Urban Outfitters: Ruler of the Vinyl Sales


We know that the rise in vinyl popularity has slowly been gaining steam, but would you ever imagine that a hipster paradise clothing chain would lead the pack?

Last night, Urban Outfitter’s chief administrative officer, Calvin Hollinger announced that Urban Outfitters is leading the pack in selling the most vinyls in the last year.

Most would assume that the resurgence in vinyl sales could be attributed to things like Record Store Day or bands rediscovering this form of music release, but no. The store that has recently made headlines for releasing that offending Kent sweater with “not” blood splatter on it and stupid knick-knacks made for frat boys, has managed to outsell Amazon, Insound, or any record store for that matter in the vinyl department.

“Music is very, very important to the Urban customer. In fact, we are the world’s number one vinyl seller,” Hollinger said.

The CAO explains that the key to their “success” is simple. Instead of having thousands of vinyls available online, the company has a system that allows them to offer inventory from around 100 vendor without actually owning any of the merchandise.

In other words, they act like your local consignment store, but instead of having funking clothes, they have an online store full of a slew of vinyls. Kind of ingenious.

Last years, vinyl sales reportedly hit 6.1 million while 2014 is on its way to smash those numbers.

Beyoncé Breaks Records with New Album


Beyoncé did it!

The multi-talented artist has managed to do what most artists can’t do in record time; sell over 800,000 albums, worldwide, in three days without any publicity.

Like we reported, as well as the rest of the world, Beyoncé dropped a 14-track album on Friday without any warning; it just randomly appeared on iTunes as soon as the clock stroke midnight.

The self-titled album not only became the fastest selling album, but it also broke the U.S. iTunes Store’s record for the largest sales week for an album.

According to industry insiders, Beyoncé sold 617,000 downloads through the close of business on Sunday, Dec. 15.

Of course, it also helped sales that none of the songs featured on the album were available a la carte. Anyone wanting a specific song on the record, would still have to purchase the full album. The album is priced at $15.99, but does feature the new 14-tracks as well as 18 music videos, 14 of which are for the songs on the album and the rest bonus tracks.

The former artist to hold the title that Beyoncé has taken was Taylor Swift when her album, Red was exclusively sold through iTunes a week before it hit other retailers. At the time, Swift sold a total of 465,000 in the week of its debut.

*ED NOTE: The music industry tracks weekly sales on a Monday through Sunday basis, hence why Beyoncé’s feat is being measured after only three days on sale*

Beyoncé’s iTunes launch is also the second-largest digital sales week, in general when dealing with digital sales. The only person standing in the way of Beyoncé coming in at number one was Lady Gaga

When Born This Way was released, it sold a total of 662,000 downloads in its first week. Most of the sales though, could be attributed tot he fact that Amazon decided to sell the album for 99-cents for two days, resulting in the sale of 440,000 copies.

As for Beyoncé, it’s almost a guarantee that she will be at the top of the charts during the upcoming weeks and even more good news is that this album even managed to surpass her previously highest selling album, 2006’s B’Day.

Happy Holidays, Queen Bee, you’ve managed to turn the industry on its head.