Listen: Selena Gomez re-releases ‘Rare’ with three new songs

Selena Gomez’s latest studio album may have JUST come out, but the pop star is already releasing a deluxe edition of the record.

On Thursday (April 9), the “Lose You to Love Me” singer unleashed the deluxe version of Rare. The updated version of the album features all 13 tracks that can be found on the January release as well as three new songs. The new additions are titled “Boyfriend,” “She,” and “Souvenir.”

According to a post on Instagram Stories (via Elle), the musician describes “Boyfriend” as “a lighthearted song about falling down and getting back up time and time again in love, but also knowing that you don’t need anyone other than yourself to be happy.”

Gomez reveals that the song was written well before the current pandemic and that having a boyfriend is nowhere near the top of her priority list (nor should it be at the top of anyone’s list).

“We wrote it long before our current crisis, but in the context of today, I want to be clear that a boyfriend is nowhere near the top of my list of priorities. Just like the rest of the world, I’m praying for safety, unity, and recovery during this pandemic.”

Instead, she announced that she will be donating to the Plus 1 COVID-19 Relief Fund in addition to giving $1 from every order that’s placed on her website.

Rare (Deluxe) is currently available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Record Store Day Releases

Record Store Day 2013

Record Store Day isn’t until April 20, but here’s a full guide of some of the music that can be found at those special record stores participating during this event. Believe me, it’s a long list, but well worth it if you are looking for something specifically.

§ Kill Rock Stars The Compilations(limited 3 cassette box set) (400 copies)
Tape 1, Side a:
Girl Germs 1:45 Bratmobile
Loch Ness 2:17 Some Velvet Sidewalk
Don’t Mix The Colors 1:48 Courtney Love
N.O.U. Cooking With Gas! 3:57 The Nation Of Ulysses
You Speak Jealously 3:14 Unwound
Narrow 3:09 Mecca Normal
Beeswax 2:47 Nirvana
My Red Self 3:48 Heavens To Betsy
Strong, Warm, And In Command 5:01 Steve FiskTape 1, Side B:
Feels Blind 3:36 Bikini Kill
Reaper Song 1:41 Witchypoo
Ever Since My Accident 0:50 Melvins
Immediate Impound Zone 5:54 Infamous Menagerie
Make You Come 1:11 Kicking Giant
Everybody And Their Dog 1:32 Fitz of Depression
Red Dress 2:52 Jad Fair
8-Ball Deluxe 2:45 7 Year Bitch
I.O.U. 2:22 Kreviss
Don’t Look At Me 3:29 Anonymous

Tape 2, Side A:
Supreme Nothing 2:17 Tiger Trap
Nutritious Treat 2:28 God Head Silo
Cheap Tragedies 2:56 Jack Acid
Speed Fortress 3:59 Tribe 8
Another Face 3:32 Versus
Nights X 9 1:38 Slant 6
Gauze 5:26 Karp
Camden Town Rain 3:20 Mary Lou Lord

Tape 2, Side B:
Come On 3:13 Calamity Jane
Hasbeen 2:23 Heroin
Hair 3:17 Adickdid
Sony Radio 2:49 Getaway Car
Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses 4:44 C-Wa
Whiteout 0:51 Bumblescrump
Mother’s Little Helper 2:40 the cheesecakes
Bunnies 2:02 Pansy Division
Omnivore 1:19 Nikki McClure

Tape 3, Side a:
Horse Girl 0:51 Tourettes
M.P. Skulkers 2:53 Cupid Car Club
Megablot 4:01 Star Power
Pukulee & Rikulee 4:36 Boredoms
Puffin Stars 2:13 Helium w/The Bird Of Paradise
Stupid Crazy 2:35 The Spinanes
Seven 1:47 Team Dresch
We Are Not Your Entertainers 0:38 Mukilteo Fairies
Anatomically Correct 1:19 God Is My Co-Pilot
Rev 2:36 Severed Lethargy
Brixton 3:05 Rancid
Feed The Tree 1:54 Free Kitten

Tape 3, Side B:
Painfully Obvious 2:20 Universal Order Of Armageddon
Patty Coahuila 2:52 Teh Pee Chees
Roche Limit 4:00 Star Pimp
Don The Beachcomber 3:33 Pell Mell
Smog- 37 Pushups 2:18 Smog
Eskinaut 1:14 Star Sign Scorpio
North Pole 1:24 Hattifatteners
Pretty Polly 2:38 Grouse Mountain Skyride
Detox Killer (Erotic Thriller) 1:55 Fifth Column
Pusdog – Fleabag 4:32 Fleabag
I Wish I Was Him – Kathleen Hanna 2:59

§ MGMT Alien Days (limited cassette single with download card)
§ Various Artists Burger Mixtape Volume 1 (Burger Records compilation) (250 copies)

§ Ani DiFranco Buffalo 4/22/12 OFFICIAL BOOTLEG 2CD with 3 new tracks (3000 copies only)
§ Built to Spill LIVE CD
§ Codeine What About the Lonely CD (1000 copies only)
§ Gaslight Anthem Handwritten Deluxe  CD/DVD combo—(DVD of live concert footage and a book of photos of the group and the Handwritten CD (800 copies)
§ Grateful Dead are Cuts & Oddities 1966
§ Half Japanese Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts 3xCD box with 32 page booklet and new tracks (2000 copies)
§ Imagine Dragons Live at Independent Records RSD CD (2000 copies)
§ King Crimson Going Schizoid with King Crimson Set (features CD, Graphic Novel, T-Shirt, sticker and poster)
§ Mumford & Sons Live at Bull Moose
§ R.E.M. Live in Greensboro CD (5 track EP, limited to 2500 copies)
§ Scanner Hypertrace (1000 copies only—remastered with bonus track)
§ Scanner Terminal Earth CD (1000 copies only—-remastered with bonus track)
§ White Mystery Telepathic CD7” RELEASES (COPIED FROM
§ Adrian Lloyd Lorna b/w Got a Little Woman Gold Vinyl (Sundazed)
§ Alfred Hitchcock Presents b/w The Munsters (TV Theme Songs Death Waltz 7”—might be UK only)
§ Atmosphere (as Demosexual) Demos (purple vinyl 7”, hand-numbered out of 2000 copies)
§ Avett Brothers and Randy Travis Music from CMT Crossroads—February Seven (featuring Randy Travis) b/w Three Wooden Crosses (Featuring Avett Brothers)
§ Best Coast Fear of My Identity b/w Who Have I Become 7”
§ Biffy Clyro Black Chandelier (LIVE from Switzerland—1/19/13 b/w City of Dreadful Night 7” (2000 copies)
§ Billy Bragg No One Knows Anything Anymore b/w Song of the Iceburg 7”
§ Black Keys / Iggy & The Stooges No Fun Side by Side Split colored vinyl 7” (7500 copies)
§ Black Lips/Icky Blossoms split—-Black Lips Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys (Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings cover) b/w Icky Blossoms Arabian Knights (Siouxsie & The Banshees cover) 7”—1000 copies only
§ Blu Thelonius King 7”
§ Bob Dylan Wigwam b/w Thirsty Boots from the forthcoming Bootleg Series Volume 10, features the demo version of Wigwam and the unreleased track from the Self Portrait sessions)
§ Boy Sets Fire Bled Dry 7” (1000 copies only, clear/colored vinyl)
§ Brendon Benson Diamond b/w Good to Me (1997 Demo) 7”
§ Cake Sheep Go to Heaven (live) b/w Jesus Wrote A Blank Check (Live) 7” Colored Vinyl (2000 copies only)
§ Cheech & Chong  Earache My Eye b/w Turn that Thing Down(limited Green vinyl 7”)
§ Chet Atkins Black Jack EP (Midnight, Boo Boo Stick Beat, Blackjack, Blue Moon of Kentucky) Red Vinyl (Sundazed)
§ Cooper I Wanna Love You b/w Baby I Love You
§ Dan Deacon Konono Ripoff No 1 individually numbered 7” (500 copies only)
§ David Bowie Drive-In Saturday b/w Drive-In Saturday (Russel Harty Plus Pop Version) Picture Disc 7”  (3000 copies)
§ David Bowie The Stars Are Out Tonight b/w Where Are We Now?  First vinyl single off new album on white vinyl!
§ Deep Purple/Type O Negative Highway Star Side By Side 7” on purple/clear vinyl.
§ Dio/Killswitch Engage Holy Diver Side by Side 7” on oxblood red vinyl.
§ Donny Hathaway Never My Love b/w Memories of My Love 2500 copies
§ Doors / X Soul Kitchen (Side by Side Release) Split milky clear colored 7”
§ Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors Live at Eddie’s Attic 7”
§ Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know? b/w Faith In this Colour  Blue Vinyl 7” (UK only?? maybe)
§ Earth Crisis Firestorm 7” 900 copies on red vinyl
§ Eli Paperboy Reed WooHoo b/w Call Your Boyfriend  7” (3000 copies)
§ Elliot Smith Alternate Versions from Either/Or 7”  (features 4 unreleased outtakes from the Either/Or sessions) (3500 copies)
§ Frank Turner Recovery b/w We Shall Not Overcome 7” (500 copies)
§ Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention I’m the Slime b/w Montana remastered from original analog source, Montana is a 2013 single edit with an additional 25 seconds of music) on Green Slime colored vinyl (3000 copies)
§ Free Energy Girls Want Rock b/w Wild Life 7”
§ FUR, FAWN, The Hounds Below and Lightning Love split single
§ Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson The Bottle b/w Your Daddy Loves You Green Vinyl 7”
§ Golden Void Rise To The Out of Reach b/w Smiling Raven 7” limited to 700 copies worldwide (500 for U.S.A.)
§ Husker Du 2×7” (featuring Amusement, Statues, Writer’s Cramp and Let’s Go Die (Blackberry Way Studio tracks)  4000 copies
§ Ides of Gemini Hexagram 7” (450 copies on clear vinyl)
§ Ilsa The IVth Crusade/Seven Sisters of Sleep Messiah split 7” (Limited to 666 copies on blood red vinyl with 24×36” “horror movie” style poster)
§ Iron & Wine Next to Paradise b/w Dirty Ocean 7” (3300 copies)
§ Jason Isbell Pancho & Lefty b/w Elizabeth Cook Tecumseh Valley split 7”
§ JD McPherson Fire Bug b/w A Gentle Awakening Red Vinyl 7” (1000 copies)
§ Jethro Tull Living in the Past EP (will be UK only)
§ Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe b/w Stone Free numbered 7” with mono mixes
§ JIMMY EAT WORLD Damage b/w Stop Whispering (Radiohead cover) 7” featuring new track off their forthcoming album (1500 copies in US, 300 overseas)
§ Josh Rouse Julie (Come Out of the Rain) 7” – First 7” of career; B-side is new unreleased song
§ Katatonia Buildings Limited Edition transparent colored 7”
§ Kate Nash Free My Pussy Heart Shaped Red Vinyl 7” (1000 copies)
§ Like Rats Like Rats 7” colored vinyl
§ Los Straitjackets and Freddy Cannon The Sox Are Rockin’ b/w Red Sox Nation Limited 7”
§ Low & Dirty Three In the Fishtank Volume 7  Gold vinyl 7” limited to 500 copies
§ Luther How Can We Rest? b/w Astronomy in Color (Limited edition colored 7”)
§ Mike Cooley To Pretty to Work 7”
§ Mike Watt & The Black Gang Rebel Girl b/w 30 Days in the Hole (2000 only)
§ Misfits/Lemonheads Skulls Side by Side 7” Picture Disc of various skulls.
§ Moby featuring Mark Lanegan The Lonely Night b/w Lonely Night (Photek Remix) 7” (500 copies)
§ MYSTERY SIDE BY SIDE RELEASE—-7” SIDE BY SIDE sealed 7” with artists kept a mystery to be a surprise to the buyer/listener….7” is on Blue & Red splatter vinyl.
§ Neal Casal Mountains of the Moon b/w Grimes’ Surf Story 7”
§ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Animal X 7” Picture Disc
§ Non Phixion I shot Reagan b/w Refuse to Lose
