Four Year Strong to Release Self-Titled Album in June


Good news Four Year Strong fans, the band’s previously announced new album will be coming our way this Summer!

Back in December, Pure Noise Record revealed that Four Year Strong and many of their label mates would be putting out new records in the new year.

With so many of them already revealing the release dates for said albums, it was only a matter of time before Four Year Strong’s release date would be announced.

That day was today.

The band announced that their fifth studio album will not only be their self-titled, but it will also be released on June 2. Along with that announcement they revealed that the record was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at his studio in Salem.

Also unveiled was the cover art for the record as well as the track list which will feature a re-recorded version of “Go Down in History” from 2014’s EP of the same name.

Check out the track list and cover art below.



1. Hold Myself In Contempt
2. We All Float Down Here
3. Eating My Words
4. Wipe Yourself Off, Man. You Dead
5. Stolen Credit Card!
6. Gravity
7. Who Cares?
8. Here’s to Swimming with Bow Legged- Women
9. I’m a Big, Bright Shining Star
10. The Sound Of Your Heart
11. Go Down In History

The Story So Far Release New Single, New Album Info


The Story So Far’s new album will be heading our way a lot sooner than we anticipated.

Over the weekend, the California-based band “leaked” the first single off of their upcoming third album; a track titled “Nerve.”

Stream the song below.

Fans were a little skeptical when the song was mysteriously posted online and began to wonder about the validity of the song. Shortly after, it was confirmed by the band themselves that it was legitimately their new single from their self-titled album.

Reportedly, the band decided leak their own song in a cool, old-school way; by CD. According to DIY Mag, the band actually handed out burned CDs that had the track on it at a Title Fight show in San Francisco. Instead of letting those know that it was their new song, the band just claimed it was from a new act named The Skateboarders.

The new album announcement should not come as that much of a surprise to fans of the band. Late last year, the band’s record label, Pure Noise Records, announced a big chunk of their artists roster would be releasing new music in the new year. The Story So Far was on the list alongside fellow label mates Senses Fail, Hit the Lights, State Champs, and Four Year Strong.

The Story So Far will be released on May 19.

Hit the Lights to Release New Album in March

Last month, Pure Noise Record revealed that a chunk of their line-up would be releasing new albums in 2015. One of those bands confirmed for a 2015 release was Hit the Lights.

Last night, the band took to the internet to revealed not only the name of the upcoming record, but also a slew of very important information.

Summer Bones, the band’s fourth studio album will be released on March 24 with pre-orders beginning this Thursday, Jan. 15 the same day that the album’s lead single is slated to drop.

Check out the message from the band on Facebook which features a video with a snippet of a song that might just be the one scheduled to be released later this week.

Hit the Lights will be joining Motion City Soundtrack for several dates of the band’s Commit This to Memory tenth anniversary tour scheduled to begin this Saturday, Jan. 17 at The Varsity in Minneapolis.

Warped Tour Founder Speaks About Front Porch Step Controversy

As the Front Step Porch accusation controversy keeps progressing, Vans Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman, has once again taken to the internet to speak about the petition started to get Jake Mcelfresh (aka Front Step Porch) taken off the tour due to allegations of sexual harassment against underage girls.

Lyman, who had previously posted on Twitter that the situation at hand would be examined and addressed when he returned from his vacation, has revealed that he would be returning earlier than expected to “deal with the situation that had been brought” to his attention.

As if having to cut your holiday vacation short to deal with a major controversy wasn’t bad enough, it looks like a lot of bands are trying to cash in on the drama by asking him if they can replace Mcelfresh on the tour.

So many have been taking advantage that Lyman has had to ask them to stop asking and posting request to do so on his social media accounts.

We should also point out there has been no official word on his decision or towards which side he’s leaning towards.

A few days ago, Mcelfresh posted statement online in which he said that he was aware of the accusations against him and would be taking step to address the situations at hand. As for his record label, Pure noise Records which were the first to comment on the matter, they have not released any statement since their initial response a few days ago.

At current time, the petition against Mcelfresh has reached over 10,000 supporters.

Front Porch Step Issues Official Statement About Allegations

It’s been more than 24 hours since news broke that a petition had been started to get Front Porch Step taken off of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour line-up.

Now, Front Porch Step himself, Jake Mcelfresh, has issued a formal statement about the matter at hand.

“I am aware of the serious allegations and sensational things being posted on the internet about me and my personal life. While this is personally difficult to experience, I am taking the appropriate, meaningful, and objective steps to address the severity of these things and the horrendous words being used. I would truly hope that others who have or will propagate these serious allegations will do the same.”

