Riot Fest Chicago and Denver lineups announced


The Riot Fest Twitter account is probably one of the funniest to read with the way they troll people who are always complaining about the lineup of the three incarnations. On Wednesday (May 18), festival organizers shut up the hater when they unveiled the first wave of bands for both the Chicago and Denver shows. Earlier this month, news broke that the original lineup of The Misfits would reunite, and perform, at Riot Fest Chicago. Now, it’s been confirmed that they will not only perform at both Chicago and Denver dates, but that they will be in good company.

Riot Fest Chicago will feature a slew of artists including: Morrissey; Ween; Social Distortion, who will be performing 1996’s White Light, White Heat, White Trash in full; Rob Zombie, who will be performing White Zombie’s final album, Astro-Creep: 2000; Death Cab For Cutie; Brand New; NAS; Deftones; Refused; Death Grips; the Descendents; The Specials; Chevy Metal aka Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ side-project; and Girls Against Boys.

But those are not all the groups making their way to Chi-town in mid-September. Acts like NOFX, Bad Religion, The Hives, Leftover Crack, Smoking Popes, Pepper, Big D & The Kids Table will also play Riot Fest Chicago. While Riot Fest has been boosting the Misfits reunion, the 2016 incarnation will feature other groups reuniting. Thursday will continue their handful of reunion shows, while Underoath announced earlier this year that they had reunited and would be releasing new music soon. The Daryl Palumbo-fronted Glassjaw reunited earlier this year to head out on tour with Coheed & Cambria and will now be heading to Chicago to continue. Set Your Goals and the Anniversary are also set to reunited during the weekend-long event. While some bands are making their grand return at Riot Fest, this marks the end of Motion City Soundtrack who revealed that they will head on one final tour before calling it a day later this year.

Like Chicago, Denver will feature a lot of the same bands like The Misfits, Ween, and Death Cab For Cutie. Unlike the original Riot Fest location, Denver will feature exclusive  performances from Sleater-Kinney, Jane’s Addiction who will perform Ritual De Lo Habitual, Wolf Parade, and Tyler the Creator.

As of now, festival organizers have confirmed that this is the first wave of acts, with many more to be announced soon. The complete list of performers for Both Riot Fest Chicago and Denver can be seen below.



Riot Fest Denver (aka Riot Fest & Rodeo) will invade the National Western Complex during the weekend of Sept. 2-4. Riot Fest Chicago will take place tow weeks late during the weekend of Sept. 16-18 at Douglas Park. Early bird tickets are currently available on the festival’s website.

Riot Fest and Rodeo Daily Schedule Posted

Riot Fest and Rodeo (formerly known as Riot Fest Denver) is slated to happen in a couple of weeks. In anticipation of the weekend-long festival, check out the daily schedule for the three days.


Riot Fest Denver Friday


Riot Fest Denver Saturday


Riot Fest Denver Sunday

Riot Fest and Rodeo is set to take place during the weekend of Aug. 28-30 at the National Western Complex in Denver.

Riot Fest and Rodeo 2015 Line-Up Revealed

And  the revelations continue…

Hot on the heels of the Riot Fest Toronto line-up unveiling, festival organizers have now followed up with the list of performers for Riot Fest and Rodeo (formerly known as Riot Fest Denver) which will take place during the weekend of Aug. 28-30 at the National Western Complex in Denver.

Check out the list which includes Modest Mouse, Snoop Dogg, Tenacious D, The Pixies, Thrice, Alkaline Trio, and many, many more. Like their Toronto counterpart, a handful of performers have been left off the list, but will be uncovered on a later date.

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Riot Fest Reveals New Denver Location

After having issues with their venue last year, Riot Fest Denver has officially found a new home, at least for the 2015 festivities.

This year, the festival will call the National Western Complex home during the weekend of Aug. 28-30. Also, the name of the event will be getting an update to match. Unlike last year, Riot Fest Denver will now be known as Riot Fest & Rodeo.


Check out the official flyer below.


Early bird tickets will go on sale tomorrow (April 24) at noon, MST on Riot Fest’s website.

Last year, the Denver incarnation of the annual music festival had issues securing a location after Arapahoe County refused to let the weekend-long festival secure May Farms in Byers, CO for a second time. The county refused the petition citing “traffic impacts and public safety concerns” during the last-minute negotiations.

