Deftones release colorful video for “Prayers/Triangles”


A few days after releasing their highly anticipated new album Gore, Deftones is giving fans a double-dose of goodness. On Tuesday (April 12), the band released the music video for the new album’s lead single, “Prayers/Triangles.” The video finds the band performing as psychedelic-colored shadows while also incorporating clips of frontman Chino Moreno running down deserted streets at night. Check out the video for  “Prayers/Triangles” below.

In addition to new music video, the California-based band also joined forces with Spotify to give listeners the chance to stream Gore in full, in the event that they haven’t gotten the copy of the album yet. In a recent interview with Noisey, Moreno discussed the group’s approach to writing and recording the new album.

“I think with every record we kinda try to expand a little bit on what we did last and at the same time try to maintain what it is that we do,” explains Moreno. “Sonically, it’s a little different. Our gear, that was one thing that was a little different. Everybody sorta took up a different sonic space on certain parts of this record. The songs themselves, the structure and things like that, we spent a little bit more time refining. The last couple records were pretty much written and recorded in a small frame of time. This one, we branched out into a year process of these really quick little spurts of writing. Like, eight to ten days of locking ourselves in a room and everybody going home for a month or two and coming back. Doing that was cool because we got to reflect on ideas and tweak ’em and refine things a little more.”

Gore was released last Friday, April 8, through Warner Bros. Records. In support of the album’s released, the Deftones’ 2016 is looking to be full of a touring. In February, they announced a world tour that will find the band visiting North American venues as well as venues in Europe and Iceland. The complete list of tour dates can be seen here.