New Found Glory Release New Version of “Ready and Willing”


With their co-headlining tour with Yellowcard officially underway, New Found Glory have released a new music video for their track, “Ready and Willing.” Unlike the first video for the song, this version features a long list of bands taking turns singing the lyrics of the song. And when we say that it’s a long list of bands, we truly mean it. Check out the list of bands, provided by New Found Glory on YouTube, and the video below.


Ryan Key (Yellowcard)
Mike Herrera (MXPX)
Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake)
Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)
Chris Conley (Saves The Day)
Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids)
Brianna Collins (Tigers Jaw)
Mark Hoppus (Blink 182)
Garrett Dale (Red City Radio)
David Wood (Down to Nothing)

Never Too Late from São Paulo, Brazil
Nowall from Piracicaba, Brazil
Simple Memories from Bogotá, Colombia
Attention! The New Portsdown from Singapore
Mateo Minotas from Medellín, Colombia
Alive & Well from San Diego, California
Horny Carrots from Madrid, Spain
Sean Chadburn from Nottingham, UK
Stark from Bogotá, Colombia
Don*t Point from Chernihiv, Ukraine
Blank Paradigm from Rugby, Warwickshire
Good Intentions from Queens, NY
Our Story to Tell from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
It’s Been a Summer from Las Vegas, New Mexico
Heard By Now from Montreal, Canada
Ryan Medina from South Florida
Departure Point from Rockville, MD
The Flins Tone from Surabaya, Indonesia
All in a Day from Sydney, Australia
Roll Models from Kyiv, Ukraine
NITRO from Lima, Peru
Makeshift from Massapequa, NY
Academy Killer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
City Lights Calling from Graz, Austria
The Fourteens from Quezon City, Philippines
An Hour Makes Us Heroes from Oklahoma City, OK
Dylan Rivetti from Lancaster, California
Palm Trees & Power Lines from Jacksonville, FL
Mafer Tejada from Mexico City
Ocean Grave from Panama City, Panama 
Criminal Collection from Czech Republic
Will & Mo Rendition

In addition to the new music video, New found Glory have also re-released their 2014 album, Resurrection. The reissue is titled Resurrection: Ascension and will feature two unheard tracks as well as a newly redone version of “Vicious Love” featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams.

New Found Glory are “Ready and Willing”


New Found Glory’s “resurrection” continues.

After years of off time, Florida-based New Found Glory revealed plans to release a new album, fittingly titled Resurrection as well as their headlining gig on this years Glamour Kills Tour.

Yesterday, the band teased fans with a picture of “younger” version of the band members. Of course, the picture laid the basis for the music video for the newest single “Ready and Willing” which feature the younger version of NFG getting into different antics.

If the video looks oddly similar to some of pop radios’ favorite “boy bands,” then you might be right about that. The video looks like the plot line was meant to be a goofy parody of those groups’ videos.

Also, keep an eye out and you can see the real members of NFG playing bodyguards to the younger version in part of the clip when the crazy fangirls try to attack them.

Check out the video below.

“Ready and Willing” will be featured on the band’s upcoming new album, Resurrection, alongside lead single “Selfless.” The new record is due to be released on Oct. 7 through Hopeless Records.

If you’re digging the new tracks and want to see NFG live, check out the full tour dates for the Glamour Kills Tour below.