“Steal My Girl”…Steal My Song?


Well, it seems like a little feud is on the horizon for One Direction from one of our most covered bands: New Found Glory.

Yesterday, the boy band released their new song “Steal My Girl” and in no time at all, it seemed that some fans of NFG who actually heard the song, realized that there was a piano riff ehich sounded oddly familiar. Turns out, the oddly familiar riff is one that can be found on NFG’s song “It’s Not Your Fault” from the band’s 2006 album, Coming Home.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert took to Twitter to jokingly call out One Direction and ask for his “cut” of their profits.

Of course, Directioners being a vicious breed of fans, took aim at Gilbert on Twitter. Gilbert didn’t let that slide and made another dig at the fan base by telling them “second period is starting”, taking aim at the fact that a vast majority are still in middle school maybe the beginning high school. (Please try not to sing the last part of the first Tweet to the tune of “It’s Not Your Fault.)

But if that wasn’t enough Gilbert’s girlfriend and Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams also spoke out about the similarities between both songs.

Williams quickly cleared up her side of the story by saying that it wasn’t so much the boy band’s fault as it was the people who co-wrote the song’s fault.

This shouldn’t shock anyone because One Direction have been known to “borrow” things from other artists and pass it off as their own.

But then again, should Gilbert be complaining and fighting a bunch of pre-teens over this because like it has been pointed out online, both songs ripped off Journey’s 1983 hit “Faithfully.”