Allison Weiss and Rob Lynch to Resume U.K. Tour Sans Front Porch Step

After announcing she would not be touring with Front Porch Step following the allegations against him, Allison Weiss has now let her fans know that the tour will go on as planned, but without Jake Mcelfresh.

Taking to Facebook earlier in the day, Weiss revealed that thanks to some serious behind-the-scenes work, she and fellow tour mate, Rob Lynch, will be going forward with the United Kingdom tour that they thought had been derailed by all the controversy.

Read her statement below:

“After some hard behind the scenes work by some very god people, I’m SO happy to announced Rob Lynch and I will still be touring the UL together as originally planned!!

Unfortunately, our former tour mate Jake McElfresh (Front Porch Step) has dropped off the dates due to a very sensitive personal situation. Though this news almost derailed the whole tour, Rob and I have just learned that the two of us will still be able to play the originally scheduled shows*.

Despite the upsetting nature of the recent events, Rob and I feel that these shows will be even more special than before. We’ve chosen to celebrate the power and unity of live music, and focus all of the positive energy brought into our lives through this scene.

We would love if you would join us to make these 10 days the best they can be!

Lastly, we’d like to thank everyone for all of the support you’ve sent our way in the past week.

We could do this without you.


Allison (and Rob!)”

As for Mcelfresh, last weekend the musician voluntarily suspended all of his upcoming tour dates following the petition against him for allegedly sexual harassing underage girls. These suspended dates include the Vans Warped Tour which means the petition accomplished what it set out to do.