Watch the First ‘Doctor Who’ Season Nine Trailer

If you’re part of the Clone Club (fan club for the hit BBC America show, Orphan Black) then you were given a special surprise during the season finale of the show last month in the form of a slight teaser for the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

Though the teaser was just that, something to tide fans over, the official first trailer for the hit, long-running sci-fi show has made its debut.

Yesterday afternoon, three current cast members Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), and Michelle Gomez (Missy, aka the Master) as well as current show runner, Steven Moffat were all on hand in San Diego for their Comic Con Q&A session/panel

During their panel, the official season nine trailer for the series was unveiled to a packed Hall H. In the minute-and-a-half clip, we see the return of Missy after being apprehended at the end of last season, Clara and the Doctor doing what they do best, running around the galaxy and beating the bad guys, as well as the highly anticipated debut of Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams.

Watch the clip below.

The new season of Doctor Who is scheduled to return to BBC America on Saturday, Sept. 19. Don’t forget to mark it on your calendars.

‘Doctor Who’ Companion’s Fate Revealed in Christmas Episode

As Christmas arrived, Doctor Who fans gathered around their television screens to see whether or not the Doctor’s current companion, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), would be saying good-bye to the long-running science fiction series.

After months of speculation and a cryptic statement from the network, Clara’s fate was sealed at the end of the yearly Christmas episode last night.

The outcome of the episode, which had fans under the impression that Clara would be leaving the Doctor for good, was just a facade and Clara would in fact be staying by the Doctor’s side at least for another season. Coleman went ahead and confirmed the news after the episode aired on BBC America.

“I get a whole other series [season] of stories with the Doctor and I couldn’t walk away with the story being unresolved,” said Coleman.

“I think they’ve finally just reached a point where they really understand each other.”

Talks of Coleman’s departure began when current showrunner, Steven Moffat, had revealed that only Peter Capaldi had signed on for the next season.

U.K. tabloids then began to report that Coleman has changed her mind about leaving the franchise and was slated to continue her role on the show. While fans debated about Coleman and her decision, the BBC urged fans to tune into the Christmas episode for an answer.

Doctor Who Companion’s Fate Still in the Air


The fate of The Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald on Doctor Who has been up in the air for several months since it was reported that actress Jenna Coleman would be saying good bye to the series before the next season begins.

The new season of the show, featuring the Twelfth incarnation of the Doctor, has wrapped up for the year with only the annual Christmas special left. Coincidentally, the 2013 Christmas special had fans say good bye to the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) after several years of manning the TARDIS.

When asked about the speculation that Coleman would be leaving the show, current showrunner Steven Moffat had recently reveal that only Peter Capaldi had signed on for the next season, fueling rumors that Coleman would in fact be exiting the series before the year ends.

Responding to UK tabloid which reported that the actress has changed her mind and decided to stay on board the long-running sci-fi series, the BBC has responded that Coleman and her character’s fate will be addressed during the Christmas episode which is slated to air on BBC America on Christmas Day.

“Viewers will have to watch the Christmas episode to find out,” the network responded.

In other words, Whovians are exactly where they were when the rumors began; wondering if a new companion will be coming in and Clara will be exiting out.

New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Asks If the Doctor is “A Good Person”


“Clara, tell me, am I a good person?” “I…don’t know.”

For Doctor Who fans, this simple question, the first official vocal interaction between Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) and the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) might mark a big change between the connection between the Doctor and his companion.

For most of the nu-Who incarnations, the Doctor and his companions have always been buddies and playful, not straight away of course, but there has never been an underlying fear in the relationship, though the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was rough around the edges.

To see Clara not able to answer the new Doctor’s simple question, it might make fans wonder, just how dark the new protagonist will be for his turn inside the TARDIS. Since the anouncement to cast Capaldi as the titular character, there had been confirmation that helis Doctor would be darker than any of the others. For now, fans of the hit British sci-fi program will have to rely on the trailers and supposed “spoilers” until the series return on August 23 on BBC America.

Check out the new trailer which premiered during what else, the World Cup 2014 finals, feature a host of old friends and villains as well as our world saving pair.

The Doctor Will See You in August


Whovians can now rejoice because the Doctor and his companion Clara Oswald will be coming to a telly near you this August. For what seemed like a century, or a boring, suburaban day for the Doctor, the show has been on hiatus. The last time we saw our favorite Time Lord, he had regenrated into his new persona, the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and was complaining about the color of his kidneys; our dear Clara was too shell-shocked to speak.

Since the official season finale, there have been no new episodes of the series. There were two specials though, the 50th anniversay which brought us three Doctors and Bad Wolf as well as the annual Christmas special where this year, the Sonic Screwdriver was officially handed down from Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith to Capaldi.

After five months, the BBC and BBC America have been nice enough to give fans a 15-second teaser, which is greatly appreciated because behind-the-scene photos just are not cutting it anymore. Check out the teaser.

Doctor Who is slated to return in August, but when exactly, only he (and the BBC) will know.

BBC Release Extended ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Trailer


With just a week until we say good-bye to Matt Smith and hello to Peter Capaldi, the BBC have released a new trailer for the Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor.”