§ O&S  Flowers Turn to Fire  colored vinyl 7”—1000 copies only
§ Old 97s & Waylon Jennings Iron Road  2×7” featuring unreleased tracks—Iron Road b/w The Other Shoe along with Visiting Hours (Old 97s 1996 demo) b/w Fireflies (Old 97’s 1996 demo, take 2) (1000 copies)
§ Patty Griffin Ohio
§ Phoenix Bankrupt Grey vinyl 7” with patch
§ Pink Floyd See Emily Play (Pink VInyl) 7” (5000 copies)
§ Pornography  7 Minutes in Heaven 7” featuring RYAN ADAMS, LEAH HENNESSEY and JOHNNY T YERINGTON (1500 copies in US, 300 overseas)
§ Pretty & Nice Q _Q b/w On & On
§ Public Image Ltd  Public Image b/w The Cowboy Song (4000 copies, each hand-numbered)
§ Pujol Deep Cuts colored vinyl 7”—1000 copies only
§ Richard Thompson Salford Sunday
§ Rifle Diet Abuse Begets Abuse b/w Inebriated 7” (Part 4 of the Profane Existence Single Series on limited colored vinyl (either black, bruise violet, golden brew or opaque yellow)
§ Ringo Starr Singles Box (3×7” lift-top lid box featuring Photograph b/w Down and Out; It Don’t Come Easy b/w Early 1970; and (It’s All Down To) Goodnight Vienna b/w Oo-wee and a poster & RSD 45 adapter) (5000 copies)
§ Ringworm 1991 Demos 7” (black vinyl and colored vinyl versions)
§ Roky Erickson  Mine Mine Mind b/w Bloody Hammer (4000 copies, each hand-numbered on psychedelic swirl colored vinyl)
§ Rolling Stones 5×5 EP…reissue of the 1964 Decca release. (4500 copies)
§ Say Anything/Eisley Try To Remember, Forget (Acoustic) b/w Lost and Found (acoustic) 7” clear vinyl (CANCELLED—will now only be available on TOUR)
§ Sean Rowe To Leave Something Behind 7”
§ Section 25 My Outrage Limited 7” with exclusive b-side, 500 copies only (may be UK only…but did show up on one US distribution list I was sent)
§ Sharon Van Etten We are Fine 7”
§ Shearwater & Sharon Van Etten Stop Draggin My Heart Around b/w A Wake for the Minotaur 7” 3000 copies only
§ Silverstein/August Burns Red Four Minutes Being Cool7” (features Silverstein covering “Coming Clean” by the Get Up Kids and August Burns Red covering “You Vanda” by Saves the Day) (500 copies only)
§ Sir Douglas Quintent Interpreta En Espanol 2×7” (Sundazed)
§ Small Faces Green Circles 7” (Green vinyl 7” with Mono and Stereo versions of title track)
§ Small Faces Here Comes the Nice b/w Talk to You (7” reissue of 1967 debut US single)
§ Snapcase Steps   900 copies on white vinyl
§ Songs for Slim Volume 3—featuring the Minus 5 with Curtiss A performing “Rockin Here Tonight” and Tim O’Reagan & Jim Boquist performing “Cozy”
§ Sonny & The Sunsets Imagine (John Lennon cover) b/w Surfer Girl (Beach Boys cover)
§ Sophia Knapp Times Square b/w Sweet May 7”
§ SOUTH PARK  San Diego b/w Gay Fish 7’ picture disc featuring 2 songs from the TV show (2000 copies)
§ Star Trek b/w Lost in Space (TV Theme Songs Death Waltz 7”—might be UK only)
§ Surfer Blood Demon Dance b/w Slow Six Tri-colored vinyl release (5000 copies)
§ Superchunk Void b/w Faith Hand numbered 7”, limited to 1000 copies
§ Svarte Greiner/Lakes of Grass and Gold Landscape of Open Eyes 7”
§ T.S.O.L. You Don’t Have to Die (1980 Demo—Previously Unreleased) b/w Property is Theft and Dance With Me (both b-sides are Live tracks from the Cuckoo’s Nest from 1981!) 7” 1000 copies only
§ Testament Animal Magnetism (Scorpions cover) b/w Powerslave (Iron Maiden cover) 7” 1000 copies only Picture Disc
§ The Atlas Moth Black Trees /Wolvhammer Burn split 7” (500 copies only, colored vinyl)
§ The Hold Steady The Bear and the Maiden Fair b/w Criminal Fingers 7” (1500 copies only (1000 for US))
§ The Lonely Island (featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar)  YOLO b/w YOLO (Sam F Remix) Yellow vinyl 7” (3000 copies)
§ The Seeds Bad Part of Town & Wish Me Up b/w Love in a Summer Basket & Did He Die 2×7” (Sundazed)
§ The Shangri-Las EP features Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand) and Out in the Streets b/w I Can Never Go Home Anymore and Past, Present and Future
§ The Strokes All The Time 7” (will be UK only)
§ The Trashmen Mean Woman Blues b/w Big Boss Man Gold Vinyl (Sundazed)
§ Thermals  Desperate Ground Demos 7” EP 1000 copies only
§ Toadies Down by the Water (PJ Harvey cover featuring Sarah Jaffe) b/w Rattler’s Revivial 7”
§ Touche Amore and Title Fight split 7”  Crescent Shaped Depression b/w Faceghost  7” single (1000 copies)
§ Trey Anastasio Blue Ash & Other Suburbs 7” Picture Disc (features 3 unreleased tracks from the Traveler Sessions—-tracklisting: Blue Ash & Other Suburbs and  Gone b/w Tree and Can You See It?)
§ Trouble In Mind 4 Way Split featuring Jacco Gardner—(Always on My Mind:  Billy Nicholls), The Resonars (It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft: Fairpoint Convention), MMOSS (Cathy’s Clown:  Everly Brothers) and Maston (I Go to Sleep:  The Kinks)
§ Twilight Zone b/w Outer Limits (TV Theme Songs Death Waltz 7”—might be UK only)
§ Uncluded, The Delicate Cycle b/w Earthquake (Green vinyl 7”, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies)
§ Whirr  Part Time Punks Sessions 500 copies only on “Black on Electric Blue” colored vinyl (originally released digitally to help fix the band’s van, features 4 tracks:  Blue, Flashback, Junebouvier and Twist)
§ Willie Nelson Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die 7” (features Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johnson and Kris Kristofferson) on numbered green vinyl.
§ ZZ Ward Grinnin’ In Your Face b/w Everybody Wants to Be Famous 7”§ *NEW*  The Repos Rejoice in Ruin b/w Haunted Piece 7” (400 copies only)
§ *NEW*  Street Dogs Crooked Drunken Sons b/w We Fall Apart and I Got Drunk (Uncle Tupelo cover) 7” (500 copies only on bone colored vinyl)
§ *NEW*  Poison Idea Filthkick EP 7” (1000 copies worldwide—500 for U.S. on black vinyl)
§ *NEW*  Slipknot S/T EP 7” (Band from New Haven, CT on Revelation Records, 1000 copies on Orange vinyl)
§ *NEW* Ty Segall Ty Rex 2 7” sequel featuring new T.Rex covers (1500 copies)
§ *NEW* The Wedding Present Two Chansons 7” featuring two songs from Valentina performed in French (400 copies only)
§ *NEW* Tommy Keene Back to Zero Now 7” (500 copies)
§ *NEW* Invisible Hands (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls) Insect Dilemma b/w Disallowed 7”
§ *NEW* Night Marchers/Mrs. Magician split 7”10” RELEASES (COPIED FROM