Instead, the festival was moved to the Sports Authority Field at Mile High where some who had made camping arrangements were not given the similar accommodations like the previous location. But that’s a thing of the past now. The National Western Complex will be allowing fans to stay in RVs on site.

Rumor has it there might even be a barbecue cook-off and other new events this year.

Hey Riot Fest, where can we sign up?

Riot Fest Announce 2015 Dates for All Three Locations


It feels like just yesterday, we were reading (and writing) about all the money the city of Chicago was going to need to spend to clean up all the damage that Riot Fest Chicago caused at Humboldt Park because of Mother Nature and her bad timing.

Whether or not the festival owed Chicago almost $200,000 in damages is now in the past because festival organizers have revealed the official dates for each of the three festivals, though as of now, there has been no official venue reveal for any of the three cities.

Riot Fest Denver will be the first to happen during the weekend of Aug. 28-30. After that, the original Riot Fest location, Chicago, will have its turn during the weekend of Sept. 11-13. Riot Fest Denver rounds out the almost month-long celebration of all things good music during the weekend of Sept. 19-20.

Tickets for all three festivals are currently available on Riot Fest’s website. Back in November, they allowed fans the change to get “Holiday pre-sales” with prices starting at $89.95.

As of now, like we mentioned before, no official venues have been given and as for the artists, we’re sure they aren’t going to start announcing those for several months. In defense of the festival organizers, last year’s line-ups were INSANE.

Riot Fest Denver Schedule Unveiled


After much controversy and issues, Riot Fest Denver is now a go. Considering they had been kicked out of their original location of May Farms in Byers, the festival managed to get a new home in the form of the Sports Authority Field at the Mile High Stadium.

Don’t let the names of the stages confuse you, the festival will still be going on at the  Sports Authority Field at the Mile High Stadium.

Like we lover to say, the city of Byers and Arapahoe County’s lose is Sports Authority Field’s gain.

Check out the full line-up for the Denver edition of the festival which will take place during the weekend of September 19 through September 21.







Riot Fest Denver Unveil New Location


After Riot Fest Denver was denied their permit to have the festival take place at May Farms, festival organizers have finally revealed the new venue.

The show will now “go on” at the Sports Authority Field at the Mile High Stadium. Though it seems that a stadium would not be the best place to house this event, don’t worry, organizers also felt your pain, especially if you had purchased camping space. 

In a release, Riot Mike wrote, “After much thought about the pros and cons about moving to the stadium versus other venues, the fact that the stadium is willing to allow us to recreate Byers and May Farms swayed our decision.”

If this is your first time hearing about this, last week, Arapahoe County and the city of Byers, CO had denied the festival’s requested permits for the event citing the insanity that comes with having so many attendees in the venue of choice.

The full announcement of the alternate space can be read on their Facebook page and for any questions revolving around the venue, they have provided FAQs about it on their website

All tickets purchased for May Farms will be honored, while those who purchase camping space will be refunded their money. 

The weekend-long festival is slated to take place from September 19 through September 21. Acts, which have been previously announced, will include The Cure, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against, Social Distortion, and many more. 

Riot Fest Denver NOT Cancelled


Trouble has befallen on Riot Fest. It was just revealed that the Denver incarnation of the punk rock festival might be in some trouble after the permit that was needed to be obtained to have it take place at May Farms had been denied.

The festival, which is slated to take place during the weekend of September 19-21 in honor of its 10th anniversary, was denied their permit for the event by Arapahoe County. The only upside to the denial is that festival organizers have 10 days to appeal the ruling.

While this is a blow to them, the organizers have responded with the tried and true cliché quote, “the show will go on.” In a quickly produced press release, the organizers have revealed that they will be moving the weekend-long rock show to an alternate location which will be announced early next week.

This year’s line-up brings together acts such as The Cure, Rise Against, Weezer, Social Distortion among a slew of others.

By the release which can be read below, we guess that appeal is a no go.

Due to circumstances beyond our control and despite lots of support for Riot Fest & Sideshow in Byers, May Farms is no longer available to host Riot Fest. A nearby alternate location will be announced early next week. We know this sucks, we’re as disappointed as you are, but if you could be a little patient with us, we’ll have more information ASAP. All tickets will be honored at the new location. Riot Fest in Denver is NOT cancelled, the show will go on, and rock n roll never dies.