‘Aladdin the Musical’ Cast Pay Tribute to Robin Williams


The death of Robin Williams hit a cord with movie goers, fans and people who had grown up watching the comedian go from funny films and shows like Mindy & MorkJumanjiNight at the Museum to serious roles like Dead Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting.

From children, to teenagers to adult who had seen most, if not all of his works, it was as if they lost a friend who would make them smile, even if they did not personally know him.

In honor of the late actor, Broadway will dim their lights to show respect for the actor who had made an impression on the community, but one show in particular which is currently on Broadway owed a lot to the late actor; Aladdin.

The show, which began its run in February, paid tribute to Genie during its performance last night (August 12). Instead of ending the show in its usual fashion, they decided to pay homage to Williams by ending with a sing-along version of “A Friend Like Me.”

The sing-along was led by James Monroe Iglehart, who happened to win a Tony Award earlier this year for playing the role made famous by Williams in the 1992 animated film.

Iglehart with the help of the rest of the Aladdin company, broke the fourth wall to encourage the audience to sing to the rafter to pay tribute to the original Genie.

Watch the video and try not to sing along. Or cry.

Robin Williams Passes Away at 63


UPDATE (sadly):

The corner’s office and the Marin County police department said in a press conference earlier today that Robin Williams had passed away from “an apparent hanging.” The actor had hung himself with a belt and was discovered Monday by his personal assistant.

He was found unconscious Monday and now the police department have revealed that Williams was found hanging and rigor mortis had set in.


For us, one of the hardest things to write about is the death of a celebrity, but what’s worse to report is when that celebrity is an actor which played an important part of your childhood.

Earlier today, it was reported that Robin Williams had passed away from an apparent suicide by asphyxiation. The actor had been battle severe depression and had checked into a rehabilitation center around the time his CBS comedy, The Crazy Ones was officially cancelled. This wouldn’t be the first time that Williams had checked into a rehab center; he had done so before in the past.

Williams played some of the most funny characters that as a kid growing up in the 90s kind of shaped what we thought was comedy (we even still watch Mork & Mindy on the Hub when they do play it). If you were to ask us what was out favorite Robin Williams film, three will instantly pop into our mind, though in reality it would more like five: Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, The Birdcage, and Hook. For all the laughs that he gave us, no one really knew what was going on behind closed doors.

Williams’ publicist did confirm that he had recently entered a 12-step rehab stint for drug abuse while also battling depression as of late. The comedian and Oscar winner was found dead in his home after the Marin County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from Williams’ house in the afternoon. He was not breathing when paramedics showed up, and was pronounced dead at 12:02 p.m.

Sadly, the last time his wife, Susan Schneider saw him, was yesterday evening. Today, she had the horrible task of revealing what had happened in a statement where she asked for privacy for the family. “I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

We hope people do as she request, in memory of the man that managed not to creep us out as a cross-dressing nanny. The actor leaves behind his wife and three children.

His autopsy is scheduled to take place tomorrow, August 12 at the Marin County Coroner’s Office in San Rafael, CA.

“Genie, you’re free.” –Aladdin