§ Alejandro Escovedo It’s A Sin (Eddy Arnold Cover) b/wChris Scruggs Just A Little Lovin’ (Will Go a Long Way) (Eddy Arnold Cover) 78RPM 10”  (CANCELLED)
§ Bombino Azamane Tiliade/Si Chilan 10” single (3000 copies)
§ Dave Brubeck Trio Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals Red Vinyl 10” (2000 copies)
§ Face to Face The Other Half 10” (500 copies only colored vinyl)
§ GARBAGE Because the Night (featuring Screaming Females) b/w Love Like Suicide and Automatic Systematic Habit Costa Cadeu Remix (5000 copies)
§ Ghoul Intermediate Level Hard-Core – A Clearview Records Music Primer Featuring Ghoul (Contains covers of GWAR, Dayglo Abortions, N.O.T.A., Willful Neglect, etc) Red Vinyl 10” on 190g vinyl
§ Herman Dune Monument Park EP 10” featuring title track with 4 exclusive unreleased tracks (500 copies only)
§ Joe Bussard Guitar Rag b/w Screwdriver Slide 78RPM 10”
§ Josephine Foster Little Life (1st time on vinyl, originally released as a CD-R in 2001, comes with CD inside) 500 copies
§ Justin Townes Earle Yuma 10” EP (debut EP, previously only available on CD, Opaque Gold vinyl—1000 copies only)
§ Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters Chapter 1 (3×10” on Red, Green and Gold colored vinyl)
§ Little John’s Clark Booty 10” Picture Disc featuring Little John and Scorcher
§ Marshall Crenshaw Stranger and Stranger EP2 (1st was released on Black Friday 2012)
§ Mumford & Sons Live at Bull Moose
§ Placebo B3 EP 10” (5 track EP, previously only available digitally) (3000 copies)
§ Punch Brothers Ahoy EP (features tracks by Josh Ritter, Mclusky, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings and more) 
§ Ra Ra Riot Binary Mind 10” (1000 copies only)
§ Rob Zombie Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown b/w Teenage Nosferatu Pussy 10” 45RPM single (4000 copies)
§ Scientist Scientific Dub 3×10” box, limited to 2000 copies on Red, Green and Gold colored vinyl.
§ Sly & The Family Stone I Want to Take You Higher 10” (features EXCLUSIVE b-side that will NOT be available in the upcoming boxset, only on this 10”)
§ Soundgarden King Animal Demos Pink Vinyl 10” (6 tracks) (2500 copies)
§ The Animals The Animals are Back 10” cut at 45RPM (2700 copies for US)
§ The Animals The Animals is Here 10” cut at 45RPM (2700 copies for US)
§ The Cal Tjader Trio s/t Orange Vinyl 10”§ *NEW*  OMD  Night Cafe 10”12” RELEASES (COPIED FROM

