My Chemical Romance Fans to Hold Raffle for Make A Wish Foundation


With crazy, obsessive My Chemical Romance fans slowly pushing one of the members of the band away from them, it makes the ten-year anniversary of their sophomore album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge a little bittersweet.

Instead of mourning the loss of their favorite band any longer, members of the MCRmy, My Chemical Romance’s fan base, in the United Kingdom are taking this anniversary to heart and have decided to do something to celebrate the event.

Members of the U.K. fan club have sent out a call to all fans who would like to meet up at London’s Camden Barfly on June 7th. The meet up will double as a charity event, raising funds for the Make A Wish Foundation with actual merchandise from band members.

One of the things to be happening during the event will be a pre-release signing of a new My Chemical Romance book, “The True Lives of My Chemical Romance: An Insightful Biography.” The book was written by Kerrang! writer Tom Bryant who will be signing advance copies of his book, two weeks before its scheduled release. 

Former members Frank Iero and Ray Toro are in support of the event as well. Iero sent in an item to be raffled off while Toro had promoted the meet-up online.



Kerrang! has also added something to the raffle though they are not sponsoring the event. When the band won their last K! award, frontman Gerard Way accepted the award with a little drawing of two ghosts. That drawing will be another raffle object with all proceeds going to Make a Wish.


American MCRmy, it’s your move.

Brand New Add Two More December Shows


Finally some good news for fans of Brand New who have had nothing but bad experiences with anything related to the band over the past month or so. Today, the band announced that they would be adding two more December dates to their already pre-existing west and east coast shows.

The two additional stops are  December 8 at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA, and December 22 at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.These new stops come after fan started an uproar about ticketing issues that scalpers and other third parties have caused. Attached to the new information is a lengthy statement from the band explaining how these two new dates are for those that are there to see the band; not sell the tickets to make a profit.

In the statement, they also explain that concert goers can bring in two non-perishable canned goods to be entered in raffle to win “an exclusive Brand New artifact”.

Check out the full message from “someone in Brand New” below:

Seasons Greetings.

In the spirit of humanity and togetherness, Brand New are adding a single show to each coast in December. We will be playing one at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on December 8th, and the other at The Bell House in Brooklyn on December 22nd. (Four & Twenty better get baking.)

Fanclub sales through Ducat King start at 12pm Local time TODAY. Additional on sale for Brooklyn will be TODAY at 2pm EST. All of the tickets for LA will be sold through Ducat King.

These shows are smaller, and we are doing everything we can to make sure these tickets end up in the hands of the people who are actually going to jump around with the bands. We are not blind to the ticketing issues these shows have presented, and we are doing everything we can to learn how to best handle these kinds of problems. Because of the short amount of time running up to the scheduling of these dates, solutions are fewer, but we were able to reclaim a number of tickets from third party websites and will soon be releasing them to the public for their original price.
There’s gonna be a barricade front of house at the Troubadour. Don’t know if that’s relevant. I’m just trying to supply all the information here. Didn’t want those with stage crawling aspirations to be disappointed.

Lastly, we will be hosting food drives at all 6 shows this month! We will release the info for which charities will be collecting at each show soon, but for now we want to encourage EVERYONE to bring 2 cans of non perishable food items each, please. When you donate at the show you will receive a raffle ticket to win “an exclusive Brand New artifact”. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m sure it will be a signed drum head or poster or something cool like that, and the raffle will happen on site, probably while we are sucking on oxygen tanks in between album sets. Fun.

We hope your Black Friday was full of unbridled spending and pain. Gotta learn to suplex if you want those deals.

We will see you soon,
Someone in Brand New”