing the super short video clip for “Young Volcanoes” a few days back, the full video has been released. A word to the wise, the video says explicit which could be reference to bad words and naked chicks or maybe the ick factor with blood, Patrick’s cut off hand, needles and the snorting of powder that looks like ground up chalk.

But enjoy the video.

Fall Out Boy Post “Young Volcanoes” Clip

Save Rock and Roll

Save Rock and Roll may have been gift enough for fans of Fall Out Boy, but apparently the boys have been feeling extra generous this week because they just finished released the world’s shortest preview for their upcoming music video.

The 19 second clip continues the story from “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” and “The Phoenix” which is why it says part three in the credits.

The questions that stick out are “will the band escape those female kidnappers at last?” “Will things get better or worse for them?!” or just the simple “what the hell is going on?” But for all purposes, keep it locked, because we will all be finding out real soon (at least that’s what the clip says).

Until then, check out the clip below:

Fall Out Boy Stream Entire Album

Save Rock and Roll

Being the great boys that they are, Fall Out Boy have been releasing tracks from their upcoming album, Save Rock and Roll on almost a weekly basis, getting fans ready for their Save Rock and Roll tour.

First it was “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” back in early February, then it was “The Phoenix  just two weeks ago and “Young Volcano” made its debut on the internet this past Friday.

Now the band are streaming the album in its entirety, weeks ahead of its scheduled release day.They also released the following statement about the album:

“this album is one that is particularly close to us. we recorded it in secret from the music industry, critics, and even our fans. an artists first record sounds the way it does because it is often made without expectations. this is not our first record. but because of the way we went about making this one in the shadows it is with out a doubt the first record in a new chapter of fall out boy. we made this music for ourselves and no one else at the end of the day. this is meant be played loud, with the windows down on summer nights. four friends with our backs to each other fighting in the darkness against anything and everything that is out there. we bowed our heads, took a knee and plugged back in. from the first strings to the last shouts- this is us. these incantations are meant to conjure realness, to unlock whatever the rock and roll is inside each of you- in each of us. put on your headphones, turn it up- this is what we have spent the last year and a half making. most importantly, thank you for wishing or waiting- because with out you, the most important piece, this record would never have been made. so we figured you have waited long enough… with out further ado, please listen closely”

To listen to Save Rock and Roll completely, just click the play button below and have fun.


Fall Out Boy Release Music Video for ‘The Phoenix’

Save Rock and Roll

About two months ago, the boys from Fall Out Boy gave us their first brand new video since they went on hiatus at the same time that they were announcing that they had a brand new album as well as a tour in the works.

Today, the boys are back with their second new song, “The Phoenix” which picks up right where their video for “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” left off.

They have also given fans a little explanation about the video:

“It tells the tale of how we ended up blindfolded in the back of the black van in the mskwyditd video. This is chapter 2 of 11. Stay tuned for chapter 3, coming to a computer, tablet, or phone near you soon.”

Keep an eye out as well because they’ve launched a digital album pre-order that will give those who order it an instant download of the track on iTunes. In the US, Mexico and Canada the price is $7.99 for a limited time only. So if you guys want it, you better jump on it. Also, feast your eyes on the official tracklist including guest stars down below.


The Phoenix
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)
Alone Together
Where Did the Party Go
Just One Yesterday (feat. Foxes)
The Mighty Fall (feat. Big Sean)
Miss Missing You
Death Valley
Young Volcanoes
Rat a Tat (feat. Courtney Love)
Save Rock and Roll (feat. Elton John)

Pete Wentz Addresses Some Fan-centric Concerns


Last month, Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump addressed something that he had on his chest concerning the “hate” culture in the pop culture world. Now, bassist Pete Wentz is following suit with writing up several blog responses to some issues that have been boiling with in the fan base.

Some of the issues include pitting certain band members against each other, meet and greet opportunities that might not happen in the upcoming tour and the instant negative reviews the band got when they released the album art work for their upcoming album, Save Rock and Roll.

You can read some of his responses right here:

“just to address a few things that have been weighing on me lately…

1. if you are a fan of this band- please don’t pit us against each other. however you feel about patrick i feel it x a million. that was one of the things that led to us taking time off- we felt as though some of the base and media pit us against each other. were a team. we fight for the user.

2. I’ve had a few people in my timeline bugging out about me not sticking around after shows. last year i got a threat during a post show hang. i don’t feel comfortable or safe sticking around areas that aren’t secure because of that. if you happen to run into me for sure come over and say hey- i do not bite, much. until i feel a bit better about that stuff I’m gonna stick to m&g’s and what not.

3. the album cover: I’ve always felt a particular draw to this part of the world. during WW2 my grandpa was shot down over burma and lived in a prison camp there. my grandma joined the OSS (the precursor to the modern CIA) and set out to thailand to search for him. since he returned to his family and i have been constantly interested in the area. i had a friend enter and document huge butterflies along the river and the discontent of the people and monks at their treatment by the junta. we held our breaths and watched as thousands of red cloths resisted.i love this photograph.it is so simple but says so much.it screams to me of a brothers separated by worlds- but connected forever as brothers.

i sometimes thing there isn’t a stronger yet more complicated bond than brothers. i love this photo. it is peace in a violent world. it is change in the face of an everlasting constant. but at the end of the day it is art. it is supposed to challenge you. we do not simply make things that we think are molded to be consumed by our fans- that is not what dictates what we create.  it is our art- i hope that you wait until you here the accompanying album to judge how you feel about it- but at the end of the day its art and you aren’t supposed to just like it. we aren’t a reality television show, were a band.”

Fall Out Boy and…..Courtney Love?

Save Rock and Roll

Fall Out Boy are very good at giving fans hints about who will be making special appearance on their albums. They also are very good at getting big names to appear on those tracks, just like their recent addition to Save Rock and Roll, Sir Elton John.

Today, the band posted up a video on their home page with a simple, “It’s Courtney, bitch.” Could the Hole singer be making an appearance on an upcoming new track or will it just be a simple opening for one of the songs like Jay-Z when he did the opening for “Thriller”?

Who knows, but you guys can judge for yourselves here; the video’s only six seconds long.

Fall Out Boy Reveal Album Art

Save Rock and Roll

Last week Fall Out Boy had fans in a frenzy when they revealed that Sir Elton John would be on their new record, and now the band is revealing the cover art for the album on their Tumblr page. They also added a small message for their fans which you can also read below.

“when we were beginning the journey of making this record we wanted to find some inspirational images. we came across the punk and monk image on the Internet and it really solidified what we were trying to get across on the record- the idea of old and new clashing. tradition and change coming together. there was something striking about it. obviously this is an image that means a lot to many people- we felt like we wanted to be part of this conversation. these kids represent the youth, change and irreverence that we hope our record is listened to with. at the end of the day we just want to take the rules and start all over with save rock and roll anyway.

shout out to Roger Stonehouse for capturing the original photo and allowing us to share it with the world “

Save Rock and Roll will be available on April 15 and 16 worldwide, but can be pre-order on the band’s website.