Stream Franz Ferdinand’s New Album


A few months back, Franz Ferdinand had given us two new songs that would be featured on their new album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. A few weeks after that, the Glasgow-based band released the music video for “Love Illuminations,” their first new music video in several year.

Now, the band have made their entire album available for streaming over at NPR.

In a recent interview with The Observer, frontman Alex Kapranos, considered disbanding the group after their 2009 tour for their album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. In the midst of his decision, Kapranos met up with bassist, Bob Hardy, to discuss the future of the band.

“I wanted to split the band up, because in my head it felt like one of those jobs . . . the ones I had to jack in. I didn’t like the routine and the obligations,” Kapranos explained. ” And whether those obligations lay with my contemporaries, my peers, my record label, the fans, the audiences – or maybe myself . . . I felt . . . It was time to, erm, stop that.”

For some, the band had managed to make a heck of a splash in the world of music, finding themselves in MTV2’s countdowns and going from being a small UK-based band, to being a pretty big group in the US. One thing was sure for their long-tern record label, Domino; they were not ready for the amount of success the band would get over seas.

At the time, Domino was a small label and only had about three people working ta the office in the Us; not enough to help control the popularity Franz Ferdinand had garnered. They ended up on a major label where some payola accusations were thrown around.

In the interview, Kapranos touches base about that incident, “I was like, ‘Fucking hell, here we are in court on some payola charge’ . . . It was exactly the opposite of what I wanted to be as a band.”

While that was happening, things weren’t exactly sparkly rainbows and sunshine in Kapranos’ life; apparently he had been miserable the entire time resulting for the payola incident. Rumor also had it that his split from then-girlfriend Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnances did not help, but that didn’t mean it was all bad.

At that time, he had been writing a food column for The Guardian and even got to write a book. Guitarist, Nick McCarthy even felt the doom cloud over them during that time. ” I just came down heavily with depression, I think. I just thought, ‘Eurrgh, can’t play music any more.’ Couldn’t stand it. We’d sucked ourselves dry.”

But things don’t look to be that dark and depressing anymore, it seems like all the dark clouds have blown away and the band are back to take on the indie scene by storm once again with their unique, artist take on music videos and the oddity that is their music.

There had to have been a reason they came out of nowhere with “Take Me Out” and managed to stay for a while.

Franz Ferdinand Release Music Video


A few weeks back, Franz Ferdinand released two tracks for excited fans, one of them being the song that would eventually become the first single off their new album,  Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.

The audio for the new track titled, “Love Illumination” was released weeks ago, but today the band have released the official music video for it. Tim Saccenti directed the video which features a laundry list of weird things including animal masks, weird choreography, people dressed in geometric shapes (who knows why), and nudity (maybe we should label this NSFW?).

Anyways, you can check out the new video/song below.

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is out August 26 in the UK and August 27 in the U.S. though Domino Records.

Franz Ferdinand Release Two New Songs


Yesterday, everyone was happy when the Supreme Court ruled that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was ruled unconstitutional. Some celebrated, some like Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell officially got engaged, some gays started planning their long overdue weddings and then there’s Franz Ferdinand that premiere two new songs just in time for the occasion.

The two song are titled, “Right Action” and “Love Illumination” are set to appear in the band’s upcoming album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, due out on August 23. This will be the band’s first new album since 2007’s Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.

Videos for both the songs can be seen below.

“Right Action”

“Love Illumination”