‘Game of Thrones’ Character Posters Revealed


Game of Thrones is so close that fans of the series are already worried about which of our favorite characters will meet an untimely death this season. We can never be too sure, because series creator, George R.R. Martin, and his merry writers love to torture us viewers.

In preparation for the new season, HBO have released a series of poster of the characters who will be returning to the series for the next season. Which will survive and which won’t is a completely different story.

The posters all reads, “Valar Morghulis,” High Valyrian for “all men must die,” probably the best line uttered during season three by Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen.

All the poster can been seen below while season four of the hit, Emmy-Award winning show is scheduled to return to its usual showtime of Sundays at 9 p.m. beginning on April 6.

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Death Cab for Cutie Working on New Album


Death Cab for Cutie just revealed that the band have headed back into the studio to work on their eighth studio album. The is new album will be their first since 2011’s Codes and Keys.

New spread today when a picture debuted on their Instagram page with a row of guitars. The caption on the photo simply read “Paintbrushes. #inthestudio #deathcab.” They have recently added a few more pictures including a plug area that’s names the Bass Cave, a tour trunk with the initials “DCFC” and lastly an amp with the caption “DCFC LP8 begins #inthestudio #deathcab.”


Cue the squeal of every indie who idolize the band here.

Earlier this year, frontman Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello took to the road to promote the tenth anniversary of their side project, The Postal Service’s album, Give Up. Te tour had been ongoing since the beginning of the year, eventually wrapping up in Chicago this past August.

While the Death Cab’s last album was in 2011, it doesn’t meant hat Gibbard had been away from music at all. The singer released a solo album titled, Former Lives last October. As for Death Cab the full band, they played their break out album, Transatlanticism, in full during their tour stop in Seattle during the Bumbershoot festival in celebration of the tenth anniversary of that album.

2 Chainz Arrested for Pot Possession

2Chainz and Cops

Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested last night for  Marijuana possession the van he was in was pulled over. the rapper and his entourage were on their was to a school when the vehicle they were in was caught going 79 in a 50 miles-per-hour zone. When the Maryland State Police pulled over the vehicle, there was an odor of weed and with probable cause, were able to search the vehicle. Inside, they found a backpack that had a grinder, a device used to grind marijuana so that it could be smoked, with remnants of weed in it.

The only person in the group to be arrested was 2Chainz and lets just say that he wasn’t too happy to be in that position. After being booked and released, the rapper went onto his Twitter to inform fans about what had just happened and what he thought about the incident. The interesting part about the story was the photo that was taken with two of the police officers(seen above). When the Maryland State Police was asked about who initiated the photo, 2Chainz or one of their officers, the spokesperson simply said: “We cannot confirm who initiated that at this time.”

Read some of 2Chainz tweets from last night incident here: