Cage the Elephant Unveil New Album Title, Track List


How long has it been since we’ve heard anything from Cage the Elephant? Well, no matter, because the band has returned, announcing on Thursday (Oct. 8) that they will be releasing a new album in December.

The new album will be titled Tell Me I’m Pretty and was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. This will be the group’s first record in which they enlisted someone different to produced; their past three record were all produced by Jay Joyce.

“With this record, we wanted to be more transparent. We wanted to capture the sentiment of each song, and whatever emotional response it provoked, to be really honest to that,” singer Matt Schultz said.

Taking to Pledge Music, fans of the band can go to the website and pre-order the album. Like many Pledge Music campaigns, the band is offering a slew of pre-order bundles which range from the typical MP3 download of the album all the way to either a signed guitar from guitarist Brad Shultz or a signed bass from bassist Daniel Tichenor. Check out the group’s Pledge Music page here.

Tell Me I’m Pretty is set to be released on Dec. 18 and is the follow-up to 2013’s Melophobia which, funny enough, was released exactly two years ago. Good Easter egg, guys. Check out the complete track listing for Tell Me I’m Pretty below.


01. “Cry Baby”
02. “Mess Around”
03. “Sweetie Little Jean”
04. “Too Late To Say Goodbye”
05. “Cold Cold Cold”
06. “Trouble”
07. “How Are You True”
08. “That’s Right”
09. “Punchin’ Bag”
10. “Portuguese Knife Fight”

The Rocket Summer Announce New Album


After being inactive for several years, The Rocket Summer has returned. Taking to social media, head honcho Bryce Avary revealed that he will be releasing a brand new album soon. Along with the news, he also revealed that he had joined forces with Pledge Music to release all kind of cool packages including things like the typical CDs and digital downloads of the record to crazy packages like playing cowbells on stage with the group, a chance to be on the band’s show guest list for life, and even the chance to go into the studio with Avary for two days.

A little bit of everything for everyone’s taste (and budget).

Read the statement from Avary about the group’s return, below.

“The Rocket Summer has returned.

I can’t even tell you how great this feels to be announcing the Pre-Order of this new full length album! I locked myself away for longer than ever to put my absolute everything into writing and recording an endless amount of new music that would push me further creatively than any of my previous albums. The result is an album that has it’s own special, unique sound that I couldn’t be more excited about and am so ready to share with you. I feel this is a new special chapter for TRS and I can’t wait to experience this with you guys. I’ve missed you all terribly while in the laboratory!

In addition to the pre-order of the new album, for the first time ever we’re offering unique experience packages to make this release as special as possible. Every pledge gets you a digital download of the album upon release as well as access to behind-the-scenes content and updates along the way.

Thank you SO MUCH for being such a huge part of this; none of it would exist without you. I can’t wait to get this new music out and get back on the road where I’ll be bringing a mountain of pent up excitement and energy along with me.

Let’s do this!


For more information about all the pre-order, click here.

As of now, the album’s name, release date, cover art, upcoming tour dates, and other important information are unknown. Avary has promised that all the information will come n due time.

The Rocket Summer’s last official release was 2013’s Christmas Madness EP. Before that, they released their fifth full-length record, Life Will Write the Words, back in 2012.

This Wild Life to Re-Release Debut Album

For those who are fans of This Wild Life, the acoustic duo are giving you something to get excited about; they will be re-releasing their debut album.

The California act revealed earlier today that they will be reissuing Clouded this Summer. The deluxe version of the record will be titled Clouded (Atmosphere Edition) and will feature three new songs which were recorded by Erik Ron and A Day to Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon.

The impending record will also feature live versions of three previously released song; “Sleepwalking,” “Concrete,” and “Roots and Branches (Meant To Be Alone).”

Check out the complete track list for Clouded (Atmosphere Edition) below.


1. “Concrete”
2. “Over It”
3. “No More Bad Days”
4. “History”
5. “Roots and Branches (Meant To Be Alone)”
6. “Bound to Break”
7. “Better With You”
8. “Looking Back”
9. “Don’t Say”
10. “405”
11. “Stay Up Late”
12. “It’s Alright”
13. “Alone With Me”
14. “Sleepwalking (Live Session)”
15. “Concrete (Live Session)”
16. “Roots and Branches (Meant To Be Alone) (Live Session)”

Pre-orders for Clouded (Atmosphere Edition) are currently available on the band’s website where you can pre-order the album alone or in a bundle which features the album and a t-shirt (black or red, it’s up to you).

Like last Summer, the Long Beach duo will once again spend their Summer on the Vans Warped Tour which is slated to kick off in a couple of weeks.

iTunes Accidentally Unveils Muse’s New Album Pre-Order Info

muse 2014 desktop Wallpaper

iTunes strikes again.

After ruining Florence and the Machine’s new album announcement a few weeks ago, the music store almost did the same to Muse.

The British band have been trying their hardest to keep all information about the new record under lock and key only giving fans the bare information like the album name and a snippet of a new song. Too bad, their hard work was almost foiled by Apple.

According to DIY, some music fans were looking through the Alternative category on iTunes when they stumbled upon the Muse pre-order post. Though the iTunes post doesn’t really give away much information about the album, it does confirm the title, gives the album art, and lets those snooping know that the pre-orders are close to being made live.


Drones marks Muse’s seventh studio album and the follow-up to 2012’s The 2nd Law. Just last week, the band gave fans a tiny snippet of a new song titled “Psycho” directly from the studio. We’re not sure if it will be the lead single or the “instant grat” song, but if it’s “too offensive for radio” then it might just be.

Drones is set to be released sometime during the first half of the year which is quickly coming to an end.

The time crunch is on.