The previous trailer for the annual special found us hearing the Daleks confirm that the Doctor was “regenerating”; in this new trailer we see that the Doctor and his companion, Clara Oswald end up visit her family for the holidays.

Like any episode of Doctor Who, the family visit is short-lived because it’s time to save the world. The trailer, much like the official poster for the special reveals that we will be encountering many of our favorite (or not so favorite) villains such as the Daleks, the Silence, the Cybermen and those pesky Weeping Angels.

Check out the newly extended trailer for the episode and don’t forget that it airs on Christmas Day at 9 P.M. on BBC America.

Trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ 2013 Christmas Special Released


“And now it’s time for one last bow
Like all your other selves
Eleven’s hour is over now
The clock is striking twelve”

With two weeks until Christmas, Doctor Who fans were starting to feel the pressure as the annual Christmas special is around the corner.

This year, like several times before, we will be saying good-bye to our favorite bow tie and fez wearing, floppy-hair, twelve-year-old acting Doctor in exchange for yet to be specified Twelfth Doctor.

The trailer starts with the Eleventh Doctor’s current companion, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) reciting a rhyme which pretty much summarizes (reread the italicize rhyme up there) what fans have been anticipating, in a sad way, since Matt Smith announced that he would be bowing out of the iconic role that made him a household name at the end of the year.

The name of the special has been titled, “The Time of the Doctor” which let’s be honest, the writers missed the boat with things like “Silent Night” or “The Twelfth Hour” unless all these “The ______ of the Doctor” titles are some kind of pattern that fans should be keeping an eye out for.

BBC America released the following blurb about the episode alongside the trailer:

On the heels of Matt Smith’s final episode as the eleventh Doctor, BBC AMERICA is releasing the latest epic trailer from the December 25th Christmas Special, “The Time of the Doctor.” Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars. And amongst them — the Doctor. Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor airs at 9:00 P.M. Christmas day on BBC America.

Introducing the Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi


“Who has bagged the little blue box?”

Was the first question that host of evening, Zoe Ball had asked when she got on stage, and funny enough, it was the same questions that fans and critics a like have been asking since Matt Smith reveal his resignation from the hit television series.

Now who is the lucky person to take over the role as the Twelfth Doctor, you may ask? Well the honor has gone to….

Peter Capaldi!

For those of you not familiar with him, the Scottish actor had been the front-runner for several weeks now and it looks like if you were taking bets then you would be a little bit richer. He has previously been on Torchwood: Children of Earth, World War Z, The Thick of It and even was in Doctor Who as Caecilius in “The Fires of Pompeii.”


The Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor live special started with a compilation of the eleven Doctors which eventually gave way to the stage where host, Ball and some of her guest sat.  Fifth Doctor, Peter Davidson, actress Liza Tarbuck and child actor Daniel Roche answering questions such as who their favorite Doctor was and what makes this show withstand the test of time. When it came time for them to be asked whether or not they knew who would be taking over the TARDIS, they had to admit they had no idea.

Matt Smith had pre-recorded an interview since he was currently in Hollywood filming a movie. In the interview, you could see how emotional he got about the prospect of leaving the role that made him a household name. The first thing he talked about was how the public was not welcoming as him as the Doctor stating that he was “too young” and was “not the Doctor” but as it turned out, he proved the nay-sayers wrong.

Throughout the interview, there was a montage of his Doctor being crazy and zany, just like the fans like him. One thing that Smith said stood out the most, “one last hurrah for the drunk giraffe” which could probably describe his years on the show in a nutcase.

When he was asked about what he thought about his successor and let’s just say that he completely trusted him, “if I had to choose someone, it would be him.”

After taking a look at what exactly is the regeneration process with the help of several former companions and even a former Doctor (Colin Baker), we were brought back to the live stage where Bernard Cribbins who played Wilfred Mott and Rufus Hound, sat. Like Davidson, Tarbuck and Roche, the duo were asked several question including one about the impact Doctor Who has had.

Series writer and current show-runner, Steven Moffat talked for a little bit through a pre-recorded video before it was time to unveil who would be the new star of the show, and if you couldn’t tell by the live footage or the continual tweets on Twitter, fans were beyond eager.

According to Moffat, they  had considered Capaldi when they were casting the 11th Doctor. “There comes a right time for the right person to play it,” he said.

“We all had the same idea and it was a quite different idea,” Moffat added. When he and his team made a video with Capaldi, “everybody saw it and was like, ‘That’s the Doctor.’ ”

When Capaldi first sat down on the couch after being named the Twelfth Doctor the first thing he said to the audience was “It’s so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer, but it’s been so fantastic,.” Apparently when  the actor had been called about getting the role he had been in the middle of filming a scene for The Three Musketeers so his phone was on silent. Upon calling back his manager, the manager’s greeting was, “Hello Doctor.”

The most adorable part of the entire Capaldi interview was the fact like Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, Capaldi had wanted to be an incarnation of the Doctor, even writing a letter to RadioTimes saying how it was his dream to one day be one of them.

Looks like dreams do come true and we look forward to seeing you take on the iconic role come next year.

So for you Whovians out there, what do you think about Peter Capaldi taking on the TARDIS?