§ A Place to Bury Strangers Strange Moon EP 12” featuring covers of Portland’s Dead Moon’s songs
§ Austra + Gina X Mayan Drums 12”  (500 copies only)
§ Avenged Sevenfold Carry On Call of Duty Picture Disc limited to 5000 copies
§ Bardo Pond Rise Above It All (features covers of Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain” and Pharoah Sanders “the Creator has a Master Plan”) 500 copies
§ Beta Band Champion Versions 12” (UK RSD)
§ Beta Band The Patty Patty Sound 12” (UK RSD)
§ Beta Band Los Amigos Del Beta Bandados 12” (UK RSD)
§ Bon Jovi Live EP 12” 4 track Picture Disc single (2000 copies)
§ Brian Eno x Nicolas Jaar x Grizzly Bear 12” (features Nicolas Jaar remixing a track from Brian Eno and Grizzy Bear’s latest albums) (4500 copies)
§ BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE Fist Full of Bees b/w Food for Clouds Colored vinyl 12”, numbered out of 2000 copies with 2 HIDDEN TRACKS
§ Brendon Benson & Willy Mason Upstairs at United Volume 7 12”
§ Buffalo Killers Ohio Grass 6 song 12” on Herb Green vinyl with pot leaf sticker
§ Chica Libre Quatra Tigres EP 4 track 12” featuring the theme the band did for the Simpsons features a jacket designed by a famous South American artist.
§ Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Patterns 12” limited to 3000 copies
§ El Michels Affair Enter the 37th Chamber 12” Picture Disc single
§ Fela & Africa 70 Sorrow, Tears & Blood (original extended version—previously unreleased) b/w Perambulator
§ Fitz & The Tantrums Out of My League 12”
§ G Love & Special Sauce Bloodshot & Blue Acoustic EP (produced by Jack Johnson) 1500 copies
§ Gary Clark Jr. Presents HWUL Raw Cuts Volume 2 colored vinyl 12” (1000 copies)
§ Giant Giant Sand Return to Tucson (revised versions of 2012’s Tucson) 1000 copies, with 100 having a screenprinted sleeve
§ Goat Run to Your Mama Remixes Volume 2 12” (Blue Vinyl, limited to 2000 copies) (UK ONLY)
§ Grouplove/Frightened Rabbit/Manchester OrchestraMake It To Me (Grouplove & Manchester Orchestra) b/w Architect (Frightened Rabbit & Manchester Orchestra) limited 12” with TWO DIFFERENT COVERS
§ Joy Formidable A Minute’s Silence b/w Badlands (Live from Sirius Radio)
§ Junior Boys  Even Truer Remix EP (500 copies only)
§ Moon Duo Circles Remixes 12” single (1100 copies)
§ New Found Glory Mania (Ramones Covers) 12” EP 1000 copies only (FEATURES THE FOLLOWING TRACKS COPIED FROM
1) I Wanna Be Sedated
2) Rockaway Beach
3) Rock N Roll High School
4) Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?
5) Judy is a Punk
6) The KKK Took My Baby Away
§ Owen Seaside EP 700 copies on Blue vinyl
§ OWLSA Various Artists 12” (Skrillex, etc.) (Postponed?)
§ Paul McCartney & Wings Maybe I’m Amazed (live 12”) (3500 copies)
§ Pulp After You 12” (4000 copies)
§ Pussy Galore Groovy Hate Fuck EP reissue of the 1986 2nd release by Pussy Galore.
§ R15 Yep Roc Heresy/They Call It Rock 12” and DVD – First 300 include screen printed cover; All hand-numbered; DVD documentary of Yep Roc 15 artist recording session; Digital download of two additional bonus remixes
§ Refused  Everlasting EP (3000 copies with new artwork)
§ Rhye Open 12” (features previously unreleased live version of title track) (1500 copies)
§ Robyn Hitchcock There Goes the Ice 12”— 8 songs from his popular Digital Phantom 45 series, previously only available online; 2 new unreleased songs
§ Smoke Fairies Upstairs At United Volume 6 (recorded at URP on 10/17/11).
§ Steven Wilson Luminol (Demo Version) b/w The Watchmaker (Demo Version) 12” featuring 2 unreleased demo tracks from the “Raven that Refused to Sing” sessions.
§ Tame Impala Tame Impala  EP (5000 copies)
§ Tegan & Sara Closer Remixes 12” (5000 copies)
§ The Fauns Fragile b/w Sun is Cruising Remixes 12” (1000 copies only)
§ The XX Jamie XX Edits  12” (4000 copies)
§ Their/They’re/There Debut EP (featuring Evan Weiss, Mike Kinsella and Matthew Frank) 1000 copies on clear seafoam colored vinyl
§ Three Hits Pressure Dome 12” Colored vinyl EP (features 3 previously unreleased tracks)
§ Thurston Moore and Loren Conners The Only Way to Go is Straight Through 12”  (2000 copies)
§ Tift Merritt 12” – Acoustic version of title track from new album Traveling Alone, along with three unreleased songs; Handmade and numbered covers
§ Titus Andronicus Record Store Day EP 12”  (3 song EP, featuring the album track “Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter” and features 2 unreleased tracks—”(I’ve Got a) Date Tonight” and “The Dog”…limited to 2500 copies)
§ Tour only split EP featuring Kadavar, Blckwvs, The Tidal Sleep and Messer on colored vinyl limited to only 300 copies (previously only available in Europe before shows or through This Charming Man’s webstore afterwards, first time available in US)
§ Turning Shrines Face of Another 12’ EP w/bonus 7” (600 copies only)
§ Walk the Moon Tightrope EP features 6 tracks including an acoustic version of Tightrope and a cover of the Talking Heads ‘Burning Down the House’§ *NEW* The Oh Sees  Moon Sick 12” EP
§ *NEW* Mugstar Centralla 12” (2 track 12” on blue vinyl, limited to 300 copies)
§ *NEW* Tunabunny Form A Line 12” (limited to 200 copies)
§ *NEW* The Asphodells Remix12” (limited to 1000 copies)LP RELEASES (COPIED FROM

§ A. Vuolo / E. Grande Desert
§ Across Tundras / Lark’s Tongue Split LP
§ Aerosmith Aerosmith 180g LP, individually numbered
§ Aerosmith Get Your Wings 180g LP, individually numbered
§ Aerosmith Toys in the Attic 180g LP, individually numbered
§ Akimbo Live to Crush (limited, hand-numbered LP)
§ All That Remains Fall of Ideals LP (1st time on vinyl)
§ Aloha Here Comes Everyone limited Green vinyl LP
§ Antonio Maiovvi Yellow—Music from the Short Film(Death Waltz LP on Yellow/Blood splatter vinyl)
§ Arawak  Accad (de A
§ Art Blakey & the Jazz Messingers Munich ‘59 LP (unreleased concert, 1st time on vinyl)
§ At the Drive-In Relationship of Command (Limited Colored RSD version) (4000 copies)
§ Avenged Sevenfold Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough (LP w/DVD—limited to 3500 copies)
§ Barrington Levy’s Reggae Anthology:  Sweet Reggae Music (1979-84) LP
§ Bayside Live at the Bayside Social Club 2LP reissue  900 copies on white vinyl (1st time on vinyl, also includes acoustic tracks recorded at Looney Tunes Record Store)
§ Ben Harper By My Side LP
§ Between the Buried and Me Anatomy Of 2LP 900 copies on orange vinyl (1st time on vinyl)
§ Big Star Nothing Can Hurt Me (Special Pressing 2LP)180g Gatefold featuring demos, outtakes and new mixes of tracks taken from the Nothing Can Hurt Me Documentary. (1000 copies only)
§ Black Swans Occasion for Song Deluxe Gatefold 2LP reissue limited to 500 copies
§ Blitzen Trapper Blitzen Trapper 180gLP with digital download and 5 unreleased tracks
§ Big Mamma Thornton Jail
§ Black Milk  Synth or Soul LP
§ Blind Melon Blind Melon + Sippin Time Sessions EP 2LP (2000 copies only)
§ Botch American Nervoso  Remastered LP with bonus tracks never before on vinyl  (1500 copies)
§ Braid Frame and Canvas Limited, Numbered LP on colored vinyl with poster and download card.
§ Brother Ali Shadows on the Sun (Double picture disc LP, hand-numbered out of 2000 copies)
§ Buddy Guy Hold That Plane
§ Built to Spill LIVE 2LP w/CD (2500 copies)
§ Calexico Spirtoso (LP + CD, Live tracks, previously only available on tour on vinyl)
§ Captain Beefheart Frank Freeman’s Dance Club180g Purple vinyl Gatefold LP
§ Casket Girls The Casket Girls (Beer & Mustard colored vinyl LP)
§ Cave In Until Your Heart Stops Remastered LP (750 copies)
§ Codeine 1993 Live LP—What About the Lonely 150g LP (2000 copies)
§ Coheed & Cambria The Afterman: Descension (Big Beige Demos)  LP (2500 copies)
§ Corn on Macabre Discographic Violence LP (400 copies)
§ Counting Crows August and Everything After LP (UK RSD)
§ Country Joe & the Fish  I Feel Like I”m Fixin to Die Remastered LP from the original tapes. (1500 copies)
§ Coupler Sunless LP
§ Cream Live at the Royal Albert Hall 3LP Deluxe Set on “Cream” colored vinyl
§ CSC Funk Band Funkincense LP
§ Cure Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Individually Numbered, Red Vinyl LP
§ Cut Copy Bright Like Neon Love Gatefold LP w/3 art inserts (1st time on vinyl—4000 copies)
§ Cypress Hill Black Sunday 180g 2LP, individually numbered
§ Damon & Naomi The Wonderous World of Damon & Naomi (Bootleg Edition) LP
§ Daniel Johnston Space Ducks Soundtrack LP (originally only available digitally) (Postponed?)
§ Daniel Johnston Fun (2000 copies only—originally supposed to be released for Black Friday RSD and cancelled, it will now officially come out!)
§ Davenport Cabinet Our Machine LP (solo project from Travis Stever of Coheed and Cambria) (500 copies only)
§ Dead Can Dance Anastasis:  Live in Concert (Best of 2012)  3LP Set (2000 copies)
§ Deftones Live Volume 1—Selections from Adrenaline LP (tracks are Minus Blindfold and Teething b/w Nosebleed and Engine No.9 all live from Buffalo, NY on 10/13/96)
§ Destroyer  This Night (Remastered LP, 1st time available in US, limited to 2000 copies)
§ Dio Magika Limited Picture Disc LP 500 copies only (features Japanese Bonus Track “Annica”)
§ Double Dagger 333 LP + “If We Shoult Loud Enough DVD (1000 copies worldwide)
§ Durutti Column A Paean to Wilson 2LP Deluxe (may be UK/EU only)
§ Dust S/T and Hard Attack Remastered Gatefold 2LP, individually numbered (both albums are packaged together and will *NOT* be sold separately)
§ Elliott Smith Figure 8 LP (UK RSD)
§ Empty Mansions (Interpol’s Sam Fogarino’s band)  Snakes/Vultures/Sulfate (1st 500 LPs on Gold colored 160g vinyl)
§ Eric Church Caught in the Act:  Live (RSD version with 4 extra tracks and bonus 7”) (3000 copies)
§ Evian Christ Duga-3 LP
§ Flaming Lips Zaireeka 4LP (random colored vinyl—7500 copies)
§ Foals Holy Fire LP w/bonus 7” (5000 copies)
§ Frightened Rabbit Midnight Organ Fight (Special RSD edition reissue) LP
§ Genius/GZA Liquid Swords—the Chess Vinyl Edition (Contains the entire Liquid Swords album and complete instrumentals as well as a in-depth, full color linear notes with contributions from GZA himself and a full-sized chess set)
§ Ghoul  Maniaxe (1st time on vinyl, this Colored LP features a 16 page comic book detailing the story of the album)
§ Giant Henry Big Baby (Pre-Unwound Members in High School) Limited Edition hand-screened LP with 3 different covers.
§ Glove  Blue Sunshine Individually Numbered, Blue colored LP
§ Golden Gunn LP (Collaboration between Hiss Golden Messenger and Steve Gunn—140g LP with 900 copies only)
§ Grateful Dead Rare Cuts & Oddities 1966 180g 2LP, individually numbered.
§ Grey Area Fanbelt Algebra 900 copies on white vinyl
§ Grizzly Bear Horn of Plenty (vinyl reissue on Kanine Records)
§ Headless Dogs 1-5 (Various Colors, 450 copies only)
§ Ilsa The Maggots Are Hungry (remastered) LP (250 copies only)
§ ISAN Beautronics 2LP remastered (1st time on vinyl)
§ Jerry Goldsmith Poltergeist Original Soundtrack (Glow in the Dark vinyl—500 copies only)
§ Joan Jett & The Blackhearts  s/t   180g LP with CD featuring live footage and bonus tracks, individually numbered
§ John Coltrane Newport 61 LP (Previously unreleased July 1st recording at the Newport Music Festival)
§ Junip S/T Colored vinyl RSD LP (500 copies)
§ King Tubby Meets the Upsetter at the Grass Roots of Dub (features Lee Scratch Perry) LP
§ Komeda The Genius Of 180g LP (1st time on vinyl)
§ Lamb of God New American Gospel  (500 copies only)
§ Linkin Park Hybrid Theory  Colored Vinyl LP with poster and bonus 10” of the “One Step Closer” single—-3000 copies)
§ Liquid Tension Experiment 2  180g Colored Vinyl 2LP in Gatefold sleeve (1st time on vinyl)
§ LP Into the Wild—Live at EastWest Studios (2000 copies)
§ Mad Season Above Deluxe 2LP
§ Mamas & The Papas if You can Believe Your Eyes and Ears LP (UK RSD)
§ Marco Benevento Invisible Baby  Blue vinyl LP (1st time on vinyl)
§ Mercury Rev Deserted Songs (White/Clear Colored LP featuring outtakes from the 1998 Deserter’s Song sessions)
§ Miles Davis Milestones 180g Mono LP, individually numbered
§ Miles Davis ’Round about Midnight 180g Mono LP, individually numbered
§ Miles Davis Someday My Prince Will Come 180g Mono LP, individually numbered
§ Miles Davis The Kinda Blue Sessions ‘59  LP
§ Neil Young Old Ways (UK RSD)
§ Nick Drake   Nick Drake  Limited Edition gatefold heavyweight LP w/poster, remastered at Abbey Road. (4000 copies)
§ Now Now Neighbors (Deluxe)  Mint Green Vinyl LP with bonus Remixes album included (500 copies)
§ Orange Juice Rip It Up LP
§ Orange Juice You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever LP
§ Orange Texas Fever LP
§ Orange Juice Self-Titled LP
§ OST—The Girl From UNCLE (Music from the TV Series The Girl From UNCLE) Remastered LP.
§ Oval Systemisch Clear Vinyl 2LP (1500 copies worldwide)
§ Oval 94diskont Orange Vinyl 2LP (1500 copies worldwide)
§ Page McConnell (Phish Keyboardist) Unsung Cities and Movies Never Made (1000 copies, each numbered on 180g Red vinyl)
§ PHISH LAWN BOY (Individually numbered pressing, out of 7500 copies, with 2 180g LPs with an etched D side….includes download card)
§ Phosphorescent Aw Come Aw Wry LP reissue with tweaked cover and bonus download card that includes never before released live tracks
§ Porno for Pyros S/T 20th Anniversary 180g Tie-Dye Colored Vinyl (1000 copies)
§ Public Enemy Planet Earth-Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Greatest Rap Hits  (Picture Disc LP)
§ R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet Gatefold with bonus 7”
§ Rainer Ptackek Barefoot Rock (with Das Combo) (Originally released only in Germany, now remastered with bonus tracks) 1000 copies
§ Replikas Biz Burada Yok Iken LP (1st time available in US)
§ Rockabye Baby songs of the White Stripes LP
§ Rocket From the Crypt Group Sounds  180g Gatefold LP (500 copies only)
§ Rocket From the Crypt Live from Camp X-Ray  180g Gatefold LP (500 copies only)
§ Rufus Wainwright Want One LP (UK RSD)
§ Samiam Clumsy Red Vinyl LP, each individually numbered  (First time with US pressing..original was released in Germany) (1500 copies)
§ Shuggie Otis Introducing Shuggie Otis 180g LP, individually numbered
§ Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun (1000 copies only)
§ Small Faces There Are But Four Small Faces  Remastered LP
§ Sonny & The Sunsets Tomorrow is Alright Colored Vinyl LP with new silk-screened cover.
§ Spacemen 3 Perfect Prescription 180g Baby Blue Vinyl LP (2000 copies)
§ Spacemen 3 Performance 180g Orange Vinyl LP (2000 copies)
§ Spacemen 3 Sound of Confusion 180g White Vinyl LP (2000 copies)
§ Stephen Malkmus & Friends Ege Bamyasi (Covering the classic CAN LP) Limited to 3500 copies, with Green vinyl in the US and Red Vinyl for the UK/EU.
§ Steve Moore Horror Business (Death Waltz LP on colored vinyl)
§ Sting Ten Summoner’s Tales LP (UK RSD)
§ Straylight Run Prepare to be Wrong LP reissue 900 copies on red vinyl (1st time on vinyl)
