The Rocket Summer Release Video for “Same Air”

Several months after announcing plans to release a new album, with the help of fans, The Rocket Summer (aka Bryce Avary), has released the music video for his lead single, “Same Air.” The video stars the musician and actress Hannah Simone (Cece on FOX’s New Girl). While speaking with Idolator, Avary revealed how the trippy music came to be and how Simone became involved. “The directors had this trippy idea to tell a story of me falling from space through a beautiful, convoluted earth,” he explains.

“I loved the idea but didn’t want to be the only one in the video since at the heart of it, the song is about unity and how we’re all connected.” In addition to that, he unveiled how he didn’t expecting the making of the clip to be as difficult as it ended up being. “I’ve never done a video with special effects like this and the acrobatics of it all had me sore for days,” he admitted. To read the complete interview, head on over to Idolator while the video for “Same Air” can be seen below.

As of now, “Same Air” is the only confirmed track from Avary’s upcoming sixth studio album. While there has been no confirmation of a title or release date, it sounds like the album will be released early this year.