Chicago Parks to Become Smoke Free


In news that came out of nowhere (unless you live there), Chicago has officially announced that they will be banning smoking, including e-cigarette or vaporizers, at all 580 city parks including those places that festivals like this upcoming weekend’s Riot Fest call home.

The surprise decision was made yesterday by the Chicago Park District’s Board of Commissioners. However, if you had plans to smoke at Riot Fest this weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that officers will not be ticketing attendees at the weekend-long event due to take place at Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

Chicago Park District Superintendent Mike Kelly reassured attendees the new law will not go into effect so quickly.

“People at Riot Fest this weekend, they don’t need to worry about…a man tapping on their shoulder and saying, ‘You’re under arrest.’ That’s not the point of this. It’s about awareness. It’s about people taking the dangers of smoking seriously and making their own choices.”

“I don’t see in the foreseeable future police with a ticketbook at Lollapalooza walking around, writing tickets. That’s not what this is about.” Kelly added.

Riot Fest Chicago is slated to take place this weekend, Sept. 13-14 with a long list of artists set to take the place.

Earlier this week, festival organizers revealed that Cheap Trick will be the tenth and final artist to perform one of their albums, in full, in honor of the festival’s tenth anniversary.

For a full list of set times, click here.

Riot Fest Announce Final Album to Be Played in Full


When Riot Fest announced that this year would mark the festival’s tenth anniversary and their plans to make it an anniversary to remember, they told fans and future attendees that ten of the acts would be playing one of their hit albums in full.

Until now, the acts that had been confirmed to be doing this would include, The Offspring (Smash), Samhain (Initium), Weezer (The Blue Album), The Descendants (Milo Goes to College), Naked Raygun (Throb Throb), Jane’s Addiction (Nothing’s Shocking), Slayer (Reign in Blood), NOFX (Punk in Drublic), and the Get Up Kids (Something to Write Home About).

To keep fans intrigued, festival organizers have waited until today to reveal the last act and their album.

It’s Cheap Trick performing Heaven Tonight.

Check out the official flyer from Riot Fest here.


Riot Fest Chicago Schedule Unveiled


Riot Fest Toronto is set to begin in less than 24 hours, and now festival organizers have unveiled the schedule for Riot Fest Chicago which is set to go on in exactly a week.

Instead of boring everyone with facts about the Riot Fest festivals, check out the schedule for Riot Fest Chicago below. If you missed out coverage of the Riot Fest Toronto line-up, how no fear, you can see it here.


Friday, September 12:

Riot Stage
3-3:30 PM: Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
4-4:45 PM: Circa Survive
5:15-6 PM: Failure
7-7:45 PM: Gogol Bordello
8:45-10 PM: Jane’s Addiction

Roots Stage
3:30-4 PM: Title Fight
4:45-5:15 PM: Stiff Little Fingers
6-7 PM: NOFX
7:45-8:45 PM: The Offspring

Rock Stage
4-4:40 PM: All
5-5:45 PM: Senses Fail
7:30-8:15 PM: Murder City Devils
9-10 PM: Rise Against

Riot Fest Speaks Stage
5:45-7 PM: Pussy Riot panel

Rebel Stage
4:15-5 PM: Gwar
5:30-6:15 PM: Clutch
7-7:45: Mastodon
8:45-9:45 PM: Slayer

Rise Stage
3:45-4:15 PM: Ur Lineup Sux, Bro
5-5:30 PM: Emarosa
6:15-7 PM: We Came as Romans
7:45-8:45 PM: Of Mice & Men

Rev Stage
3-3:30 PM: Somos
4-4:30 PM: Plague Vendor
5-5:30 PM: Hotelier
6-6:30 PM: From Indian Lakes
7-7:30 PM: Pianos Become the Teeth
8-8:30 PM: Pity Sex

The Radicals
3:30-4 PM: Vamos!
4:30-5 PM: Baby Baby
5:30-6 PM: Wounds
6:30-7 PM: Radkey
7:30-8 PM: Red City Radio

Saturday, September 13:

Riot Stage
12:05-12:35 PM: Pizza Underground
1:05-1:50 PM: Orwells
2:30-3:15 PM: Dandy Warhols
4-4:45 PM: Die Antwoord
5:30-6:15 PM: Paul Weller
7:15-8 PM: Metric
9-10 PM: The National

Roots Stage
12:35-1:05 PM: Wavves
1:55-2:40 PM: Tokyo Police Club
3:15-4 PM: City & Colour
4:45-5:30 PM: Afghan Whigs
6:15-7:15 PM: Wu-Tang Clan
8-9 PM: Flaming Lips

Rock Stage
12-12:30 PM: Frank Iero
1-1:45 PM: RX Bandits
2:15-3 PM: Streetlight Manifesto
3:30-4:15 PM: Saosin with Anthony Green
4:45-5:30 PM: Say Anything
6-6:45 PM: Dashboard Confessional
7:15-8:15 PM: The Used
8:45-9:45 PM: Taking Back Sunday

Rebel Stage
1:10 PM-1:40 PM: Samiam
2:20-2:50 PM: Buzzcocks
3:45-4:25 PM: Face to Face
5:10-5:55 PM: Me First & the Gimme Gimmes
6:55-7:55 PM: Cock Sparrer
8:55-9:55 PM: Samhain

Rise Stage
7:55-8:55 PM: Descendents
5:55-6:55 PM: Get Up Kids
4:25-5:10 PM: Mighty Mighty Bosstones
2:50-3:55 PM: Television
1:40-2:20 PM: 7 Seconds
12:25-1:10 PM: Anti-Flag

Rev Stage
12-12:30 PM: Picturebooks
1-1:30 PM: Rose’s Pawn Shop
2-2:30 PM: The Bots
3-3:30 PM: The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die
4-4:30 PM: Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas
5-5:30 PM: Lemuria
6-6:30 PM: Nostalghia
7-7:30 PM: Skaters
8-8:30 PM: Citizen

The Radicals
11:45-12:15 PM: Buffalo Rodeo
12:45-1:15 PM: Dan Wade
1:45-2:15 PM: Ex Friends
2:45-3:15 PM: Broncho
3:45-4:15 PM: American Scene
4:45-5:15 PM: Restorations
5:45-6:15 PM: Crombies
6:45-7:15 PM: Unlikely Candidates

Sunday, September 14:

Riot Stage
1:45-2:15 PM: Kurt Vile & the Violators
2:55-3:35 PM: Superchunk
4:30-5:15 PM: Tegan and Sara
6-6:45 PM: Patti Smith
7:45-10 PM: The Cure

Roots Stage
11:45-12:30 PM: Menzingers
1-1:45 PM: Bouncing Souls
2:15-2:55 PM: Billy Bragg
3:35-4:30 PM: Naked Raygun
5:15-6 PM: Dropkick Murphys
6:45-7:45 PM: Social Distortion

Rock Stage
1:15-1:45 PM: Only Crime
2:15-3 PM: Silverstein
3:30-4:15 PM: La Dispute
4:45-5:30 PM: Mineral
6-6:45 PM: Blue Meanies
7:15-8:15 PM: New Found Glory
8:45-9:45 PM: Bring Me the Horizon

Rebel Stage
1:10-1:40 PM: Front Bottoms
2:10-3 PM: The Hold Steady
3:45-4:25 PM: Motion City Soundtrack
5:05-5:55 PM: Hot Snakes
6:40-7:40 PM: Cheap Trick
8:40-9:55 PM: Weezer

Rise Stage
12:40-1:10 PM: Laura Stevenson
1:40-2:10 PM: Whigs
3-3:45 PM: Andrew W.K.
4:20-5:05 PM: Lucero
5:55-6:40 PM: Mudhoney
7:40-8:40 PM: Primus

Rev Stage
12-12:30 PM: Chumped
1-1:30 PM: Survay Says!
2-2:30 PM: Pup
3-3:30 PM: Tiny Moving Parts
4-4:30 PM: Cerebral Ballzy
5-5:30 PM: Dads
6-6:30 PM: Modern Baseball
7-7:30 PM: I Am the Avalanche

The Radicals
11:30-12 PM: Grizzled Mighty
12:30-1 PM: Mutts
1:30-2 PM: Team Spirit
2:30-3 PM: Netherfriends
3:30-4 PM: Lucki Ecks
4:30-5 PM: ShowYouSuck
5:30-6 PM: My Gold Mask
6:30-7 PM: In the Valley Below
7:30-8 PM: Archie Powell & the Exports

Riot Fest Chicago Annouce Day By Day Line-up


We’ve been keeping an eye out for Riot Fest since it was announced that the festival will have three weekends in three different cities with most of the same artists in honor of its tenth anniversary. 

Last week, we revealed how the Denver edition of the festival had been relocated to do some permit issues and now, we have the full day-by-day line-up for the Chicago edition of the festival. 

Check out the full line-up for Chicago below and start making a list of who you won’t get to see because someone else even better will be performing at the same time. 


Maybe it’s time to get tickets to Denver and Toronto to see those that you might miss in Chicago. It’s just a thought. 

Riot Fest Chicago will take place September 12-14 at Humboldt Park.