Ed Sheeran and Ray Liotta Team Up for “Bloodstream”

Everybody’s favorite ginger, Ed Sheeran is back with his latest music video for the track, “Bloodstream.”

The video, unlike all of his previous ones, does not feature the musicians at all. Instead, GoodFellas actor Ray Liotta, plays the key role in the almost-film-like music video.

The video begins with Liotta’s character floating in a pool which quickly switches to telling the story of his wealthy man and how unhappy he is. Even though he has lots of money which he can blow on things like electric guitars, tons of booze, lots of women, and even a horse that follow him around his huge mansion, he’s just not happy with life hence his suicide type tendencies.

Check out the sad and somber video below and remember that old saying your mother (father, grandparents or whatever) used to tell you, “money can’t buy happiness” and apparently for this guy, it can’t.

The “Bloodstream” music video premiered earlier in the day during the YouTube Music Awards. The song is featured on Sheeran’s recently released record, X.