For those not familiar with the situation, the petition on was started to get Mcelfresh taken off the 2015 Vans Warped Tour after allegations were made against the musician that he had sent vulgar messages to underage girls. The accusation also states that once the girls had asked Mcelfresh to stop, he would continue with the sexual statements and harassment.

Mcelfresh’s record label, Pure Noise Records released a tweet yesterday informing followers that they were not at liberty to speak about the situation because of the legality of the issue.

Kevin Lyman, founder of the Warped Tour also tweet late in the evening yesterday, advising followers that at that precise moment, he could not speak about the matter because he was on vacation, but once he returned to the States, he would make sure that the issue would be examined, thoroughly.

Currently, the petition has garnered almost 8,000 electronic signatures as can be seen below.


Petition Issued to Get Front Porch Step Off Of Warped Tour 2015


In the early morning hours, Jake Mcelfresh tweeted his followers that he was aware of what was happening and that he would be making a statement about the accusations.



Kevin Lyman has issued a quick tweet about the allegations against Jake Mcelfresh. Don’t expect any answers because the Warped head honcho is currently on vacation with his family.


While Pure Noise Records were riding a high yesterday with the release of their Winter Sampler and new album announcements from some of their acts in the new year, today brings some bad news for the record label.

A petition was started on asking Vans Warped Tour creator Kevin Lyman to drop the act from their 2015 line-up. Lyman and company posted on the official website that Mcelfresh would be one of the acts next year.

According to the description of the petition: “There have been multiple instances of Jake Mcelfresh talking to underage girls and sending them vulgar photos. He has been asked to stop by these girls every time and continues with the sexual statements and harassment.”

In a tweet to their followers, Pure Noise has issued a simple statement that they are not able to speak about the matter due to the “serious legal nature” of it.

Read a tweet from the record label below.

As of now, Mcelfresh has not responded to the accusations, but considering Pure Noise has already announced they cannot further discuss the matter, we don’t think he’ll be commenting on the accusations any time soon.

Being that it is not our place to take sides, only report the story as it happens, we will be leaving the link to Change.Org here and if you feel the need to add your name to the growing list of backers, you are more than welcomed to do so.

Pure Noise Records Release Winter Sample and Good News

Winter has just begun and Pure Noise Records are giving those who are fans of their bands a lot of good news.

To begin, the record label that houses acts such as Handguns, Front Porch Step, Reggie and the Full Effect and many more have release a free Winter Sampler on Amazon. Head on over to the site here and download the full 20 track album with a song from everyone on their roster.

But if that wasn’t a cool enough late Christmas gift, the record label have unveiled that a couple of their acts will in fact be releasing new album in the new year.

Those bands you might be asking will include: Hit the Lights, Four Year Strong, The Story So Far, State Champs, and Senses Fail who had confirmed last month their new album, Pull the Thorns from Your Heart would be released in the Summer of 2015 through Pure Noise.

Hey Everyone, 

The end of the year is here. 2014 has been an insane,y bust but fun year at Pure Noise. We’ve put out more releases this year than any year before. You can check out the list HERE. Thank you for supporting us this year. We’ve got some very exciting things in store for 2015 including a Pure Noise UK TOUR & full length releases from Hit the Lights, Four Year Strong, The Story So Far, Senses Fail, & State champs. Have a Happy New Year. We’ll see you at a gig soon.

So, it might be time to get ready for Pure Noise Record releases to be taking over your music library.

Senses Fail Will ‘Pull the Thorns from Your Heart’ With New Record


Senses Fail are following up the tenth year anniversary tour of Let It Enfold You with something new: a new record.

The band announced that they will be releasing their sixth studio in the Summer of 2015.

Aside from the projected release date, the band also announced it would be titled Pull the Thorns from Your Heart and would be released through Pure Noise Records.

Frontman Buddy Nielsen revealed the news through a blog post which can be read below:

“This album is a continuation of the sound we established on Renacer and builds out of those soundscapes.  Lyrically this record is about finding peace and love within yourself through the letting go of habitual patterns of emotional and physical self abuse, finding courage in vulnerability and surrendering to the idea that love is the path to liberation. We are so very lucky to be making music this far into our careers and we cannot wait to share it.”

The idea behind the new record comes a week or so after Nielsen posted a podcast in which he opened up about his sexuality, substance abuse history, sexual addiction, anxiety, self loathing and other personal demons he was battling. Considering how the record is supposed to be about self-love and peace, it seems the new music will reflect Nielsen’s own voyage of finding his own self-love.

Senses Fail released their last album, Renacer back in 2013 while still under Staple Records.