‘Orphan Black’ Season Two Teasers Released


BBC America’s hit scientific show, Orphan Black‘s season two is quickly coming upon us. Fans of the show have been patiently waiting for the return of the series that left us hanging on the edge of our seats. Another clone is discovered, Sarah’s daughter is taken and no one knows if Mrs. S is involved or just a casualty of war and our favorite genetics student Cosima was revealed to be sick.

In the first of hopefully many sneak peeks for the new season, Sarah threatens Rachel with a gun and all Rachel can utter is “nobody lays hands on me.” In the second clip, we see Cosima being injected with something and simply saying “this is my biology.”

Check out the sneak peeks below.

According to sources, BBC America will be releasing a total of eight teaser everyday for the next week all through the show’s Instagram¬†account. Orphan Black is due to return to our television screens on April 6; still not soon enough.