Paramore v. The Reading Festival Power Outage


For a band headlining a big music festival for the first time in their career is a one of a kind experience, but what happens when mid-way through their set the power all of a sudden turns off?

That’s exactly what happened to Paramore last night during their set at the Reading Festival. Half-way through their show, the power suddenly turned off and no one could figure out what had happened. The outage only lasted a reported 15 minutes, but during that time, the band sat in front of their huge audience (about 80,000 people) and provided fans with updates on the situation.

On Twitter, frontwoman Hayley Williams wrote that it was “one of the best things” to have happened to them especially during their first time ever headlining such a big festival. She followed it up by saying that it “to have a 100% candid & vulnerable moment w/ that many people & at such a high pressure show was so satisfying.”

Check out a few of her tweets from the night below.

At the end, a spokesperson for the festival had revealed that the outage was caused┬áby a fiber optic cable the band had brought with them for their production. When everything was fixed, the band went on to play a stripped down version of their song, “The Only Exception” with only one microphone.

Watch the full performance here: