Pharrell Gets Puppy Treatment


What happens when you take one of radio’s most infectiously poppy ans feel good song and give it a puppy treatment?

Let’s just say that it’s something so sweet that it might give you cavities bigger than you already have. Thanks to the people over at The Pet Collective, they have put together a video of puppies romping around to the tune of Pharrell’s Academy-Award nominated and Despicable Me 2 theme song, “Happy.”

While the song might not be the exact same lyrics as the one that Pharrell and his big Smokey the Bear hat song out during the Oscars a few weeks back or what thumps through your radio, but the new edited version makes you want to go, “aww”.

“I might be waggy, but I wanna play / I’m your best friend but you can get away / I deserve a treat ’cause I’m a lucky babe / I got hair, shakin’ the air, doggie by the day,” goes the new version of the song. No word on whether or not Pharrell actually sang the new version of the song, but you be the judge of that.

Happy Friday!