§ Swedish House Mafia The Singles  LP (500 copies)
§ Taj Mahal Hidden Treasures 180g 2LP, individually numbered
§ Taj Mahal Natch’l Blues 180g LP, individually numbered
§ The Band The Last Waltz 3LP 180g deluxe version with 12 page booklet, individually numbered.
§ The Notorious B.I.G. Ready to Die Individually Numbered LP on White Vinyl
§ The Prize Fighter Inferno Half Measures Glow in the Dark LP (solo project from Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria) (500 copies only)
§ The Roots Things Fall Apart 180g 2LP (features “Riot” cover and was the debut of Eve) (4000 copies)
§ Van Dyke Parks Song Cycle 180g Mono LP, individually numbered
§ Van Dyke Parks Super Chief (unreleased LP)
§ Velvet Underground & Nico (non-bootleg acetate version on Green Vinyl, plays at 33RPM)
§ Von Grey Live & Criminal Records LP
§ Wake A Light Far Out  500 copies only, New LP.  (may be UK only…but did show up on one US distribution list I was sent)
§ White Mystery Telepathic  Colored vinyl LP.
§ White Stripes Elephant re-issue on colored vinyl
§ Willie Nelson  Crazy:  The Demo Sessions (2000 copies)
§ Winston Edwards’ Natty Locks Dub Reissue LP
§ Wire Change Becomes Us RSD 180g LP (1000 copies, each hand numbered)
§ Zombies Zombies LP
§            *NEW*   Elliott Songs in a Transit World RSD LP (700 copies on clear vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Integrity Systems Overload (Original Mix) LP (Black Vinyl, limited to 350 hand numbered copies)
§            *NEW*   Comeback Kid Turn It Around LP (600 copies on blue vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Sense Field S/T LP (700 copies on red vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Nerve Agents Days of the White Owl LP (700 copies on white vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Carlton Melton Europe Live 2012  2LP (500 copies on clear/splatter vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Scientists S/T LP (Reissue of 1979 debut, 500 copies on pink vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Bong Untitled 180g LP (300 copies on purple vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound/Current 93) Murgatroyd the Monster (A Northern Noir) 180g LP (300 copies on clear vinyl)
§            *NEW*   Cuntz Aloha LP (200 copies only)
§            *NEW*   Watchout! Flashbacker LP (200 copies only)VARIOUS ARTIST RELEASES (COPIED FROM
§  ASTRALWERKS 20/20 (20th Anniversary 7×7” box set with 20 Colored Flexi discs featuring rare/unreleased tracks by FSOL, Beta Band, Fatboy Slim, Royksopp, Basement Jaxx, Doves, Cassius, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Hot Chip, Kraftwerk, Air, Chemical Bros. and more!) (1000 Copies only)
§ Blues at Newport 1963
§ Newport Folk Festival 1965
§  ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK—DAZED AND CONFUSED (1st time on vinyl—features artists such as Black Sabbath, Kiss, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Foghat and more)  LP is individually numbered on GREEN vinyl
§ Reason to Believe—The Songs of Tim Hardin (features Mark Lanegan, Smoke Fairies, Okkervill River, Magnetic North and more) 1000 copies
§ Sub Pop 1000 (V/A LP) 5000 copies
§ Various Artists Factory Records: Communications 1978-1992 (Limited Edition 10”, limited to 3000 copies worldwide featuring She’s Lost Control by Joy Division, 1963 (12” Remastered Version) by New Order, Otis by the Durutti Column and Loose Fit (12” version by Happy Mondays)
§ Various Artists No Alternative 180g 2LP, individually numbered (1st time on VINYL featuring tracks by Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Beastie Boys and more!!)
§ Various Artists Drive Original Soundtrack  LP PICTURE DISC featuring new artwork by Tyler Stout (different than LP cover)
§ Windup Records 15th Anniversary 10” (Red vinyl 10” featuring acoustic/rare tracks from Seether, Creed, Finger Eleven, The Darkness, the VirginMarys and more)BOX SET RELEASES (COPIED FROM
§ Between the Buried and Me Parallax I & II Colored vinyl box set (Blue/Pink/White Splatter vinyl) 1000 copies only
§ Cotillion Records (1968-1970) 10×7” BOX SET (limited to 2500 copies worldwide, box features artists such as The Dynamics, Otis Clay, Lou Johnson, Walter Jackson and more!)
§ Doctor Ross The Sensational Harmonica Boss (3 x 7” box set)
§ Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) The First Five—Picture Disc Collection—The first 5 ELP albums, as Picture Discs, in a individually numbered box (1250 copies total)
§ Half Japanese Half Gentlemen / Not Beasts 4LP Box with 32 page booklet, fold out poster, download card and badge, featuring new exclusive tracks (1000 copies)
§ Jandeck  Jandeck vinyl box set  LP
§ NoBunny Love Visions  6×7” Box Set
§ Paul Weller Sonic Kicks 5×7” Box Set.  Colored Vinyl Box with autographed poster features 2 unreleased tracks (600 copies)