Foo Fighters Release Two New Songs


Happy Foo Fighters Friday. Like the past few Fridays, the band have once again released another track from their upcoming album, Sonic Highways.

Unlike the past couple of weeks, two songs have made their debut this week. During an in-studio performance at BBC Radio 1, a new track titled “Outside”was performed live. The live performance was ripped from the radio and is now available for everyone to hear.

“Outside” was recorded at Rancho De la Luna in Joshua Tree, CA with the Eagles’ Joe Walsh playing guitar on the song. Next week’s episode of the HBO special will take place in Los Angeles which will probably give us the background information about the recording process of the track.

In addition to the reveal of “Outside,” the Foo fighters officially dropped another song titled “What Did I Do/ God As My Witness.” Following the trend that was started with the first episode of the Sonic Highways docu-series, “What Did I Do” was recorded in Austin, TX with Gary Clark Jr. Tonight’s episode of the eight-part series will follow the band as they arrive in Austin and record the song.

Listen to “What Did I Do/ God As My Witness” below.

Sonic Highways the album will officially, and finally, be release next Tuesday through Roswell/RCA.

Foo Fighters Tease New Song Under Alias


If you happen to notice a band called The Holy Shits will be performing at a venue near you, you might want to go because there’s a chance that it might be the Foo Fighters performing under an alias.

That’s exactly what happened this past weekend to audience members who headed out to see the band without really knowing what to expect.

Over the past couple of weeks, rumors had been circulating that the Foo Fighters, by their actual name, would be performing some super secret shows in London. The rumors were confirmed to be true when The Holy Shits revealed themselves.

Surprise indeed.

During one of their stop at London’s Islington Assembly Hall, the band treated fans to an instrumental version of a never-before-heard track which turned out to be one of their new songs, “Outside.” The song was weaved into a rendition of 2007’s “The Pretender.”

Fan shot video from the show (and of the song) can been seen below.

“Outside” will be featured on the Foo Fighters’ upcoming eighth album, Sonic Highways due out Nov. 10. Sonic Highways will feature eight tracks which were recorded at eight different studios in eight different cities around the United States. Sonic Highways is also the name of the band’s eight-part documentary for HBO which chronicles the filming of the new record.