Seaway’s Van Broken Into, Again


In what may feel like a sense of deja vu for the guys in Seaway, their van was broken into, again. This marks the second time in six months that the band’s van had been broken into (the first time was in San Francisco).

Taking to Twitter, they posted a picture of the busted window the crooks got in through and quickly assured fans that the only item taken from the van was their GPS system and that everyone was okay.

Back in November, the crooks who broke into their van taking their acoustic guitars, clothing, personal belonging among other things.

But before you start checking for GoFundMe or any of those funding campaigns, the band is not asking for anything. Instead, they do tell fans, and others alike, that if they would like to donate to them they could go ahead and buy something from their online merchandise store.

Check out their tweets below about the misfortune event.

Seaway are currently on tour with Bayside, Senses Fail, and Man Overboard for Bayside’s 15th Birthday Tour.

Tonight’s show is in Phoenix, AZ.

Footage of 2 Chainz Getting Robbed Surfaces


Remember when news hit that rapper, 2 Chainz and his “posse” had been robbed at gunpoint earlier this week? And then he went on the defense on Twitter by saying that it didn’t happen and that if it had really happened, the thieves would have posted their newly acquired merchandise on the web?

Well, turns out that next time 2 Chainz should just admit that it did happen because earlier today, gossip site, TMZ acquired video showing exactly what happened that faithful night which, let’s be honest, we all know what happened.

P.S., according to TMZ, 2 Chainz ran away like a little baby which led to him tripping and falling on the floor where one of the thieves got him, stealing his phone and wallet.

The surveillance video can be seen below: